5'9" / 175 cm
32C Natural - 25 - 36
Eye Color
Hair Color
135 Lbs. / 61 Kg
Companionship Services, Evening Strolls, Dinner and Movies, Fine Dining, Star Gazing (YMMV)


After a couple of months on my tdl, I was finally able to see Chloe as she has not been on schedule very often. Her photos got me hooked and I was expecting a hot Instagram bikini model.

She is not what I expected. I was taken back when I first saw her, but in a good way. Think the hottest girl on the ladies national soccer team, that would be her. She is definitely more toned than her pictures. She mentioned that she has been training all summer. Chloe had no make up on, but she is still very, very pretty. A real Ginger, freckles and gorgeous light green eyes!

She is friendly, gave me a nice hug/kiss and was very complimentary about my appearance (which is always appreciated as I’m an ugly dude). You can tell that she is still new though, as she is nervous about certain things. For instance, she mentioned the gym bag that I was carrying. I opened the bag to show her that I had nothing nefarious in there (well I had a couple of sweaty socks, which could be deadly, lol!). She also did not feel comfortable for me to use my own dome. She said that someone could poke holes in it?? Anyways, the way she asked was kind of cute so it was not a big deal.

After the shower, I joined Chloe on the bed. Art Van Dele said that she has the most perfect natural body in the business right now. I would agree with that from the ladies I have met so far. Very nice perky B/C cups, long toned legs AND the best ass I’ve seen (if you like toned, natural butts)! She would be the poster girl for lululemon tights…..droool. She had a sexy two-piece on, and black ankle socks? She said she had some blisters from her training and wanted to keep them on. It was really starting to feel like I am with a girlfriend. ….Just woke up, my beautiful gf is horny, and we are rolling around naked in bed, except she has her socks on because her feet were cold, lol! She said she likes a lot of fore-play (good thing I booked 1 hr), so we started with sensuous LFK. Moved down to lick her nipples and played there a bit, then down for DATY.

If Chloe was a real Bond girl, her name would be Pussylicious, or Goldfingerlickinggood. Shaved clean, beautiful rose petal lips and a small button. Another reviewer said she does not seem to like DATY, and at first she was not as responsive – a few polite “Oh…” every 5 seconds. But after a few minutes, and starting slow, she got really into it. Lying back, grinding against my face, and dripping. Gentle digit was allowed (she likes when you ask first), and she had her only climax. She was very complimentary again, which made me blush.

I thought her BBBJ was perfect. Great suction, tounge swirls/licks, bls play – lots of variations. Switched to 69 and she was dripping on my face. Could not hold out anymore and she gave me her cover to put on, which was a very tight fit (if you are going to insist on using your own, at least have different sizes).

For me MPOS is always the highlight, and Chloe is a very good partner. She is an elite athlete, so she had a lot of stamina and knows how to use those hips. Her very firm ass was great to hold on to in multiple positions. I like TGF incall location too. Nice sturdy bed – not too low, mirror beside the bed, room to move around. I knew there were other options, but I finished, VERY happily in cover.

We had a few minutes to chat, and she is a real sweetheart once you gained her trust. I know when I repeat with her, I will have an even better time. Maybe I will bring her my favourite lipstick, lol!


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