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13 things providers should never consent to even in dire need of money

Unfortunately, it’s all too common for an escort to become desperate for money. Whether it’s because you’re new to the industry and are struggling to develop a full schedule of bookings or you’ve encountered a dry spell of clients (or many other circumstances could be causing you financial difficulties), it’s a terrible state to be in.
It can make you feel like you’d resort to nearly anything to just get a few dollars in your pocketbook to pay bills or fund other needs. However, it is at times like these that it’s essential to stick to your standards and not fall to your fears. Clients can sniff out an escort who is hard on her luck and in immediate need of establishing some appointments. They will take advantage of you and try to get you to accept terms you never would on a good day.

Once you allow yourself to succumb to despair, you can’t go back. Consequences and their impression cannot be undone, and regret is the worst feeling one can have while reviewing their life.

Here are 13 things you should never consider, no matter how poor you are at the moment:

  1. Car meets. Never, ever agree to meet up with a client in his car. He may suggest that it’s cheaper for both of you if you visit in his car. Nobody has to incur the cost of a private place to hang out. Your client may attempt to persuade you by claiming that he doesn’t have a location to go to, especially if you specialize in outcalls only. He may claim that his fantasy is to get it on in the car, much like when he was a teenager with his girlfriend in high school. He may have a dozen arguments why this is a good idea, but don’t be sucked into his request. A car meet is unsafe. Once you get into a car with a client, he has full control over what happens to you. He could take you away from the city, to an unpopulated area, and kill or rape you. He could kick you out miles away from anywhere, leaving injured, robbed or worse. Additionally, even if you don’t suspect that he’s a safety threat, car meets are cheap and sleazy, which is a far cry from the upscale image you won’t to promote
  2. Last minute bookings. When a new client calls you up and wants to meet in 15 minutes, it’s tempting to take him on when you’re low on cash for bills. But, doing so is a safety risk and against your policies. You don’t have time to properly screen him to determine if he’s a threat or even to investigate whether he’s actually who he claims he is. This is a habit you don’t want to get into, even if your gut instincts indicate to you that it would be ok this one time. In addition to not having adequate time to screen him, it should be against your policies to take such spur-of-the-moment bookings. You don’t have time to adequately prepare or clear your schedule. By accepting this client’s quick turnaround encounter, you set a precedent for him that it’s acceptable to schedule his visits with you this way. He won’t understand your denial of his booking when he calls next time and asks for an immediate appointment. It’s a bad (and, potentially unsafe) practice to enact.
  3. Trade services. It’s pretty common for a client to offer his services when he hears that you’re in a pinch for funds for repairs or other actions. For instance, your client may offer to fix your car or patch a hole in your incall roof. The gesture is nice, but unless your client is actually in that business, you are not getting an expert in the field for your money. He may not have a clue about how to perform the service you’re trading for. Also, when you engage in a trade like this, you may not receive an equal amount of services for the time you give your client. He may short you, knowing your level of desperation. Finally, you can’t be sure that your client will even perform the promised services, once the encounter is over. Many providers have been tricked into offering their time and skills to a client, only to receive nothing that was promised to them in return. Get cash for an encounter and hire an expert, instead.
  4. Accept bookings with clients on your blocked list. When you’re experiencing a dry spell as a provider, it’s tempting to take any encounter that comes your way – even if it’s with a client you placed on your blocked list. But, regardless of how hard up for money you are, remember that those blacklisted clients are excluded from your preferred ones for legitimate reasons. Typically, it wasn’t simply because you liked your other clients better. The clients you’ve blocked have pushed your boundaries, failed to pass screening, exhibited threatening behavior or severe disrespect, demonstrate poor hygiene or done something else so severe you elected to never be in contact with them, again. Don’t reestablish contact with clients you cut free, just for a few bucks. Keeping your electricity on is VERY important, but it’s not worth the risk of your health/safety or completely ditching your own self worth.
  5. Allow bookings with clients who don’t pass your screening. On the phone, a client may seem extremely charming. He may chat you up through text messages and seem really funny. But, if he doesn’t check out when you start your screening process, cut him loose. You know that; but, when you’re really needing to add some money to your bank account NOW, it’s hard to turn your back on a client who appears to be perfectly nice. However, you perform screening for a reason. Providers who don’t engage in client investigation prior to encounters may end up with more than they bargained for. When a client doesn’t pass your screening efforts, it means one of two things: he’s being dishonest with you or he’s a bad risk. No amount of money can make up for choosing a bad client for an encounter. It’s just not worth the risk, regardless of how big of a pinch you’re in.
  6. Engage in services you despise. All escort providers have certain activities they hate including in an encounter. For some, it’s elements of intimacy that they are uncomfortable with, such as anal intercourse or strap-on play. Others may despise role play bookings. Feeling forced to be a part of something you genuinely hate is terrible punishment for simply needing money. Don’t let your money issues influence the kinds of activities you allow during encounters. Doing so completely demeans your personal values and standards. When you tell clients you won’t perform certain services, but then turn around and allow them when you are hurting for money, it tells them that you don’t really stand behind your principles. AND, it suggests that your guidelines aren’t firm and easily influenced otherwise.
  7. Allow bargaining. When you’re desperate for cash, it’s tempting to take any offer that comes your way. It’s easy to use the mentality that anything is better than nothing. You may be afraid that a client will bail and not move forward with booking an encounter, so you accept a lower offer than your standard fee. This is a terrible practice to start. It establishes a relationship with your client where he feels comfortable offering a different amount to exact a discount. You work hard for your money. Your time is worth the fee that you establish and no client should ever question that rate. Unless you are pricing your services much higher than others in your region, you should never feel that a client can suggest that you’re not really worth your rate. After you DO accept a lower rate and your finances even back out, you will really regret allowing yourself to be “bought” for such a discount.
  8. Take extra money for services other escorts won’t do. Few providers want to engage in degrading behavior. But, many clients have unique tastes and desire an opportunity to engage in activities that include humiliation and disrespect. Some fantasize about risky actions, such as public intercourse or intimacy in dangerous situations. Others have fetishes that many escorts will think are just plain weird. Unless you’re unusually adventurous or open-minded, most of these activities are not included in your “allowed” list. But, when you’re in a financial bind, you may consider charging premium fees to engage in this kind of client “fun.” The extra cash, obviously, will really help you get out of your money pinch. But, keep in mind, you’re sacrificing your standards for money, which won’t feel very good when you look at yourself in the mirror afterward. Also, these bookings may get you in trouble with the law or damage your health, depending on what they entail. If no other escort wants to engage in the activity with your client, there’s probably a good reason. Don’t get sucked into a situation like this, just because you need the money.
  9. Illegal activities. Simply put, if something your client wants you to do is illegal, don’t do it. Just don’t even think about it. No amount of money is worth the risk of getting in hot water with the law. And, a client who wants you to do something illegal is not one you want on your client list in the future. He’s trouble.
  10. Be convinced to engage in unprotected intimacy. A lot of clients will offer extra money if a provider will allow him to perform intimate acts without being encumbered by a condom. Oral, anal or vaginal intercourse should ALWAYS be engaged in with the use of protection. No provider should sacrifice her own health (or the health of her other clients) by allowing a client to go without a rubber, no matter how much extra cash he offers. Sure, a healthy tip sounds good, especially when you’re low on cash, but it could cost you lot more than that in the long term. You could become sick and be saddled with an STD for the rest of your life. You might be off work for a period, while you heal up from an illness you contracted from a client, costing you not only lost wages (so to speak), but also health care expenses. And, you could experience significant hits to your reputation if other clients hear that you’re allowing unprotected intimacy. They may not like that idea, for their own safety. And, if you accidentally transmit an STD to a client, your reputation will surely be damaged.
  11. Be talked into allowing a client to take pictures or video of you. All clients would love a memento of their time with you. An innocent selfie is nothing to really worry about. But, when a client wants to video the intimate part of the encounter or take photos of you during the visit, it’s not a request you should fulfill, even if a monetary bonus is included. It may seem low risk, until you start considering the ramifications of someone having nude pictures of you. Most clients tell you that they only want the pictures or video for their own personal use, but you have no way to control where the pictures are posted or who sees them. Your images may end up going viral or being used against you to “out” you to your family members and friends. Once those photos are in someone else’s possession, you can’t limit their exposure. Do not allow clients to take pictures or video of you. Period. It can easily come back to haunt you, if you do.
  12. Accept jewelry or other gifts for payment. Clients may claim that they are in the same financial boat you are and attempt to persuade you to accept alternate forms of payment for a booking. It’s pretty common for clients to offer jewelry or electronics in place of cash. They often suggest that the jewelry has high value and the electronics are new, when they very easily may be stolen. (The jewelry may, in fact, be stolen from their spouses’ jewelry box!) When you attempt to pawn or sell the items, you may find out that they do not have nearly the value your client led you to believe. The jewelry may be fake and the electronics may not work properly. Stick to cash when expecting payments from clients. If a client can’t pay you in cash, he is not worth your time. If he really is in a financial bind, encourage him to sell his jewelry or electronics, himself, and then come see you with the proceeds. Otherwise, you may be left with worthless items and the knowledge that you just gave a client a freebie.
  13. Never accept violence. Don’t feel like you have to go through with an encounter, just because you need the money. Many escorts find themselves accepting risky bookings (out of desperation) and realize at the beginning of it that it was a big mistake. But, because they need the money, they allow the client to do anything they want to them, just for the money. You are worth more than that! Walk out, leave, run – whatever you have to do. Don’t stay. Leave the money behind. There will be another way to pay your bills.

Being low on cash is enough to create a lot of worries for you. But, there are some things that will cause you a lot more heartache and trouble than simply being temporarily poor. Don’t look for shortcuts and quick fixes. And, don’t sacrifice your own personal standards for a few dollars.
While that extra hundred bucks may help you buy groceries, it will not buy you full memory replacement.

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