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Ultra-part-time escorting done right

While the vast majority of escorts escort as their primary job, there are lots of girls who will see gentlemen only occasionally. These are girls whose escort activities are a tiny part of their lives but often a large part of their income.
by Hannah Jay
Ultra-part-time escorting is a way of describing the business of girls who might see one or two gentlemen a month, or who escort for a short period every year or who are what might be called serial mistresses. In each case, these girls enjoy the hard cash the business brings but are adept at dodging the escorting lifestyle.
By design, these girls are hard to find. They advertise very discretely and will usually run an ad for a short period and then go dark. If they have a website, and surprising numbers do, it is often under the cover of a modeling website. Some use agents, most do not.
Here are three very different stories from three very different girls.
“I suppose it is arrogant to say I am a beautiful woman. But that has been what I have heard since I was about fifteen. And I have been hit on by all sorts of men from the time I was thirteen. Which I can’t do a thing about. I’m well-educated and I have an excellent job as a pharmaceutical rep. I make a very good living driving and sometimes flying to see docs and talk about new medicine. I’m twenty-seven.”
“I don’t really think of myself as any sort of escort. But when I was in college, before I started earning great money, an older gentleman saw me sitting doing homework in a café. He came in and struck up a conversation. Very nice, quite charming and very flattering. He asked if I was a model and I told him I wasn’t and got the old line about “Well you should be.” I have heard that line too many times and the fact is I am only five foot five and I am curvy. Not classic model material, plus, what could be more boring than to stand for five hours being photographed? All of which I told him.
Then, right out of the blue, he propositioned me. For quite a bit of money. Now, he was not the best looking man in the world but he was interesting and genuine. Rather than saying “No,” which was my first instinct, I suggested that it might be nice to be taken for dinner at a restaurant I had wanted to try but couldn’t afford. “No promises.” He agreed and we had a lovely evening. Now, perhaps it was the champagne talking, but over dessert I found myself asking if his proposal was still on the table. He said it was and we adjourned to his hotel. I was sure the front desk would “know” and toss me out but I was nicely dressed and he was, I found out later, a very good customer of the hotel. I left, very late, with a lot of very crisp bills in my purse thinking, “Well how easy was that?”
My gentleman came to town every couple of months and would phone me a few days before. It was always the same routine, a little shopping for me in the afternoon and then an excellent dinner and off to his hotel. Perfect.
It occurred to me that if there was one gentleman there might be one or two more. I didn’t advertise, rather I kept my eye out for ads where a man wanted to “pamper” a girl in a “mistress-type” relationship. I have nice handwriting and I would answer the ads which struck my fancy with the suggestion that we might meet for drinks and discuss arrangements which might lead to our mutual benefit.
Now I was a little more savvy and I would carefully vet any of the men I found as potential clients. If they would not agree to give me their real name and place of business, I would finish my drink and leave. But almost all of the men I wrote, and there were not that many, checked out.
While I loved the money, I was not counting on it and that meant I was ruthlessly selective. I was very clear about the fact I had no interest in the conventional once a week mistress-type relationship but preferred to see a man, at most, once a month. A few of these gentlemen balked at my rates which was fine with me. I want to be a luxury a successful man can easily afford. If you can’t easily afford my rates, the whole idea is off to a rocky start. Best not to even go there.
When I got my current job, all that changed was that I had a larger territory in which to see gentlemen. It actually increased my business by a couple of dates a month which was fine. In all I’ve averaged 40 dates a year for the past couple of years. Always in cash and I expect and get lovely extras like brilliant lingerie and the occasional gift certificate as well as nice dinners and my hotel paid for when I am out of town.
I find that my clients tend to be older, forty at a minimum but fifty is more common. I am completely under the radar because I don’t advertise, don’t have a website and actually work under a version of my own name. As I say to my clients, “I like to leave no trace.” As almost all my clients are married they appreciate that.
I’ll probably keep doing this until I find the right guy to settle down with. I have to admit I like having a lot of cash over and above my job income. It lets me save a lot of the money from my job. Because I see so few clients I don’t have to spend a lot of money on clothes, a couple of nice dresses and a business suit which I would be buying in any case.
My only rule: no doctors.
“I suppose it is a cliché but I work as a cocktail waitress at a very upscale downtown hotel. We have a dress code and rules about our hair and makeup. And, of course, the most basic rule of all is that you never date the customers. It is a great gig and lots of generous tips just make it better.
Of course one of the occupational hazards of cocktail waitressing are the idiots who think you will be delighted to accompany them up to their room after closing time. Rude, obnoxious and often drunk, these guys are pests. Very easy to “not date the customer”.
I’d been working at the hotel for about six months when I noticed that one of my fellow servers was being unusually attentive to a table with two, perfectly ordinary looking business guys sitting at it. So attentive that I made some comment to Jeff the bartender. “No mystery, the man on the left is a client of hers.”
I’d been around and I knew exactly what Jeff was saying when he used the word “client”. What I didn’t understand was that Jeff had made her “arrangements”. I found that out a few days later when Jeff asked if I might be interested in a client of my own. Apparently Jeff, as many other bartenders did I discovered, ran a sideline business putting business men in touch with girls who enjoyed earning a bit of money on the side. He wasn’t a pimp in any conventional sense of the word, but word got around that Jeff was the go-to guy in the hotel if a gentleman wanted his dance card filled.
He mentioned an amount of money which was just about exactly what I took home in wages and tips in a week. “What’s your cut?” I asked. “Zero. I get a nice tip from the gentlemen I refer,” he told me. I said I would think about it and asked him to let me take a look at any prospective clients who came in the bar. I left it at that.
Jeff didn’t have many clients. Maybe three or four an evening and it was not at all clear that any of the other waitresses were on the game. Once you knew what was happening, a few of Jeff’s “behind the bar” cell calls made more sense. So did the occasional arrival of nicely dressed, single women twenty minutes after Jeff placed a call. All very discrete. For Claudia, the other waitress, the routine was even more subtle; Jeff gave her a room number either at our hotel or another and when she went off shift off she went. It didn’t happen often. A couple of times a week at most.
After seeing what seemed to be perfectly nice men using Jeff’s services for a couple of weeks I had to admit I was intrigued. Which was just when Jeff said one evening, “Terry, I am a little stuck. One of my regular girls is double booked. My fault.” “OK” I said and he handed me a room number. “Thanks Terry. You can go off shift in ten minutes and I’ll cover your section. We’re pretty dead anyway.”
Luckily I had a nice outfit which I kept in my locker in case I wanted to go out after shift. I slipped into it, put on a bit of fire engine red lipstick and took the service elevator up to the twenty-second floor. All suites. No one around. I found the door, knocked and, well, you can imagine the rest. It was not unpleasant and very lucrative. My date was charmed when I told him this was, in fact, my first time.
So, that was two and a half years ago. I still work as a cocktail waitress, Jeff still hands me room numbers a few times a month and I still feel more than a little naughty watching the passing parade and paying special attention to my clients. Jeff never talks about escorts. In fact, Jeff treats me exactly the same as he treats all the other cocktail waitresses. I have never asked him how much he charges and I never discuss money with my clients. There is an envelope on the hall table which I take with me when I “freshen up”.
The one thing which is amusing is that, once in a while, a girl will try working in Jeff’s bar. You have never seen security show up so quickly. Jeff does not like competition.”
“One month, the prospect of paying rent was looking particularly bleak. I was going to school, working retail on weekends and my boyfriend had just moved out leaving me with the whole amount to pay. I needed $300 and I’d seen the online ads. So I said, “What the Hell?” and put an ad up. What a dumb ad it was. I still remember it, “22 year old sweetie needs $300… suggestions?” and then my email.
I had no idea what I was doing and I had no idea how many guys would respond. I had a hundred emails in half an hour. Half of them wanted pictures, as explicit as possible. Another big batch thought sending me a shot of their dick would seal the deal. But there were a couple of guys who seemed alright and we chatted and one of them came over and I got paid. If I had left it there it would have been a one-time rent paying experience and I would have moved on.
But I didn’t. The other OK seeming guy kept emailing and so did a couple of others. And the guy I saw wanted to come back after his next payday. So instead of taking down the ad and moving on, I saw the other guy and changed the ad to read $500. Fewer emails but more OK guys. Then I took down the ad because I really did not want this to be a full time thing. I thought if I could get one $500 date a month I would make my rent and all would be great.
I live in a pretty small town, not tiny, but small and my neighbourhood is pretty tight. We look out for each other I guess. So I really couldn’t have guys coming over at all hours of the night several nights a week. I was too scared to do out-calls. I liked to be snug in my own apartment. So I made some rules. I only saw men between seven and ten and then only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. One date a night maximum.
I stopped advertising once I had six guys who I was seeing. Once in a while I run the same strange little ad but with a bigger number. I have never put my picture in the ad.
I suppose I am a pretty uninhibited girl. So far none of the guys I’ve seen have asked me to do anything I am uncomfortable with. A few have on email but I just tell them “no” and I don’t see them. I don’t like old men which for me is pretty much anyone over fifty. I could make more money I guess but not what I do. I don’t exactly dress up for dates, but I try to look nice in an alternative sort of a way. Lots of old lace from the thrifts and the vintage stores.
I don’t really have a set time for dates. Some last all of half an hour, some go three or four. It depends on what the guy is looking for and paying for. The one thing I am really clear about is I don’t want reviews. I say that right up front. It is just so gross. The only review I got was from a regular who said “This girl is so special I am not telling you her name or where she is or what she does,” and then emailed me the link with all the comments. Tons of fun.
I do get referrals though. It’s funny, guys used to have a big thing about “not paying for it”; now it is practically like artisanal beer. I get emails saying “Joe Smith says you are the best. Could I come over?”
So I am doing it for the money. Which I guess makes me an escort or a sex worker or something. It doesn’t feel that way to me. I like the money but that is the only thing which is really all that different from hooking up with a guy on Tindr. And who screens on Tindr? I screen hard.
One thing I have noticed: guys like that I’m a really low volume, provider. Makes them feel a lot safer. The other thing, guys will wait. I basically book one or two weeks in advance. Two dates a week means I have to say “Not tonight” a lot. But, I’m worth waiting for.
Here’s the thing, two dates a week and I make way more than I do working the retail job. Which I still have. I miss a couple of hours of TV or playing around on the net. I keep looking for a downside. I haven’t found one yet.
Occasional escorting
Helen, Terry and Kendra have all approached ultra-part time escorting from different places. But each has found that seeing very small numbers of men, charging high fees and limiting their exposure allows them to make great money while keeping escorting a very small part of their lives.
Each girl has, more or less by accident, created a strong business entirely under the radar. Law enforcement is simply not a factor. Neither is a lot of marketing. Nor is there any great loss of privacy. For girls in the business who want to dial it back the whole idea of ultra-part time escorting can offer an attractive alternative to quitting and losing the income. For girls thinking of entering the business, the ultra-part time model is a way to make money without some of the life style challenges full time escorts may experience. Either way, ultra-part time is an alternative worth looking into.

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