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How to evolve from a basic provider to a top-tier escort?

Escorts who aspire to more than just mediocre status should realize that they control their own destinies. Their careers are based on the actions they take and how they present themselves to clients.
Becoming a high-end escort is more than just having a financially blessed client list. It’s about how you act and treat clients, in addition to your techniques to attract clients. Several things set apart high-end escorts from the behaviors exhibited by regular providers. Do you have what it takes to be a high-end companion? Check it out here:

  1. Target high-end clients with luxury-associated rates. Escorts who want to reel in the elite clients have to use the right bait. One of the best ways to lure in clients who are looking for high-end providers is to charge a rate they associate with extravagance. For many of them, they won’t mess around with an escort they don’t consider to be part of the upscale side of the industry. One of the first criteria they look at is your rate. If you’re charging an average price for your time, they will recognize that you aren’t indicating there is anything special about you beyond what others provide. However, when you set your rates at an elite level, it automatically sends the message to prospective clients that there’s something different about you. It’s kind of like a buy-in at a high stakes poker game: if you want to get the high rollers, you have to have a high buy-in. Otherwise, all you’re going to get is the wanna-bes.
  2. Amp up your appearance. If you’re showing up to your bookings looking good, but not going all out, you need to reassess your efforts. Clients who book high-end escorts expect you to look GREAT! If you think that means you have to have the perfect body — you’re missing the point. Of course, clients want to book time with a gorgeous woman. But, they know that you’re the real deal and will have imperfections, just like anyone else. And, while you can’t give yourself instant liposuction, you can dress to impress. Wear clothing that indicates you are high-class. Choose contemporary styles that mimic classic trends. Choose well tailored items that fit you well and accentuate your best assets. Really focus on your hair and make-up, too: they are a strong indicator of how your clients should perceive you. Take good care of your hair, get frequent professional color and style it each and every time you go out to visit a client. Your make-up should be subtle, but skillfully applied to enhance your features. Use contouring and professional tips. Check out YouTube for tutorials that will help. Basically, the most important thing you can do is to pay attention to your appearance and not get lazy with how you get ready for clients.
  3. Bone up on your current events. All decent escorts should know what’s going on around them. However, high-end providers need to have an even more defined sense of current events. Your clients are movers and shakers. They are the people who are either 1) making things happen or 2) are reacting to major events in the world. They are involved in high-levels of the financial industry, government or other arenas where they act influentially and lead others. They appreciate the fact that an escort is informed about what’s going on in the world and how it affects her clients. Be THAT escort who understands and comprehends news worthy events. And, learn how it connects to the world around you. Start linking events and how they influence cause and effect situations. When you have a clear understanding of the world, your clients will see that you have insight to their lives…encouraging them to come back for more time with you.
  4. Gain life experiences. Mediocre escorts have lived some life events and may have been around the block a few times. But, they haven’t really enjoyed experiences that they might have in common with their upscale clients. To be able to attract and keep high-end clients, it helps to have lived the lifestyle, at least, once. Clients expect you to be comfortable in luxurious environments and know how to act in elite social circles. In order to succeed at high-end escorting, it helps to have traveled and gone to events that are typically reserved for the wealthy. Take every opportunity you can to go places, attend events and partake in activities. If you have to, volunteer to help out at high-brow fundraising events and activities in order to rub elbows with the rich and observe them in action. Absorb the culture.
  5. Be willing to go above and beyond for clients. Most escorts who are general providers are willing to do what they can for a client during the hour they are meeting with him or her. But, high-end escorts make it their mission to create an encounter that is truly worth the rate that their clients are paying. This often means several hours of preparation or legwork to find just the right accessory for a booking. It may mean that you pull some strings to get that special hotel suite or to book a particular location for a client. Mediocre escorts do only the minimum required to make their clients satisfied. Being an elite escort is about more than just satisfying your client. Your goal is to make him ecstatic. You want him to experience such pleasure that he would never think of going to another escort (even though he probably will, eventually). You want to create an encounter that is beyond all of his other experiences. To do that, you will have to do more than just the basic services required.
  6. Set yourself apart from other escorts. Of course, establishing a rate that is elite-oriented is one basic way to create a separation from other escorts in your market. However, you need to establish other features about yourself that make you unique. Create a label for yourself that indicates you are best at something. Emphasize a skill or trait you have that others do not. Even if you feel like you’re bragging on yourself or doing some crazy marketing gimmick, do it! It’s essential to establish that you’re unique in the industry. Perhaps, you’re more exclusive than others. Or, you belong to a very special niche. Or, you can tie a cherry stem in a knot with your tongue. (Ok, that probably isn’t a trait that will get you loads of high-end clients. Ha ha!) But, choose something that you think will appeal to your target demographic and demonstrate how only you personify that characteristic.
  7. Advertise that you only have limited availability. The harder it is to get in to see you, the more elite clients will try to book you. Encourage booking far in advance, suggesting that your schedule gets full early on. It’s the general rule of supply and demand. When a product is in high demand (an escort with a fully-booked schedule), customers want it even more. They are willing to go to crazy lengths to get time with you, including paying high rates and rearranging their schedules to be with you. As you book encounters, talk about having to juggle your schedule or trying to squeeze a client into a particular slot. When your clients feel like they’ve had to work hard to get on your book, they feel even more accomplished and desire the encounter even more.
  8. Market that you will travel for the right client. Many clients are really attracted to the idea that they can import an escort, like fine wine or cigars. Often, these kinds of clients have booked encounters with the high-end escorts in their areas. And, they are intrigued by the idea of sampling the wares of other regions. When you advertise that you’re willing to travel for the “right” client, it issues a challenge to the competitive types. They will attempt to do what it takes to get you on a plane. Others are highly attracted to the idea of having pleasure delivered to them from hundreds of miles away. And, many clients just like the idea that they are getting to experience something more exotic than the escorts in their neighborhoods. Regardless of their motivation, it gets you bookings and makes them feel like they’re doing something truly elite by flying in an escort just for them.
  9. Act as though you are already a high-end escort. You’ve probably heard the saying, “Fake it until you make it.” This is exactly what you do when you’re starting out in your venture to become a high-end escort. It’s likely that you’ve got basic escorting experience under your belt…so, all you have to do is study the behaviors of some high-end professionals and emulate it. Of course, it’s harder than it looks, but with some effort and tenacity, you’ll get it down. Rates, knowledge and appearance all go into being a high-end provider. And, while you’re perfecting your skills to become an elite industry companion, you can pretend to have all of this together. Odds are that your clients will never know that you’ve plunged yourself into the high-end bracket, if you keep up your facade. Once you’ve had a few upscale encounters, you can officially count yourself as a luxury provider. But, until then, pretend you are and plunder through…you will earn a place soon enough.
  10. Enact rigid screening with your prospective clients. The more challenging it is to get in to see you, the more it seems that you are an exclusive escort. While you may ask several questions about a client before seeing him, as a standard escort, you have the right to question him even more as a high-end provider. Exclusive, elite escorts have difficult-to-meet criteria that clients have to rise to in order to get a booking. Income status, net worth, employment and other things add into the equation of whether a client is in the “right” social circles to be added to your client list. It’s challenging for a client, but they’re willing to jump through hoops when they think they are being granted exclusive entry to a club, so to speak. It’s all about making them feel like they had to work at getting in to see you. It becomes even more desirous for them when they feel that others are turned down, when they are accepted for admission.
  11. Make sure that your photographs are professional. One thing you can’t fake is a good photo gallery. Elite clients expect that your photos will be professionally lit, airbrushed, posed and staged. Proper background, clothing and setting is essential to creating GREAT escort pictures. Your images should reflect who you are and what you offer clients, while being classy and sophisticated. No bathroom selfies and nothing taken with a selfie stick. These are dead giveaways that you are not who you are trying to convince others you are. Locate a talented photographer and invest in quality pictures. Take the time to create the perfect wardrobe selections and choose props that tell a story to your clients. Without a proper photo gallery and professional images, your potential clients will skip over your marketing efforts and laugh at your attempts to call yourself a high-end, elite escort.
  12. Marketing has to be directly targeted toward high-end clients. If you think that you can attract elite bookings with marketing on a budget site, you are wrong. While some clients may cruise the budget sites, they are not going to find their elite escorts on there. They will be looking for high-end providers in places that market toward upscale individuals and tastes. Consider your marketing outlets and determine if they are well-suited for your purposes and intentions. And, don’t market yourself on mediocre sites, if you’re planning to be a high-end escort. If you’re found on both sites, it’s pretty obvious you’re not as exclusive as you’re trying to influence clients to think you are.
  13. Communicate in a way that a high-end escort is expected to. As you converse with your client (over text, email or the phone), use an educated, intelligent voice to convey your guidelines and requirements. Be courteous and friendly, but don’t act like a push-over or bubble head. Have a bold, open air about you, but make sure you listen to your clients’ needs. Your communication efforts may make or break your efforts to be thought of as a high-end escort. Don’t be snobby, but don’t be too quick to just book anyone. Ask questions about why the client wants to see you, how he heard about you and what he expects from an encounter with you. Query him with your screening requirements. And, flirt with him, all the while. Be a rendition of a provocative business woman as you lure them in for bookings.

If you see yourself as a high-end escort, it’s going to be much easier for others to see you in the same light. Project the characteristics that upscale providers do and you are well on your way to a luxurious career.

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