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14 keys to success as a love slave/master team

Many adult service providers find themselves being asked if they will conduct love slave services, serving as a master for a client. But, before jumping into a situation where a client is relying on you to give him both orders and punishment, it’s essential that you understand the ins and outs of slave encounters, how to conduct them and why a client might desire one. There are several things to consider, such as whether it’s an experience you want to include in your list of services. Take the following things under review before accepting your first love slave client:

  1. Know what a love slave is. There is a distinct difference between a client who wants to be your love slave and one who desires to be your personal slave. While a personal slave may be ordered to do a wide array of tasks for you, including housework, home repairs or errands, a love slave’s duties typically revolve around intimate activities. His chores should focus on pleasuring you, creating romance, enhancing foreplay and fulfilling your sexual wishes. You should not ask him to fix you coffee or vacuum your floors. He is not there to make life easier for you or to help prepare for future encounters. His encounter should have a sensual and sexual tone to it. You should issue instructions, specifically, to your client each encounter so he has chores to complete, associated with intimacy that will please you. He is not allowed to do anything, except for what you’ve told him to do.
  2. Understand why a client may desire to be your love slave. Love slaves and personal slaves often have similar motivations in that they want to reverse roles and give up control. They may lead daily lives where they are constantly the bosses and decision makers. It helps them strike a balance when they need it in order to reduce stress or blow off steam. But, the preference to be a love slave may be rooted in different emotions for many clients. Some clients are hoping to build their personal self worth, by being able to fulfill your needs and wants, sexually. They need to know they can please a woman. Others may want to be your love slave, because it actually turns them on. These clients are fully aroused by being dominated by you in the bedroom. They can easily climax by simply bringing you to orgasm. Love slave clients are at your beck and call so that they can feel good, either mentally or physically. It’s easy to think that you’re the only one receiving something from this kind of arrangement. Don’t. Your clients wouldn’t ask for it if they weren’t gaining something very valuable to them.
  3. The slave arrangement is a double-edged sword. As an adult services provider, you are trained to focus on your clients’ happiness and pleasure. However, when you are the master of a love slave, it is your fulfillment that is the ultimate goal. (If you’re pleased, he will have accomplished his goal and leave happy, too.) But, it’s not at all that easy to focus on your own enjoyment of intimacy with a client. Many escorts have mentally/emotionally trained themselves to feel very little during bookings. It’s the secret to avoid getting attached and involved. But, when you shut yourself down from a client, it’s challenging to create a facade that will be effective with a love slave arrangement. He is looking for your satisfaction as he goes about his ordered tasks. And, it’s up to you to give him instructions about how to please you. If you are mentally blocking enjoyment with him, a booking involving love slave services will be entirely unsuccessful. You will have to strike a balance where you open yourself up to enjoyment, but still retain a reasonable business relationship with your client.
  4. Decide if this is a service you are willing to do. Because opening yourself up to a love slave can be a very personal thing to do, many escorts elect to avoid this kind of booking. They don’t wish to engage in the personal level of interaction that occurs when an escort enlists a love slave. It’s a process where the love slave client learns about an escort’s turn-ons, her personal preferences and the ins and outs of her sensual desires. Many escorts don’t want to allow a client to get that close to them. However, if you are afraid to let a client get this close to you, you can still allow the activity, but with a different twist: you will have to incorporate a dom-type approach to it, where interactions are much more impersonal and less intimate. Some clients will still be into this, while others are more interested in a romantic/sensual encounter.
  5. Stick to standard intimacies for the booking. Many escorts try to get entirely too complicated when they take on a love slave. But, it doesn’t have to be complex to be successful. Love slaves just want to please you. They want to engage in activities that will make you feel good, cause you to enjoy yourself and, possibly, to climax. You can focus a lot of their activities on romance at the beginning of an encounter, such as requesting flowers upon arrival. You might require him to light candles and turn the bed down. Undressing you is another easy chore for a client to perform. Have him give you a massage or run you a bath. Other tasks may expand into foreplay and actual intimate acts. Get creative as you go into standard intimacies, with how you ask him to perform them. Your client may actually be getting an education about how to please a woman and will take some of what he learns home to his wife or girlfriend. You don’t have to think of off-the-wall things for your client to do – unless, that’s what you’re into.
  6. Expand your activities into a fetish that you and your client are interested in exploring. Many love slaves have desires to try out new fetishes they’ve heard of or fantasized about. The fetish may be as simple as foot worship or as messy as sploshing. A client may want to dress up in woman’s lingerie or he may want to play with your hair. It’s really up to him (and you) what fetishes you incorporate, in addition to how completely you explore them. Some fetishes require quite a bit of preparation, which could be left up to the love slave to do. (After all, it IS his encounter and he IS a slave.) As you and your client engage in a new fetish interest, continue to give him orders and maintain control throughout the booking. Always remain in the dominant role, keeping your slave in his place, even if he gets excited and tries to take the lead during the new activities.
  7. Include activities outside of the encounter period. Sometimes, an adult services provider will allow a client to participate in things that do not occur only during the booking session. For instance, prior to the encounter, you might call your client and order him to bring a hard-to-find bottle of wine with him. Or, you could request roses when he arrives to your incall. Some escorts will text a client and order them to send back a picture of themselves. Or, anything else that comes to mind that will enhance the romance or foreplay for a booking. Of course, you will need to get permission to contact the client ahead of time, to ensure that discretion is protected. Many escorts charge extra for these services, but clients find it’s a worthwhile fee to complete the full experience. It gives them a sense of truly being a slave to you. Many will even ask for it to continue after an encounter is completed.
  8. Consider allowing domination and humiliation to be an element of love slave service. Both domination and humiliation are often associated with slave encounters. Bondage, collars, whips, crops and forcing a client to participate in experiences that strip them of their dignity are often included for clients who ask for them. They want to be fully under your control and treated badly as part of the experience. They desire to be stripped down and lose the respect for themselves, as they fully focus on your wants and needs. Clients who are interested in this kind of a slave encounter may want to combine it with full personal slavery, too. They want the full package, so to speak. Others, though, just want a more extreme love slave version where they feel that you are a much harsher, harder-to-please master.
  9. Designate a safe word and boundaries at the beginning of an encounter. Some clients want to experience this kind of an encounter, without really knowing what to expect from it. They may anticipate it to be different than they actually find it to be. It’s not uncommon for a client to get in the middle of an experience and decide it’s not for him. But, unless you have a way of knowing, you’re going to continue with the encounter as planned, because many clients will beg you to stop – as a part of the role they are playing. Ahead of time, discuss the possibilities and establish a word or phrase that either of you can say during the booking that will cause the slave experience to come to a halt. If a client isn’t enjoying himself, it’s important for him to feel that he has the control to stop things. And, you need to know when he’s serious about stopping or just role playing.
  10. Keep clients from taking it too far. Some clients get so far involved in the experience that they want it to continue long after the booking is over. (And, they don’t think they have to pay for it.) They convince themselves that you enjoy their actions and skills so much that you will welcome their extra efforts. They become clingy and insist on more extravagant activities. These clients take it upon themselves to think up tasks for them to perform for you. They may turn up unexpectedly or call, just to be “romantic.” You may get unrequested pictures texted to you, and flowers when you don’t want/need them. Your client’s actions may be noble, but they are beyond the agreement you and he made. He may cross boundaries that are unacceptable to you. Be cautious and explain to your client that the love slave experience is limited to the booking only.
  11. Set the timing for the slave experience. Some clients will contact an adult services provider for a single experience that involves being a love slave. Others will want it every time they see you. During the first encounter, establish how the client wants the arrangement to work. Keep in mind that once the dynamic is set for your client to be a love slave, it may be difficult to change it. But, knowing ahead of time if this is a trial thing or something he wants long-term may help identify how you interact now and in the future. And, don’t naturally assume that every time your client calls he wants to be your slave. Each booking may be different.
  12. Avoid doing a slave encounter with a first-time client. When you meet up with a client for the first time, you each feel the other out and make a connection. Beforehand, neither of you really know what to expect. It’s hard enough to make small talk and create a bond for a booking without the added stress of making him into your love slave. Encourage a client to book a standard GFE encounter prior to wanting to be your love slave. Additionally, even though you may be maintaining a dominant role as your client’s master, you may actually put yourself into positions where a threatening client could take advantage of you. For instance, you may order a client to give you a massage. During a massage, where you are lying down, a client could easily harm you. Or, when he draws you a bath, he could hold you under the water. It’s best to ensure your client is safe and not a risk when performing slave encounters.
  13. Don’t forget about punishments. Your client is supposed to be under your control when he is your love slave. And, part of being a slave is being punished if his chores are not completed or fulfilled to your satisfaction. Many clients actually become aroused during the punishment phase of a booking. Base the severity of your punishments on the level of extremeness you and your client engage in the slave experience. If it’s more fun than serious, his punishments shouldn’t involve pain or humiliation. But, if your activities are more hardcore, consider implementing more serious repercussions.
  14. Have fun. The point of allowing a client to be a love slave is two-fold: 1) he gets fulfillment out of giving you pleasure and 2) you get a lot of pleasure out of the deal. Embrace these experiences and enjoy it! Get creative and have fun with your client. When you smile, laugh and appear to be having a good time, your clients will appreciate the encounters much more. They want to see you happy. Loosen up and open yourself up to your love slave. It’s not too often that you’re paid to actually have a good time. Enjoy it!

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