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Choosing an escort-friendly city

So you’ve decided to become an escort or break off from an agency you’ve been working with and start your own business. Great! Escorting can be an extremely lucrative business and one that is both safe and fun for a wide variety of people.
Along with figuring out the basics of what kind of escort you want to be and how you’ll settle the what’s-what of the business, the first decision you need to make may seem obvious: where do you want to work?
The easiest choice is, of course, where you live now. But while that may be the simplest go-to plan, it may not be the one that’s going to bring you in the most business or help you work with the most peace of mind.
So, what should you be considering? Ponder these points to help figure out if where you want to work has potential for your greatest success.

1. Does my desired location support such a business?

Yes, of course there are always those looking for some friendly companionship. But are there enough paying customers to help you build a steady business? Will you need to rely on a few regulars and work hard to get them to book solely with you, or are there enough that you can spend time meeting new clients on a somewhat healthy basis?

Suggestion: Take a look at personal ads in your local papers. Are you seeing a lot of ads or posts for singles or meet-ups?

2. Is my desired location already too flooded with such businesses?

If you’re just starting out and thinking of being an independent escort, maybe Vegas isn’t the first place you should be heading. With the economy in such flux there are a lot of people joining the escort industry. Which doesn’t mean you should be scared to start yourself, just that you might want to be a bit pickier in selecting where you want to work, especially if new to the industry.

Suggestion: Browse online agencies and see how many come up in your area, both for larger services and those run independently.

3. What is the general financial atmosphere like where I want to work?

If you’re thinking of an industrial area or one where the work environment is thriving, then you’ll be around clients with more money to burn. While financial hardship can also send those to the arms of an escort, you’ll probably not want to take on the added stress that a failing economy will be weighing on your clients. Instead, look for places where large companies are based and possibly moving. This may mean an area that was once a bit quieter but, if it’s less expensive for companies to work in, may be growing. Often these are smaller cities around some of the country’s greater metropolises. Do tourists often come to the area for work?

Suggestion: Check out the financial layout of where you want to work. Are businesses closing rapidly or carrying on at a decent rate? Has the population, both of residents and those who work there, gone up or down? You can do an internet search to compare rates of residents in the past few years to help figure this out.

4. What is the transportation system like where I want to work?

Chances are you’re pretty familiar with the area in which you want to work. But escorting is a freelance, transient profession. If you’re entertaining clients in public, do you have your own means to meet them? Will you be hiring a driver? Relying on public transportation?

Suggestion: Figure out how far you’re willing to travel to work, and how you’ll get there. Gas is obviously expensive and extra miles can put wear on your car. Are you factoring this cost in when you’re figuring out what to charge? If relying on public transportation, does it run during the hours when you’ll most likely be working? Is there an affordable car service / driver situation where you can hire someone for transportation and a bit of extra protection?

5. What is the social environment like?

A lot of your time as an escort may be with a client privately, behind closed doors. But a good deal of it may also be public, and this largely depends on where you’re going to be working. If you expect to find clients in naturally social situations, like clubs, bars, restaurants and casinos, does the area you’ll be working in support this? If you’re booking clients through online advertising, will you have safe places in public view to meet?

Suggestion: Go around town and look at the social scene. Are there clubs and a variety of bars and restaurants that you can go to without becoming too visual of a regular? Are they easy to get to, a bit anonymous and discrete?

6. Where exactly will you be meeting clients?

If you plan on taking mostly out-calls, where will they be? Will you be meeting clients in their home or at hotels? If so, can you safely get there as discreetly as possible? If meeting clients in your home, will your neighbors become suspicious at having random cars on the street? Is your home in a safe environment where you can both get help easily should you need it but work with a bit of privacy as well?

Suggestion: Look at how many hotels and motels are in your area to see if there are enough safe, clean and affordable locations for you to work at. If working from home, spend an hour or so observing the local traffic. How busy it is? Are people watching the street traffic? Are nosy neighbors or kids playing around often?

7. What is your relationship like with the community?

Though perfectly legal, the escort industry isn’t well understood by many people. You may be looked at curiously if you live in an area where you know those who work at the bank, hotels, restaurants, and bars. Are you comfortable paying for a lot of your expenses in cash? Will you be comfortable telling the truth about your profession if asked or will you have an alternative story?

Suggestion: Take note of how many people you encounter in a week that might question your profession based on how you interact with them in regards to money, living expenses and transportation. Are you fairly anonymous? If not, what will you do when the small changes that are going to happen are noticed?

Good places to work have some of the following:

  • A thriving economy with large businesses
  • A strong tourist trade
  • A safe transportation system with access to hired cars or regularly running public transportation
  • A need for more escorts / not too many already working in the field
  • A vibrant night life
  • An abundance of affordable, clean and safe hotels
  • A discrete social system where money and services can be exchanged without too much attention
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