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Bingo! Escorting the big wins

A few weeks ago a friend of mine made what can only be described as a big score. Big as in the sale of part of his company for millions of dollars, many millions of dollars, in cash. I saw him a couple of weeks after the big win and, perhaps naively, asked where he had been. In his best Austin Powers voice he announced, “Vegas, Baby, Vegas!”
Following the old maxim “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” I did not enquire further but I was pretty sure he’d been there in the company of a couple of hundred thousand dollars and in search of a good time.
It is a thing men do and, as I suspected, there are certainly escorts more than happy to help men celebrate their victories. And they are not all in Vegas.
by Hannah Jay
“When I got into the escorting business I wanted to make serious money.” said Sabrina twenty five, platinum blonde and, as my mother might have put it, chesty. “I waitressed since I was about fifteen and I had all the guys anywhere I worked propositioning me. It just went with the territory. I like a certain look and so do a lot of guys.”
“Most of the guys I met as a waitress were pretty average. Why wouldn’t they be? I was working in a sports bar. But once in a while a bunch of guys would come in to celebrate. Now I might look a bit of a bimbo but, truth to tell, I was and am an “A” student. I do math questions in my head for fun.”
“If a celebration table came in – and not some lame birthday – I would do just about anything to get that table. I mean I have bought celebration tables from girls. The math is easy: if the boys have made a bunch of money they are going to want to spend it. So instead of five guys at $60 each all in, you’re more likely to see $160. And, after a dozen drinks and a few passes they are all going to want to tip big.”
“One night a typical celebration table came in. They were having a few drinks before hoping a late flight to Vegas. I asked why and one of them, a little bit drunker than the rest, yelled, “hookers, miles and miles of hookers”. Ok, I suppose I was a bit innocent but I asked, “Aren’t there any escorts around here?” “Not like in Vegas,” the drunk guy said “In Vegas there are hookers as good looking as you.”
“All very flattering in an odd sort of way. But it planted a seed. I never wanted to be “a hooker” but the idea of celebrating with some of these guys was attractive. Getting paid for it? Why not?”
“At the same time, if I was going to be some sort of trophy I wanted to be paid well. Very well. What that meant was that I had to dig in and do my research. I looked at what the top end girls in my city were charging and what the top end girls – that you could find – were charging in Vegas. And I looked at New York as well. No question, girls in Los Vegas were expensive, in New York just crazy. But, from my city to either of these locations involved airfare plus hotel plus all those dings like taxis and tips.”
“Obviously a city in the mid-West does not have the dazzle of Vegas or the pop of New York, but in our own small way we have deal makers and guys who make a lot of money all in one place. I wanted to be their girl, the go to escort for celebrations.”
“I did a little more research. The truth seemed to be that the girls in Vegas and New York were not all that special, they were just a lot more expensive because they worked at the top of markets which were expensive.”
“While I was doing my research I signed up with an agency in town and did a few dates. Just plain, regular, escort dates with no sizzle. Meet, greet, do some business, have a little chat and then onto consenting adult activities. Because I am a pretty blonde girl with big, natural, breasts I was asked for a lot and could charge the top rate the agency charged but I had to give the agency a negotiated 40%. But those dates let me put together what I needed for what I called the “Vegas experience!” The exclamation mark was part of the show.”
“First up I had one of the best photographers in town shoot me as a showgirl. Full glitter, heels, rouged nipples and sparkle all over. I had a stylist and a hair and makeup girl and it cost a bomb. But the photographer and stylist were brilliant and we got four outfits on three sets out of one day’s shooting. I have to say, I looked great.
“Then to a different photographer for a set of glamour shots. All soft focus and beautifully lighted. And a short video. While I knew that the boys wanted the showgirl experience when they were out celebrating, most of them would be much more comfortable with a glamour girl in pretty lingerie when it came to sexy time.”
“Think about the idea of celebration escorting I realized that what I needed to be selling was a whole experience. But I was also selling a few features which could make my service worth a lot of money to the right clients. That in mind I started writing up my website and working on my advertising.”
“Along with the regular sorts of things an escort promotes – looking great, busty, enthusiastic – I was also talking about a real party atmosphere. For a lot of guys that means a couple of girls and, fortunately, I had made friends with a few of the girls I met at the agency. They were happy to “be available” for the party escort date I had in mind.”
“One of the features of the Las Vegas “lost weekend” approach to escorting was that if you were staying in Vegas you had a suite if you’d made the big dollars. Could I replicate that in my city? Actually, I could do better than replicate it: there was a wonderful old downtown hotel which had never been taken over by any of the chains. It was quirky and it had a couple of almost never used penthouse suites. Right out of Mad Men these suites had never been seriously updated. One had been the original honeymoon suite but no one had wedding receptions downtown anymore.”
“I dressed in a very conservative – for me – outfit, skirt, jacket, sensible shoes, hair braided and up in a bun, minimal make up and went to see the manager. I asked to see the suites and said that, from time to time, I liked to have 50’s style parties with vinyl records and cocktails. The manager, getting the sense I was willing to pay the room rate (which was actually amazingly cheap) and order the food from the hotel kitchen, was all for it. I am pretty sure he thought it was some sort of hipster thing. I took some snaps and had the manager take a couple of demure but sexy pics of me on the terrace.”
“So I was ready. I had the venue, the clothes, the concept. Now for the clients. I had a bit of a secret weapon. One of the guys I met through the agency was a lawyer who was in on the deal flow in town. I liked him and when I left the agency he became my first client. I had told him about my idea of the “Vegas Experience” and, one night he called and told me he had a deal closing the next day. His clients had been pretty boisterous the night before and there was a lot of chat about signing the deal and hoping a plane. He’d given them my number.”
“Game time. The client called wanting to get an idea of why he’d have as much fun with me as he and a couple of buddies would going out to Vegas. My pitch, which I have been working on ever since, is that the girls in Vegas are no prettier or more fun and, in fact, they are pretty jaded. Escorts in Vegas have a celebration four times a week and, realistically, they are often just going through the motions.”
“What I was offering was a great experience right downtown, no standing around in your socks going through security, fabulous food, great booze, one, two or even three girls. The best room in the house. Limo pickup. All that and about a fifth the hard cost of the Vegas trip depending on the number of girls and how long the party was.”
“The funny part of all this is that this guy, according to his lawyer, just picked up a cheque for about twenty million dollars but it was the cost thing which hooked him. “Makes sense. I am not much of gambler anyway.”
“It turned out that most of my clients were, in fact, not all that interested in the shows and the gambling in Vegas; what they really wanted to do was let off steam after what are usually pretty intense negotiations. Let’s face it, you don’t walk away from a deal with a seven or eight figure cheque without there being a lot of pressure.”
“Just like the guys I used to see when I waitressed, these guys wanted to give themselves a great time. Somehow, “Vegas” plus girls has become lodged in the American psyche as the essential good time.”
“From the escorting perspective this sort of a party is easy if you are not greedy. Because my clients were not going to Vegas, even at my “Vegas Experience” rates they saw themselves as saving a fortune which meant they had a great time spending lots of money at the best steak house in town. Then we’d go to the VIP room of a gentleman’s club I had made an arrangement with and, if they wanted more girls I would have them meet us there. If the boys wanted lap dances this was the place to get them and, while the dancers had a no touch policy I certainly didn’t.”
“Then, interest aroused, it was a short limo ride back to the hotel and up to the top floor. More drinks, lots of “man food” like bacon wrapped scallops, sliders and tempura prawns. I made sure there were good cigars, a well stocked bar and, because I know men, a couple of cases of ice cold beer. Events took their natural course and, depending on arrangements, consenting adult activities occurred in one or more of the bedrooms.”
“My job as an escort in the “Vegas Experience” was to make sure everyone left with a smile on their face. If they wanted a bit of old school strip tease, no problem. Or, when we were in the honeymoon suite, I would take a bath with the double doors of the bathroom wide open. If there was another girl we might put on a show or, and this was a favorite, take a bath a deux. One way or another I would be more naked than not and the fun would begin.”
“I am very comfortable servicing a couple of men if they are wearing condoms. But I am often amused by how shy men are in this sort of circumstance. So consenting adult activity usually occurs behind closed doors. The guys are perfectly fine with me or one of the other girls being naked but they are uncomfortable with being naked with their buddies. Whatever.”
“Now one thing which really sets my “Vegas Experience” apart from that actually happens in Vegas is that I have a fixed rate. While I love a generous tip, I am not trying to hustle my clients out of all the money they have. An escort in Vegas knows she has a night to make as much money as she can because she also knows she is very unlikely to see the client again. I have a completely different perspective. I want to see my clients again. Whether for a big celebration or a little quality time, one on one. Plus, from the day I started on the “Vegas Experience” at least a third of my celebrations have arrived by way of referral. Word gets around so you want your clients to say nice things.”
“I do advertise a little. But I keep the advertising vague. Same with my website. When you reach the level my ideal clients are at you have more than a little to lose if a girl is indiscreet. After all, the reason guys go to Vegas is to be bad a long way from home. But, as I point out to my clients, the reality is that downtown in our city is a different world from the ‘burbs where they actually live. Still, it never hurts to be a little coy.”
“I don’t worry a bit about law enforcement. First off, the cops downtown at not at all interested in the higher end of the market. Second, I get paid for my time and the facilities I provide and I doubt most vice cops could come up with that sort of cash. Third, I require part payment in something other than cash paid to my consulting business. I do this so I have money to pay for the suite, drinks, food and driver. But also to be able to check the source of funds. But I really don’t worry.”
“In a way the celebration is much more about a party, with full on Mad Men styling and a sense of a pretty party girl or girls enjoying the success of the guys they are with, than it is about the consenting adult activities. Having done agency escort dates, which are pretty cut and dried, the “Vegas Experience” has escorting activity pushed into the background.”
“Not that the escorting activity is not part of the deal, but the whole package of a pretty girl, dressed more than a little glamorously, with a limo and champagne and the whole steakhouse and off to the penthouse via a showroom full of girls who I pick and bring over to the table: it’s a huge turn on for these guys.”
“But, and this is important, it is also really safe and secure. A guy going to Vegas is looking over his shoulder, he doesn’t know the escort he is seeing, he’s out of his comfort zone. With my service he can easily check me out if he has not already been referred by a friend.”
“With my “Vegas Experience” escorting packages my clients are right inside their comfort zone, in their own city but with a huge party atmosphere. So instead of being wary and a bit on guard, they can focus on having a lot of fun with a pretty girl who just happens to be an escort.”
“The fun part about the “Vegas Experience” idea – well along with getting dressed up, eating fabulous food and enjoying the company of successful guys – is that this sort of experience is quite rare. I do two or three of these evenings a month at most. But, and here’s the thing, I can charge a lot of money for the experience, way more than I charge for regular escorting simply because the guys are comparing the cost to the cost of a trip to Vegas. Even at my all in rate with all the extras and a couple of girls joining us, my “Vegas Experience” is a fraction of the price of the real thing.”
“So now, with the “Vegas Experience” as the core of my escorting business, I do see clients on a non-party basis. But almost all of them have first been “Vegas Experience” clients and that means they are pretty relaxed about paying me a really good rate for quality, one on one, escorting time. A lot of them will have really enjoyed the penthouse so I am happy to arrange to see them there. I am seriously looking at doing a long term deal with the hotel.
In my regular escorting I stick with the whole 50’s “call girl” vibe. While I am an escort I am a lady first and foremost and that is something a certain sort of client finds really valuable. Part of that 50’s call girl thing is that I really don’t do the straight escort date where a guy spends an hour and you’re done. At a minimum, I like to go out for a drink or dinner and then let the evening unfold. Much more fun and much more relaxed. Much more expensive.
“I am going to keep doing the “Vegas Experience” for a while. I escort to have lots of time for myself and by doing a really over the top evening a few times a month I have all the rest of the month to do what I like doing. Right now I am interning with a photographer. I don’t know if photography is what I want to do when I stop escorting. Or even while I am still putting on the “Vegas Experience” but I am learning a lot and that’s what matters.

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