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Escorts can change everything by changing one thing

Speaking with a lot of escorts of late doing a phone promotion, one of the things which came up over and over was that while most were generally satisfied with their business, there was a fair amount of ennui. One girl said to me, “I basically have the same date three or four times a day.” While a good, professional attitude can get you through a lot, the fact is tedium can make escorting a chore (and, let’s face it; a bore).
by Hannah Jay
One the one hand, a sense of routine—of doing much the same thing, much the same way—can be a huge plus for an escort: she knows how she will greet her clients, put them at ease, take care of the business arrangements and move through her date. Although relying on a set routine gives her a bit of a script and with that script, no matter who her client is, she can be pretty confident he will be satisfied; an unchanging routine can shift into auto-pilot fast. Are you are cruising in your comfort zone? But why?
Oh, be brave
In management books and in self-help guides there is a rather brilliant idea: change one thing. Rather than trying to completely rebuild your business/looks/personality from the ground up, this strategy focuses on changing ONE single element at a time and seeing what happens. It is a low risk, potentially high-reward strategy. This brilliantly simple approach can transform your escorting business (oh, and did we mention your life?)
Okay… but which thing should you change? Your hair colour? Well, that could be a start. I can’t tell you, but here is a selection you might think about for your escort business.
What you charge
No matter where you are on the provider-to-courtesan spectrum, your rates send a powerful message to potential clients. It goes without saying, but bears repeating, that it also has a significant effect on your income.
Even for an escort acting as a mere service-provider doing twenty, hour-long dates a week, by adding $50 dollars to her standard hourly rate, she could increase her income by $1,000 a week. (Wow, right?) At the other end of the spectrum, adding $500 dollars per date for a high-end, exclusive provider, can radically increase income and quickly put you on a champagne budget. (Yessss).
And as importantly as the additional cash, changing what you charge changes the type of client who can afford to see you. Having a well-heeled clientele at any point on the escort spectrum will make escorting more lucrative and open opportunities for extended dates and travel. Win. Win.
Now, when you raise your rates it is always a good idea to leave the rates you charge your regulars alone for at least a little while. After all, these are the gentlemen who you can count on. Your “bread and butter clients” as it were. And thank goodness for them.
New pictures
As I often point out, men are essentially visual creatures. They love novelty. So, ask yourself — when was the last time you changed your advertising pictures? Or the pictures on your website?
Updating your pictures means that you need to have photographs your potential clients have not seen before. Those selfies you started your business all those years ago are probably looking more than a little old. The pro shoot you did two years ago? Tired. The cute Christmas pictures? Delete. They, and you, are just a little bit out of season. You must keep on top of these things if you want to be on top of your escorting business game.
Getting new material is fun, easy and does not have to be expensive. Go over to Model Mayhem.com and look for photographers in your area who are willing to shoot “time-for-prints”. What that means is that the photographer will give you pictures in exchange for your time as his model. Good deal? You bet. You can schedule your shoot outside working hours and walk away with a dozen great shots on a thumb drive or your phone.
Alternatively, take some great selfies or have a friend shoot you. We have lots of escort photo tips on Skipthegamescom.
Generally, go easy on your makeup, have a clean, uncluttered background, close ups are almost always better. Avoid explicit shots. A suggestive picture will pull more calls than nudity.
A different write-up
If you have been in the business a while you will have learned what you like, what you don’t like, which clients suit you and which don’t. Now, take a look at your ad copy or the write up you use on escort sites. Does it line up with who you have become as an escort?
Little changes in a write up can make a big difference. A better description of who you are makes your write up more personal and inviting. Instead of “college student” try “fine arts major”; “girl next door” is fine, “naughty girl next door” is more enticing. Do you like role play or fetish? Well make sure it is in your write up.
If you have your best dates with out of town business men over 50, say so. If you like dates at exclusive downtown hotels, say that.
Remember that there are dozens, if not hundreds, of girls competing for clients. The more detail you give about yourself the more you stand out from the crowd.
Once you have the prose down pat, for Heaven’s sake edit your copy. Spelling mistakes and grammar disasters really stand out on a page. And they something about you. Spell check is your friend.
On the phone
You can start by reading a piece on escorts’ guide to giving great phone that I wrote recently.
To change one thing about your phone performance, my best advice is to give yourself time. The interval between rings on a normal phone is six seconds. If you pick up on the third ring you have twelve full seconds to step into your charming escort persona. Your caller has that time to collect his thoughts. So you are both beginning at your best.
Remember, many of your clients are going to be nervous phoning you. So when you do pick up the phone, the first thing you need to do is make them feel welcome. A cheerful voice at the end of the line is a welcoming voice. You don’t need to go overboard but a happy sounding “Hi, this is Candy, how are you?” can brighten your caller’s day. This allows your caller to relax and move to become the charming client you want.
Be organized
No matter what else may be going on in your life or your escort business, your clients will really appreciate a girl who is organized. Which is not that hard to achieve. A note book and a pencil get you started. Better still, a daytimer with the hours marked off a day at a time will give you a sense of how your dates are lining up, where you are available and what future bookings you have. Lots of girls use their smartphone calendar system but that can be awkward if you are taking the call on that phone. The nice thing about a pencil and a daytimer is that you can keep it in your bag and have it ready wherever you are.
If you screen your callers it is important to get their contact information – phone number, email and whether they can accept texts – so that you can contact them to confirm if they check out. Some girls will not book the appointment until the screening is complete, other girls will take an appointment subject to confirmation. Pretty much your call.
Being organized lets you get the information you need effectively. It also means you are not scrambling around for a piece of paper which you then lose five seconds after you write down that great client’s name and number.
Going from scattered to organized takes time and discipline but if you make that one change your escorting life will become simpler and, often, more lucrative.
Body beautiful
Escorting is a bodycon business. But not every girl is a Playmate or a Vogue model. So, change one thing?
I’m going to cheat here and change three.
Start with the easiest: take a walk. Simply making time to walk for twenty minutes to an hour a day is going to have a significant and surprisingly rapid effect on your body. No, you probably will not lose twenty pounds. But your legs will be firmer in a couple of weeks and your bottom will tighten up. Your heart will love you and your upper body will see some benefits though they will be a bit more subtle. And, as an added benefit, getting outside and taking a bit of exercise will almost always improve your mood and your outlook. No need for equipment or outfits or anything other than a pair of flats or runners.
Change your diet. Dump the junk and the sodas. The science on diet is constantly changing but what is becoming clear is that sugars are not good for you. The amount of sugar in a can of soda – or most processed juice – is staggering. But sugar is also in a lot of comfort food. Simply avoiding the “Convenience Store” is a great first step towards a better diet. Strive for green and fresh.
Make things at home where you know what you are actually eating. Making food at home is remarkably easy and it is much, much cheaper than grabbing a Big Mac or a slice of pizza. Eggs, milk, cheese, butter, chocolate and steak used to be the forbidden diet; now it turns out that all of them are good for you. And delicious. It takes ten minutes to cook a steak and five minutes to make salad. You can buy prewashed salad greens and make your own vinaigrette dressing. (Olive oil, lemon juice, Dijon, garlic, S&P… shake up in jar). Yum.
Kicking junk food off your menu and adding home cooked meals will reduce your calorie intake while increasing your satisfaction and culinary skills. Your health will improve and your body will reap the rewards. A good diet is essential for glossy skin and hair as well.
Take a class. Yoga, dancersize, Pilates or a straight workout class is something to think about. And once you have been walking for a month or so, something to do. Getting instruction is one part of it. Getting inspired is another part. Getting out of the house for a scheduled thing a couple of times a week is probably the biggest part. Classes can be intimidating at first. There are the inevitable yoga babes and workout bunnies who can make life a bit anxious; but if you stick with it your body will, gradually, tone up and your anxiety will drop. Everyone was the new kid once.
Classes are, to some extent, social and that is a good thing. Escorting can be isolating so getting out in the world can be a life saver. Go at your own pace and embrace the fact you have two left feet for the first few classes. You’ll get better.
Keep track
Escorting can turn into a bit of a blur of bookings, dates, ads and, if you are doing it right, cash. All of which is great but it doesn’t give you the essential information to grow your escorting business, increase your revenue and improve your job satisfaction. If your escorting life is just one thing after another it will keep on exactly the same path until, for one reason or another, you quit.
Keeping track of your business gives you the data you need to control your business. Better still, you have the tools you need if you have the Daytimer I suggested above, and a cell phone.
For a week, along with entering your bookings, make a note of how much time you spent (approximately) marketing your business, doing your advertising and handling your calls. It does not have to be precise and there are likely to be days you forget and days where you don’t actually do any marketing or advertising. Does not matter. What you are trying to do is get an idea of where your time goes.
At the bottom of each daily page you total up the day’s earnings. You might want to keep a separate total for tips. (And for security, you might want to code the numbers a little. A simple substitution code where 0=t 1=a and 2=b and so on is a good start. It is easy to crack but hard to “prove” in Court. A note saying “batt” for a $2100 day is discrete but effective.)
Keeping track of your earnings lets you see how effective your marketing and advertising is. It also will tell you things like whether you do better with hour long dates or more extended encounters.
You can also make quick notes about your dates. Something as simple as a five level check mark system will give you a way of keeping track of who you want to see again and who it might be best to be “busy” for when next they call. Tip amounts – again in your simple code – as well as preferences can be recorded.
Once you start keeping track, making a single change to your routine, you are able to take a look back at the end of the month and see where you’ve been. You can total your revenues and your tips and you can check to see how much of that money remains in your Loubutin box or, better still, your bank account. You can also review your dates and, if you have their permission, reach out to the clients you would like to see again.
Just one thing
Little changes can create big improvements. In your revenue, your health, your business but, most of all, in yourself. Each of the changes above will change how you escort but they will also give you more control over who you are.
By making a change in one area of your escorting life you will open yourself to being able to make other changes as you go on. It doesn’t matter that much where you start, only that you do. The important thing is to make the change you are most confident will make a real difference.
Some changes are one off – what you charge or new photos or your write up can be changed in five minutes or, at most a couple of days. Other changes, getting organized, getting glossy, eating and exercise, are things which need to become part of your routine. As they do, your escorting business will improve and, usually, so will a lot of the rest of your life.
Once you have changed just one thing, I should warn you, you will probably want to change just one more thing. And then another.
Change is good.

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