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I may be young, and yes 20 is my real age, in fact my birthday was just last week. I am terrible at these descriptions, but I would describe myself as mature, classy, outgoing, and fun. I would not be doing this job if I were not having fun, so I always try to enjoy myself with every gentleman I meet. I know how to get down and dirty, anywhere and in any position. I work out regularly, so my body is fit AF. I am not for the faint of heart. I love spending time in the sun, eating good food, and currently I am learning how to dance salsa. It takes two to tango, so I am looking for that perfect partner that can unleash the ultimate girlfriend experience from me.
5’2” / 159cm
110 lbs / 50 kg
Eye Color
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Ultimate GF Experience


I was lucky enough after patiently waiting a few weeks back to be able to meet with Celine. Let me first just say the staff at TGF is amazing, communication was great! After a first cancellation, they were able to fit me in on a Saturday. I haven’t see anyone in over 4 years, but Celine’s pictures and Twitter were just too much and it was a itch that just needed to be scratched. 

Let me start this off with, I walked into the markham location not knowing what to expect facially. In the past I would have walked in and been blown away by a fantastic body but below average face. Not the case here! Long flowing, dark wavy with curls hair, fantastic complexion and a face

That caused me to stammer for a bit. Took me a solid 10 minutes to gather myself lol. 

Once out of the shower we started with a massage of her, all the while talking and getting to know each other a bit, like dislikes and just a general boundaries kinda convo. Not quite sure I remember how or why but she showed me how strong her arch game is. I dare anyone to find a nicer backside. Things quickly took flight from there, as that view was just too much to overcome. First and foremost, her hygiene is impeccable. From there various positions were had, on the edge of the bed and legs back, missionary, doggy etc….like I said, I’m pretty vanilla. Celine was more than accommodating to my needs and requests. Her BBBJ was outerworldly, DT thrown in for good measure. She’s flexible, and provided views that would give any man weak knees. Celine is at a height and weight that make her very easy to pick up and walk around with lol. Fun sized would be proper adjective!

My first appt with her was two hours, my second this past weekend was again two hours, and I will not see her for any less. She is just too much fun. She can easily hold a conversation, very smart cookie. Her DFK was the way DFK was meant to be! Treat her well and it’s reciprocated. 

Review by Wilson Wazzoo from Twitter

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I saw Celine a little while back and was incredibly happy I did. I booked at the Markham location even though I was travelling from the west end because I read some reviews and was excited to see her.

I was a little late as traffic was horrible on the 401. Once I arrived, Celine greeted me at the door in her black lingerie and all my troubles melted away. I went off for a quick shower and came back to see her lying on the bed waiting for me. We began a long make out session and she is a great kisser. After some time, I undressed her to reveal her amazing body. She has well done man-mades and an amazing ass. Next, down I went for some responsive DATY. She really enjoys it and lets you know when she is getting off.

Next was my turn, she began a wonderful BBBJ. Nice, slow, deep and wet, just the way I like it. I was enjoying it so much but didn’t want to pop before the main act. We began in missionary and finished in doggy. Doggy was amazing and that’s where I finished.

We cuddled for a bit and she finished my 2SOG with BBBJ CIM.

Celine is very hot, accommodating and really makes you feel like she’s into you. I really enjoyed my time and would repeat.

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Saw Celine for the first time a few weeks ago and have to agree with other reviews that she is likely one of the top, if not THE top agency girls. I always book a half hour on my first visit to see how we get along. I sincerely regretted not booking an hour or longer. She is sweet, personable and has a good sense of humour. (Sounds like she is a plain girl I’m trying to set her up for a blind date). Not a chance! Lovely face. Perfect skin and a drop dead gorgeous body. The pictures don’t lie. She is also a generous lover. You might expect someone with her looks to be a starfish but far from it. One of my top ten experiences.

I have been trying to rebook since but never had much luck as she seems to often decide to work at the last minute. Finally this week I managed to get an hour booking for this afternoon only to have my hopes dashed by a cancellation 3 hours before my appointment. So sad.

I guess I should be grateful I got to see once. The stars don’t seem to be aligning for a repeat.

Written by: drdemento on a review forum