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Vibrator expertise for escorts

Years ago, vibrator use was taboo, with studies finding that in 1976 only 1% of women had ever used or experimented with one. The 21st century is a new era in which women (and men!) are becoming increasingly acquainted and comfortable with their bodies: according to a study conducted in 2009 by Michael Reece and Debby Herbenick at Indiana University, at least 50% of survey respondents reported vibrator experience.
Because it’s so commonplace in bedrooms of non-professionals, it only makes sense that vibrators be included in escorts’ bag of tricks, so to speak. Here are some tips to help escorts perfect their vibrator kung fu:

  • It’s OK to use a vibrator. With the majority of Americans using some sort of vibrator in their sex lives currently, it makes perfect sense to incorporate toys into your activities with clients. Most clients will happily accept the opportunity to experiment with toys with you.
  • Masturbate for a client with a vibrator. According to the Indiana University study, 46% of women used vibrators when they masturbated. Some clients jump at the chance to watch a woman pleasure herself. Some actually climax as a result of watching an escort with a vibrator. Always consult with your client to determine their wants, but this may be a service he or she would enjoy.
  • Allow your client to use the vibrator on you during foreplay. The study reports that 40% of men used toys when they were with a partner to enhance foreplay. Men often think that toys are more stimulating to women and enjoy pleasuring an escort. Even if it’s not your favorite thing to do, allow your client to perform this act on you if they enjoy it.
  • Clean the vibrator before and after each use. Use alcohol or disinfectant to remove any germs and to get it good and clean. Take extra care to clean a vibrator if it belongs to your client. You don’t know how well it’s been cleaned before or who it’s been used with. Many escorts refuse to utilize clients’ toys, opting instead to bring their own exclusively.
  • Carry spare batteries. What good is a vibrator that doesn’t work? Batteries don’t take up much space in your bag or purse. Having extra batteries with you can save an encounter from going from exciting to dull in a matter of moments with a dead a vibrator. Additionally, some vibrators can be plugged into an electrical outlet and charged up prior to use. Make sure you fully charge a rechargeable vibrator before leaving for an encounter. Additionally, never use a vibrator that is being charged and is plugged into a wall outlet!
  • Familiarize yourself with the vibrator ahead of time. Find out what you like, where you like it to be placed, the speed you like it on. Experimenting with it ahead of time is much like studying for a test. When it’s time for your encounter with your client, you know exactly what to expect from your vibrator, which makes it much easier to focus your efforts on your client.
  • Stop the use of any vibrator or other toy if its use becomes uncomfortable or painful. Some women report that vibrator use causes numbness or even slight pain. While no side effects of vibrator use are serious or long-term, stop using one if it makes you even slightly uncomfortable. If your client is using it on you, request he stop using it or change how he’s holding it against you.
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