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13 reasons to market entertainment to female audience

In years past, men were usually observed as the majority consumers of adult entertainment, from porn to escorts. However, the world has changed and women are raising their voices, too. They are more powerful in their careers, seeking equality in relationships and standing firmly independent in a world formerly ruled by their male counterparts. As a result, their prevalence in the adult entertainment industry as customers is starting to be seen. And, you don’t want to miss out on this important demographic. Consider why you should market your services to women, too:

  1. The digital world has allowed women to broaden their horizons: Previously, if a woman desired to venture out of her comfort zones, she had to do so out in the “real” world. She had to actually set foot outside, out of her home, and seek out alternative entertainment. But, today’s world has provided opportunities for women to seek out different forms of pastimes and explore interests through the Internet. The result is women who are much more open minded and desirous of less traditional formats of pleasure. They watch online porn. They tune in to female-friendly webcam performances. And, they actually go to adult entertainment clubs to watch exotic dancers. AND, they book escorts. Their preferences run the gamut of the industry. Ignoring women as a demographic will be detrimental to your career, especially as women explore more and more about themselves online and in real life.
  2. The United States has shed many of its conservative roots: Even though there is still the Bible Belt and certain groups who are ultra-conservative and closed minded when it comes to adult-oriented entertainment, it’s pretty common knowledge that the sexual revolution in the 1960s was just the beginning of the enlightenment of the populace. Sex is no longer taboo, and people are exploring different aspects of what the adult entertainment industry has to offer them. Women, included! Because it’s no longer “dirty,” women are much more likely to seek out less traditional pleasures. They enjoy strippers, escorts and pornography. And, while adult entertainment has shook a lot of its stigma, women may still feel like they need a welcoming provider to initiate contact. Choosing to only market to the male demographic may really cut into the number of clients you can attract.
  3. Women have just as much money to use as customers/clients as men do: There used to be a time when women were beholden to their husbands (or other male family members) for money. Men controlled the purse strings and made the budgets. That’s not true today. Women are breadwinners and bring home the bacon, too. They create family budgets, have their own accounts and earn just as much money as their male counterparts. Often, spouses have their own bank accounts for “mad money” so they can spend it as they please, without guilt or worry of judgment. It’s pretty common for spouses to not even know what the other is purchasing with extra funds. Ingraining women with money in their hands is just silly. They have desires and fantasies. They want physical pleasure. And, they are consumers of adult-oriented entertainment. Appealing to this group, who has money to burn, is a great way to expand your business.
  4. Women need more imagery: Even if you think you are inclusive with your marketing, it’s possible that women require more from you to be attracted to your services. Men are pretty easy. They respond to visual cues that create the suggestion of pure sexual acts. They are aroused by pretty simple methods that lead right back to intimate activities. However, women really need more than that. They appreciate beauty, eroticism and fantasy. Passion, seduction and foreplay are necessary elements for women looking for adult entertainment. As you include females in your marketing, you have to realize that the tired old methods of obtaining male clients won’t work. You have to have build up, subtle sexiness and a softness that won’t turn women off. You need to address red-hot passion that is undeniably irresistible. Women want to be swept away. They want to lose control of themselves. They want to be wrapped up in an experience that they will never forget…not just get their rocks off. They are perfectly capable of doing that on their own. If all you offer are a few scantily clad photos of yourself, you’re doing it wrong.
  5. Women are sexually liberated: The days of just being a “playmate” or a boy toy are over. Women have worked hard to gain equality and empowerment. Being the little wifey is no longer good enough for many women. They share control in bed with their husbands. They are worried about their own pleasure, not just their partners. And, they know what they want. In short, they are no longer afraid to seek out what they need to make them feel sexually fulfilled. They will tell partners how to please them. And, they will ask for various acts that they want to experiment with. If you market yourself as an entertainer who is meek or mild, it will not resonate well with the female population, unless they are looking for a sub for their dom tendencies. But, appearing strong, independent and bravely sexual will entice them to check you out. They want to have something in common with you – give them a foundation they can associate with.
  6. Much of the adult entertainment offerings don’t resonate well with women: Much of marketing done for the adult entertainment industry still depicts women as busty, brainless sex pots who are willing to kneel down for any hot stud. Many plots in adult films are unimaginative, based solely on sex and reveal a HUGE gap between reality and the imaginary world. Your female market desires something much closer to their own existences. Appeal to their intelligence, independence and sexiness. While men may be turned on by a simple promise of a quick, emotionless romp in the hay, women desire something they can connect to a little more. That doesn’t mean filled with emotion; it simply implies that women need passion and eroticism. It’s a different kind of marketing, that may actually draw in both women AND men.
  7. Women may be looking for entertainment for them and their partners: Exploration into intimacy that involves more than just two people is becoming increasingly popular. And, like most social activities, women are the delegated planners. Much like women usually have to make the reservations or buy the tickets for date night activities, they also have to set up any special adult entertainment arrangements that they and their partners engage in. However, sometimes, it’s more than that. Women have more at stake when sharing the intimacy they have with their significant others. They are emotionally rooted in activities and need to put their stamp of approval on anything they (as a couple) elect to engage in. To keep everyone happy, women usually get to do the selecting when it comes to interpersonal interactions. They also may be encouraged to pick out the adult film they see together. Or, choose the gentleman’s club they venture out to for some wild times. If you’re not marketing yourself and services to women, you are missing out on lots of opportunities.
  8. Feminism has new perspectives that include adult entertainment: In past years, the vast public opined that the adult entertainment industry objectified women. Creating a pre-text that women were only good for sex, people said that exotic dancers, porn actresses and escorts were allowing their bodies to be used and souls stolen. However, today, the viewpoint is somewhat different for a very vocal section of society. They feel that some of what is represented through the adult entertainment industry actually correlates well with the values of feminism. Industry professionals are often empowered by their choices and allowed both career freedom and sexual freedom through their choices. Additionally, they are equal in relationships. And, they are able to close the income gap between men and women as female sex workers usually earn higher incomes than their male counterparts. Feminism is alive and well in the adult services field. If you’re not exemplifying that, you’re failing to see the point and not utilizing that as a marketing tool toward other smart women.
  9. Remaining true and respectful to yourself: Strong, powerful, good women lift each other up and hope for each others’ successes. Marketing yourself to a demographic full of confident and capable women may sound difficult. But, the easiest way you can appeal to them is to retain your class, sophistication and erotic allure, without giving in to society’s desire for sleaze and obscenity. Keep your pictures tasteful, your profile void of curse words and crude commentary and ensure you are a pleasure to speak with during the booking/performing process. If you think you need to be something different to appeal to a female audience, you are dead wrong. Be you, but be the you who is comfortable with her body and sure of herself, overall. Female customers/clients will be drawn to you, simply due to the way you present yourself. Put your best foot forward and you’re on your way to a new demographic.
  10. Men get caught up in the same things women do: Because men are enthralled with women enjoying themselves, your marketing efforts used to attract other women won’t hurt your effects on your male clients. Even though men don’t necessarily require as much foreplay, imagery or eroticism that women may desire for a fulfilling experience, it doesn’t mean that they won’t be sucked into the marketing efforts you incorporate in your new plan. Anything that demonstrates pleasure on a woman’s behalf is a turn-on for guys. And, while they are very visually-oriented customers, they are also inclined to respond to any kind of marketing technique that appeals to women. For many guys, the thought of a woman who would get it on with another gal is simply hot. Just the thought of you with another female will turn them on enough to book you for a party or other event. So, marketing toward women may even earn you loyal business from men.
  11. The closet is open: When it used to be taboo to be a lesbian or bisexual woman, the closet has now come open and these sexual preferences are hitting mainstream society. Women who prefer the company of other women need options, too. And, seeking out women who are pursuing male clients and customers just isn’t going to feel right for these ladies. Appealing to their sexuality and including their desires in your marketing will broaden your customer base and give you the opportunity to expand your services. It doesn’t mean that you have to consider yourself a bisexual or lesbian. It simply means that you are willing to entertain them and their desires, to the limitations of what you provide as an adult entertainer. Don’t close that door by refusing to market to these people.
  12. It’s fun: Marketing yourself to other women may be lots of fun! Not stereotyping all women together (because that would just be silly), but as you gain female clients/customers, you may find that you genuinely enjoy their company more than the presence of many of your male clients. For instance, if you’re an escort, a female client may be much more sensitive to your welfare and share hobbies/interests with you. She may gush about your new designer bag and want to trade clothes with you — if, even, temporarily. Instead of being disrespectful and rude, like many male clients are, your female client may be quite kind and connect with you in a way that you’re unaccustomed to. Your business with them may feel more like a transaction with an old friend, instead of a customer. And, that’s kind of nice.
  13. It’s generally safer: Each time you entertain your male customers (especially privately), you run the risk of something bad happening to you. Your safety and general welfare are at stake. Male clients are stronger (usually) and more prone to violence than women are. When you start marketing yourself to other women, it leaves you with a client who may not as easily overpower you, because you’re much more evenly matched, strength wise. However, don’t feel like this is a sure bet for safety. Don’t throw caution to the wind and discontinue your vetting process. Keep up your screening, at all times.

All in all, you’ve got to do what’s best for you and your business. However, realizing that women control their own purse strings and do consume adult entertainment, it’s silly to not explore broadening your horizons and expand your services into both male and female markets. In the beginning, you may feel like it’s a shot in the dark with females. If it doesn’t seem to feel right, try something different. You never know when you’ll hit on just the right combination that will have male and female clients eating out of your hands.

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