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Dead giveaways that your client isn’t interested in hanky panky

Clients come to see adult service providers for many reasons, but most underlying intentions usually revolve around intimate pleasure. However, from time to time, an individual will have other things in mind. If you’re not on your game and miss the signs that a client has threatening plans for an encounter, you will become the victim of his wrath. Also, if you aren’t paying attention, you won’t notice when a client needs something else other than the eventual move to somewhere “more comfortable.” Regardless, there are some dead giveaways that tell you when a client isn’t interested in hanky panky. They include:

  1. They don’t stay. Once in awhile a client will get cold feet when he arrives for an encounter with an adult service provider. However, it may be a sign that he actually has other plans for you. When a client arrives at your incall and appears to make himself at home, explores the layout of your place by using the bathroom and then, abruptly, leaves, watch out for him. He may have just cased your place for a future robbery or break in. He learned where the doors were, how the place was arranged and looked for any apparent signs of weapons you had available to protect yourself. He may have made notice of anything valuable worth stealing later, such as a television, stereo or other electronics. Once a client has done this, there isn’t much you can do to stop a future break-in, other than to make sure you keep your doors locked, refuse to open your door to him later and turn on the security alarm, if you have one. Take any money you have with you, as you leave at night. And, use caution as you go to your car, as your client could be waiting outside for you.
  2. They rummage through your things to learn more about you. Many clients are simply nosey about their escorts. They want to know who they are in real life and other details that unravel the mystery. However, other clients aren’t nearly as innocent. Feel free to give any client the boot when you find him sorting through your mail, your purse or other personal items. He could be looking for information about your name, address and “real” phone number as a way to cause you future trouble. It’s fairly common for escorts to be stalked by clients who find out who they are, where they live or what their names are. Other clients may be intending to blackmail you, with future threats of “outing” you to your friends and family members if you don’t pay them a silence fee. These people’s intentions are never honorable and you have to realize that they could cause you severe harm, in several ways.
  3. The prospective client is extra chatty about fetishes. Potential clients who want to visit extensively about their fantasies, fetishes or what you’re wearing during the booking period are usually timewasters. They are looking for a quick turn-on without having to give up any money for an encounter. It’s fairly common for them to ask questions, insinuating that they are inexperienced and wondering if you’re willing to engage in a particular fantasy with them. They hope to engage you in conversation by saying that they need encouragement that you are prepared to fulfill their needs/wants. They drag the conversation along, hoping to get you to play along with them. However, when it comes time to discuss booking an actual encounter, they may waffle. And, even if you do get them to schedule a meet, they rarely show up. Don’t be persuaded to think they are going to be an exciting client — they will waste your time on the phone and never show an interest in a person-to-person experience.
  4. The client asks LOTS of questions about being alone with you. The first inclination you may have with this client is to suspect that he’s extra worried about his identity and personal details remaining private. And, while this may be the case, it could also be a strong sign that this individual may be plotting something sinister when he finds out that nobody will be present during the encounter. These kinds of clients are cowardly and won’t attempt something threatening in the presence of someone else or when they know that help is nearby. But, when they find out that you don’t have any security lined up, they get extremely bold and brazen about their ill intentions. If a client asks too many questions about the security — or, if he seems obsessed with this, either ahead of time or at the beginning of an encounter — feel free to end the conversation and cancel the booking. It’s not a risk worth taking. When a client is actually concerned about discretion, he will announce his worries ahead of time. Clients who are asking for other reasons usually will alert your “not-a-good-risk” radar.
  5. The client has a history of violence. During the screening process, you may do a criminal history check on prospective clients. If a client’s record shows a pattern of violent offenses/charges, avoid him like the plague. Any previous history involving sexual assault, physical assault, battery or domestic violence should be used to disqualify this individual from your client list. Escorts can’t take chances with a client with a violent past. Even if the client actually desires some level of physical intimacy from you, his previous criminal record indicates that he’s just as interested in physical harm as he is pleasure. If he’s been charged several times for assault, it indicates that it’s a lifestyle for him and he wouldn’t think anything about putting his hands on you during an encounter. Accepting a client like this, knowing his history, puts you at risk for physical harm. Some clients with a violent past are looking for victims that won’t report their attacks. They assume that escorts won’t go to the police, so they are safe directing their anger/stress/violence at them.
  6. A client who asks how many clients are ahead of him during the day/evening. Some clients are simply paranoid about taking someone else’s leftovers…or making sure you have the energy to devote to them. But, most of the time, unless he has ulterior motives, a client doesn’t ever even think to ask about this when he visits a high-end adult service provider. Some clients are not clients, at all. They are con men or thieves. As they are asking about the encounters before them, they are adding up how much cash you’ll have in your incall for them to steal. Knowing the rate you are charging them for a booking, they can tell that you’ll have some serious money on hand if you divulge that you will be seeing several clients prior to their visit with you. Most clients don’t seem to be too interested in this, but a client whose intention to rob you will seem very intent on gaining this information — often, before booking an actual visit. Be extremely weary if a client asks questions about this. It may just be a tip-off that he’s not interested in physical pleasure, but only in lining his pocketbook with your hard-earned money.
  7. He wants to tie you up. While it’s possible that your clients may be into bondage and have the desire to be tied up, it’s a little less common that they want to tie up their escorts. It’s just not something that most clients think is acceptable to do. However, once in awhile, it may be something you agree to do to indulge well-trusted clients. BUT — new clients who seem overly eager to handcuff you or bind your hands, legs and mouth with restrictive devices may be up to entirely no good. Instead of simply trying to incorporate some kink into their lives, they may have motives that will not benefit you. These individuals may have bad plans for you, such as robbing you and leaving you tied up, unable to do anything about it. Others may have violent tendencies and be anticipating hurting you, torturing you or killing you. If he seems obsessed with getting your hands tied up, stop the client immediately. Often, these troubles start prior to any substantial intimacy and don’t progress in a normal fashion. When a client wants to tie you up before any “fun” starts to occur, bail out and ask your client to leave. It’s not a sign that he’s up for bondage activities — it’s an indicator that he has other intentions.
  8. A client who lies about everything. Trust is essential in the escort/client relationship. As you’re screening for a potential booking, you have to be working with accurate information to get good results. When you notice that a client has lied about everything he’s told you, it’s cause for alarm. Even if a client fears his privacy is going to be violated, he is usually persuaded to provide genuine details so he can be granted an encounter. But, when a prospective client gives false details about his name, employer or place of residence, you have a problem. It may be a sign that he’s hiding something, like a criminal record, for example. It could also be an indicator that his motives are untrue and he isn’t looking for pleasure; he may actually be a threat to your safety, privacy or financial status. By not providing his identity, you don’t have any way to report him to the police, should something happen. Now, keep in mind it’s fairly common for some clients to lie to adult services providers. They want you to think they are rich and be impressed by them. Harmless lies are not a big deal and tell that a client has self-esteem issues. You have a problem, though, when a client’s lies are about more significant details.
  9. A client who arrives wearing gloves. Unless it’s extremely cold and your heat is out, there is absolutely no reason that a client should feel the need to wear gloves during an encounter with you. Of course, a client with an extreme phobia of germs might wear some sort of gloves, but he would most likely explain himself ahead of time. Otherwise, a client who wears gloves is planning to do something to you that he doesn’t want fingerprints left behind that would identify him. If you’ve asked your client to remove his gloves and he refuses, making some sort of excuse as to why he has to keep them on, it may be time to simply ask him to leave and alert your security partner that something is up. Extremely suspicious and bizarre behavior like this should alert you to be on guard. Most clients are excited to get skin-to-skin contact with you, so wearing gloves is the last thing on most of their minds.
  10. Brandishing a weapon indicates he has other things on his mind. With the carry and conceal laws that allow most common citizens to tote around a firearm, it may not be unusual to run across an armed client. Most of the time, he will casually discard his gun and mention that he carries it for personal safety, or something of the sort. He will allow you to unload the weapon, happily, so you will feel safer, if there is an issue. However, a client who walks in and starts waving around a gun or knife is BAD! Even if he isn’t doing it in a threatening manner, it’s still a sign that you should get rid of him…quickly! Nobody in their right mind will show up for an encounter with a weapon in hand. Even though it seems like an obvious sign that he’s dangerous or risky, your client may have a great excuse as to why he’s acting like he is. Don’t buy it. He’s a loose cannon and not someone you want to deal with.
  11. Brings out the drugs. Unless you’re the party girl type and enjoy getting high with clients, get rid of a client who brings out drugs immediately. Don’t allow it — even, if he claims he just wants to do one line to make the experience better. A client who starts out the encounter with a smorgasbord of drugs available for both of you is much more concerned with his drug-induced pleasure than hanky panky with you. Get rid of him for several reasons: a) drugs are illegal and you don’t want the legal risk; b) you may have trouble getting rid of him if he passes out; c) he may become dangerous or violent under the influence. Stay away from this client.
  12. Your gut tells you something is wrong. Once in awhile, your sixth sense will alert you that something is “off” with a client. You may not be able to put your finger on it, but your instincts are screaming at you to realize that things aren’t right. Don’t ignore these feelings. Your subconscious may have picked up on cues that your alert mind may not be processing. If you feel like a client is dangerous, get out or encourage him to leave. You don’t have to have genuine, hardcore reasons to refuse to see a client. It’s your prerogative to turn a client down when you feel like it’s an unsafe risk.
  13. Avoids all “signals” you give him. Some clients are just not interested in physical intimacy. Regardless of how you try to flirt with him or seduce him, he’s not going to engage in any kind of activities that involve carnal knowledge of one another. He may only want to talk, cuddle or enjoy the companionship of another person. That’s o.k. Not wanting sex with an escort doesn’t always mean that a client is up to no good. He may flat out tell you that he doesn’t want to get busy. Actually, most escorts would welcome a client who only wants to be near her or spend time in her presence. Enjoy the experience and embrace the opportunity to broaden your services to non-sexually related bonuses.

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