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Should an escort travel?

We’re not talking about escorts who travel to islands or choose not to. We mean actual, physical traveling: to travel or not to travel?
A simple question, right?
If only. Unless you’re offered a ticket, a hotel, transportation, meals and a huge wad of cash, chances are arranging work as a traveling escort isn’t going to be a necessarily simple choice. But with a little planning it may be an incredibly lucrative one.
If you haven’t worked as an escort already, it’s a good idea to try it at home before you take your act on the road. I mean, if you don’t know how to work comfortably in many kinds of situations, the kind of clients you’re going to attract or how to function healthfully within the business, how will you handle yourself on foreign turf, right?
But let’s just say you have those things figured out. You know what you have to offer the industry. You know how to handle yourself. You know how to attract clients, satisfy them and keep them coming back for more. You have a healthy relationship with the industry and feel confident in how it’s affecting your personal life.
So, to travel or not to travel?
Traveling has many benefits. Aside from the obvious, day-dreamy ones where you escort clients on vacations or to posh locations for work-related travel, staying in upscale hotels and dining on a company card, there are practical advantages:

  • If you live in an area where there’s not a great pool of clientele, it may be advantageous to travel to where your escort service will be more attractive.
  • You may want to be discreet where you live and not have many know what it is you do for a profession. Where escorting is a completely legal industry, it’s not one often well understood, especially in more conservative parts of the country. By traveling for work, you protect your family and home life from possibly unwanted questions.
  • You may enjoy the atmosphere offered by a different location, where food, beauty products, shopping and social events are different than where you live.
  • You may be more attracted to the kind of clients who live in another location: where they’re more ready to spend money, more social, more athletic or generally healthier.

But before nodding your head in agreement sends you running online to book a cheap ticket to somewhere far, far away, consider these points:

1. What do you know about where you’re going?

  • What is the cost of living / working? How much are hotels, transportation, food, beauty appointments and social events? Working in New York City is going to be far more expensive than Portland, for example. Will you be charging more to make up for this? Or maybe relying on clients for certain parts of your living expenses?
  • What is the clientele like? Are they social, active and ready to spend money on escorts? Is there a tourist or business environment that naturally lends itself to the hiring of escorts?
  • What is the energy around the escort industry? Do police keep an extra watchful eye? Are most escorts functioning wisely and legally? Is the profession particularly frowned upon or generally supported?
  • Do you know the basics of how to get around, either by car or by public transportation?
  • Who do you know who lives there that might help you out of a jam? Drive you around? Help you find clients?
  • If accompanying a client on a trip, will you be comfortable spending a possibly great amount of time alone while they work / attend to personal affairs? Can you get yourself home if something goes wrong? Do you know the basic laws in that location?

2. Will you be banking more money by traveling?

  • What costs will be increased by traveling, and will be you be making enough to cover them healthfully? Will you be traveling with some food, beauty products, and enough clothes to get by or will you have to purchase these as you go?
  • What are the travel expenses to and from and who will be taking care of them?
  • What are the housing arrangements and who will be taking care of them?
  • How long will you be gone from home? Will you have to hire someone to watch your house / pets / kids?
  • How many clients will you be seeing, and will they justify the travel expenses?

3. Is this advantageous socially?

  • Does this help you keep your profession quiet at home, if desired?
  • Do you know clients where you’re going / can you build a healthy roster of the kind of clients you want to be spending time with?
  • Will you be moving amongst a social circle that you want to be involved in?

4. Can you keep yourself safe?

  • Do you know how to book plane, train or bus tickets to and from where you’re headed? Can you drive yourself there and out?
  • Do you know of a doctor or hospital should something happen?
  • If you don’t get paid by a client / clients, do you have enough money stashed that you have access to should you need to leave without having had made anything?
  • If traveling far with a client, can you get yourself home independently if needed?

How do you figure some of these things out? Try our 5-point internet searching plan, jotting down your findings as you go. Compare them to the questions above to help shape where it is you may want to travel to, or if you should stay closer to home.

  1. Do a basic search for tourism in the area to determine if it’s a sought-after location. Put in a search such as “tourist stuff to do in LA” or “hot night spots in NYC” to get the gist of the nightlife there.
  2. Go to a site such as Yelp, Dine or UrbanSpoon to get an idea of what restaurants are like in the area. Look for cost, location (for transportation purposes) and ease of booking. Are there options?
  3. Make a google map of the location you’re thinking of. Check out where hotels are in relation to salons, shopping, grocery stores, airports / train stations, and the night scene. Can you get an idea of the layout? Be comfortable traveling there?
  4. Look in the local papers / posts online to get a feel for the escort industry. Are there a lot of agencies already working? Clients posting for escorts? Strip clubs, casinos, high-end bars and dance clubs?
  5. Think of the worst-case scenario. If you’re asked to go to Paris or Rome for a week, how would you get yourself home if needed? Can you easily book a flight? Know general patterns of transportation for the location to help figure this out.

Stay safe, have fun and good luck!

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