I have been described as a ball of energy and a chatter box, a definite extroverted introvert lol. My legs go on for miles, I have a cute face with freckles, and I have a cute little booty that loves to be caressed. I am the girlfriend you always dreamt about. I'll make it an experience you'll never forget.
5’10” / 177 cm
120 lbs / 54.5 kg
Eye Color
Hair Color
Best GFE
Vaccination status
Fully vaccinated (Pfizer)


Well from the few reviews I read about Blair I had to make the trek up to Markham to check her out.

This was my 1st time using TGF and usually I would not give a deposit but I did based on reading a previous review. I understand the frustrations agencies go through with no shows from customers with no booking history.

I had to bail on my 1st appointment but have them a few days notice so Tom applied a credit to my number with they applied without my asking when I did reschedule.

Condo in Markham was nice, complicated to get in but good clear instructions from TGF.

On to Blair. All I can say is wow. The reviews are very accurate in all respects and please note my expectations were quite high.

We really clicked on all of our kinks and Blair said she really loves to suck cock and it showed. Her BLS is one of the best I’ve had up there with Vera but more PSE instead of sensual.

She really loved me giving her daty and dato which really was a turn on for me.

Full service was in multiple positions and intense.

Blair is the real deal and very high energy. I will be seeing her again I just hope they would come out more to the West End of the city.


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Found the information on Blair spotty, bits here and there, so thought I’d post a short review.

Blair is cute, bubbly and friendly as advertised. Submissive comments were on par, she definitely lets you have your way with her. Super friendly, no awkwardness… all the touchy Feely you want, teasing pleasing and some hard fucking.

Bbbj with DT and light FF. I did LFK also, likely open to dfk. Safe fs.

Wasn’t exactly what I was expecting facially- but not in a bad way. She is cute, freckley face with voluminous wavy dark hair. Great slim frame, tall. Perfect smooth skin. Not toned but not crazy soft. Nice and supple. Perfect breasts. White pale skin. No complaints at all. Great Great body.

Comes off as a bit young personality wise, and in appearance of course.

She LOVES sex. Be nice, friendly and you will be treated. Definately aims to please.

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Holy Fuck gents! This lady is a GOLDMINE! Booked via text with Tom the morning of. If it’s your first time with this agency, you’ll need to etransfer a deposit. I was a bit hesitant but reading some reviews got me waiting to check Blair out. Glad I pulled the trigger. Even paid in full via etransfer so no awkward exchange during the visit.

Location is in Markham – Hwy 7 an 404. Great if your driving, practically off the highway.

If you ever read any of Blair’s reviews, IT’S ALL TRUE. She’s a submissive, enthusiastic nympho. She’s bubbly, fun and highly entertaining. She takes directions well. Pretty much everything on the menu except Greek/butt play stuff. Obviously YMMV.

Once outta shower, she was already undress on the bed. After some small talk and warming up, had excellent DFK – passionate, slobbery, the whole works. Did some DATY and digits. Climbed on top of her, held her down and did some BBBJ with me on top. Transitioned to her on her back, hanging over the bed for some facefucking. Laid down for more BBBBJ, BLS. Some 69 followed and some rimming (earlier she told me she didn’t rim but I guess the sessions was going great so YMMV. Apparent it was her first so it was awesome for me lol).

Do some CG, followed by some mish with some light choking and slapping. I climb on top of her and finished CIMSW while she DT all the way. She loves it and doesn’t even mind the gagging which makes the whole experience that much hotter. Blair is an EXCELLENT PROVIDER. She’s amazing and helluva a drug. Afterwards, we laid town together and chatted a bit. Time was up and finished with a shower. Finally a hug and kiss goodbye then back into our sad reality of a lockdown.

Gents, believe me when I say, this SP is worth the repeat. Like fuck, it’s actually that good. I almost considered not writing this and keeping this goldmine for myself but I figured good agencies and providers should be praised.

Without a doubt, her attitude is a 11/10. Probably one of the best in the industry. Please please please, if you see her be nice and don’t fuck it up for the rest of us. Cheers!

PS: I’m just a regular asian dude, around 200 lbs, early-mid 30’s. No issues for me if anyone’s wondering concerned about race/age.

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Review 4

Decided to book Blair, booking with tgf was flawless as always. I asked the Booker if Blair would be open to a sensual shower for 2, & she is. So I booked an hour.

When that door opened, I walked in & turned around, I got my first look at Blair & wow, she was smiling at me with this look. I can’t explain but made me feel at ease rite away, she asked me how I’m doing & I told her much better now, as I knew rite there & then that i would have a great time with her. We talked for a bit, she’s easy to talk to & she’s funny as well, we laughed together at each other’s jokes.
We made it to the shower, she likes it really warm & I’ve got no problem with that. I have to say it was very interactive, one of the better showers I’ve had in awhile. We lathered each other up, we were like two horny teenagers. We were joking & laughing at one point & making out all hot & erotic at another point.

After a while we made it to the bed, where she got on top of me & asked me what I like, of course I told her & she quickly started teasing & kiss her way down to junior. Wow this woman can take directions amazingly, her bbbj is fantastic, at one point I told her to bite my cock, she quickly stopped, looked up at me with this cute but sinister smile & went down on me again, continuing her amazing bbbj & started in the most gentle way biting down on my cock. Yes it got more & more aggressive & it was incredible. After awhile I had to stop her, as I didn’t want to blow my load to early. I told her it was my turn, to reciprocate, man I love her pussy, she has a meaty pussy, IMHO it is perfect in every way. I got her to sit on my face, I started teasing her, kissing her inner thighs, slowly making my way to her absolute beautiful pussy. After a while I got her to lay down on her back & continued to preform my best cunniligus, she was pretty vocal & she got extremely wet, I love that.

Eventually I got her to a 69 position as junior was getting lonely. After only a few minutes I wanted to feel her, I wanted to fuck her, so on came the condom. Well I have to say she is quite tight down there & a few minutes in to it, I couldn’t hold it any more & had an amazing orgasm. I apologized for not lasting very long & that’s when she told me not to worry, as I made her cum twice when I was preforming my fantastic cunniligus, lol.

We chatted for a bit, she’s a smart cookie.
We clicked as soon as we met, right from the start, im assuming that’s why we had such a great session. The hour was coming to a close so I jumped in the shower for a quick rince. Got dressed, we chatted for a bit more, kissed & I told her that I will definitely see her again, but next time I’ll book for 2 hours. She said that she can’t wait until then.

Would i recommend, if u like a tall, spinner, submissive types then most definitely. Show her respect & she show you a great time.

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Review 5

Another day in mississauga and bored like usual during my 9-5 shift so I decide to give myself a treat after work. I read the other review posted which really piqued my interest.

I have never booked through tgf so i called over and spoke with the booker who sounded friendly and helpful and i was required to do a deposit via etransfer prior. This seems to be a big no-no for some people but was ideal for me as i hate carrying cash so i just did the full amount like that which saved me a trip to the atm.

Now onto the actual session itself…I was told to temper my expectations but holy hell was i in for a ride when i was greeted at the door by a tall gorgous blonde at the door in some nice white lingerie who greeted me with kisses. It’s like the session started without even me having the time to take off my shoes lol.

We started off at the doorway but i finally found a few precious seconds to at least get my shoes off while she was ripping my clothes off and she said she wanted to join me in the shower which i happily obliged to.

Some nice foreplay in the shower and her profile doesn’t lie when it says shes submissive. During the beginning I was sort of hesitant as I didn’t want to spank her too hard but her insisting i do it harder made me go all out which she really seemed to enjoy.

I pick her up in the shower and go toss her on the bed and she REALLY likes to be teased during dato to the point where she was was practically squirming from just a touch.

She’s really into spanking as well as it got to a point where her ass was beet red and my hand started hurting from it and she still wanted more so she gets really into that stuff if that’s what you like.

Her bbbj was also one of the better 1s where she likes it when you take control and the other stuff was also really enjoyable which consisted of cg, doggy, rcg, mis, dfk, etc.

Looks: a nice tall hot 5’10 blonde with nice firm body and a really pretty gnd look

Service: folks, if you’re into submissive chicks, blair is def a go-to with how into it she gets and loves being spanked and how she reacts when you take control.

Repeat: 100%


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Review 6

So as luck would have it, I had a date with Shelby @TDL scheduled last week 😍 but I came down with cold/flu like symptoms so I canceled as I did not want to take any chances (would have done the same whether or not we were in this current crisis).

Anyway, having all this pent up energy last couple weeks, when I saw that Shelby was off this week I went thru the TDL and saw that Blair @TGF was available today (yes, always reading your feedback boys and she slipped in there 🙃) so I pinged Tom last night and he let me know she had availability this afternoon. So here is the skinny on Blair.

Everything I read about her is true! Our session was great! SF2 (both at the start an end as I love wet play and not too many ladies are into it 😉) , daty, dato, lfk developing to dfk, bbbj, bls.. all there! Had an amzing time and we explored some boundaries that I am hoping to develop further on my next visit 😎 Blair is both submissive and can be dominant if you let her explore her sensuality. Only restriction was greek and even though that is a favorite pastime of mine, I still give her 2 thumbs up👍 and I am looking forward to our next rendezvous 🤗 You can find her info on their website.

And yes, i haven’t used TGF for years, so when I was asked for a deposit, I sent it. I appreciate the new world order we are living on so if that is the price to pay so you can play, I am willing to pay. Some of you may not be comfortable doing that and that’s certainly ok. I just don’t want to read posts in this thread about the pros/cons of sending emt. Those comments will be be blocked/deleted. You all have a choice. Deal with it.


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