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Use these 17 oral sex tips to send your escort to nirvana

So, you’ve decided that you don’t only want to receive pleasure from your adult entertainment provider, but you also want to offer it. You may be hoping to arouse yourself, just wanting to give pleasure or wanting to perfect your skills – whatever the reasons, you should bone up on a few tips that will make the overall experience a positive one:

  1. Foreplay: Just like foreplay is essential for any other act of intimacy, it’s going to make a huge difference when you incorporate some warm-up effort prior to going down on your adult entertainment specialist. Whether your provider is male or female, it helps steam things up a lot by kissing, stroking and caressing him or her. Talk dirty or whisper sweet nothings in their ears. Focus on their stomach and inner thighs. Touch them, breathe heavy on them and kiss their body. (For the record, breathing heavy on your provider doesn’t mean that you should obnoxiously blow on them…just let your breath land on sensitive areas.) Lots of affection and physical attention can really prime the pump, so to speak, when oral sex is concerned. Don’t waste your efforts before making sure they will be appreciated fully.
  2. Don’t reserve it only for foreplay: While many people seem to think that oral sex is just a precursor to the “good stuff,” it can be the main event, too. A good session of oral pleasure can be just as satisfying as full-fledged intercourse, especially when climax is achieved. But, it can also be used to transition between other positions, change up the mood during intercourse and to end up a full encounter of penetrative sex. If you’ve already achieved orgasm through traditional sex, consider finishing her up with some quick cunnilingus. It can be done at any point during your romp in the hay. Be creative and unpredictable with it.
  3. Pay attention to how much pressure you apply: Just as your tolerance increases with arousal, so does hers. At the beginning of an oral sex session with your favorite adult entertainment provider, go easy on her. Touch her lightly with your tongue, mouth and fingers until she begins to urge you to increase the pressure. Tease her with your tongue. Kiss her intimate folds. Explore her softly with your tongue. Flick her clitoris barely as you flick your tongue on other parts of her. As she begins to become more turned on (which should be very noticeably obvious), you will be able to roughen up your touch a little and pleasure her with a little more “oomph” behind your intentions. As she nears orgasm, your efforts may get quicker and harder. But, don’t start out that way, by any means, or you will ruin the entire experience.
  4. Her body language will tell you everything: If you’re unsure that your efforts are being well received, pay attention to her body language. As she enjoys what you’re doing even more, it’s likely that she will use her hands to pull your head closer and farther into her. However, contrarily, if she’s not terribly fond of your method, she may put her hands on your head and gently push you away. If she’s enjoying your style, she may writhe around, ultimately thrusting her hips toward you as you lick and caress her. Other signs of enjoyment may be gripping the sheets, curling her toes and leaning her head backwards, as she becomes closer to orgasm. If she seems disinterested in your technique, you should change it up or abandon it, altogether. Additionally, pay attention to her facial expressions; they will tell you a full story about her approval of your efforts.
  5. Listen to her verbal cues and directions: There’s no doubt that your adult entertainment provider knows what she likes. It’s not her first time to receive oral sex, and she may want to give you some direction if your technique isn’t helping her become aroused. While you may not like being given step-by-step instructions, it’s still important to take some lead from what’s she told you in order for her to be happy. If it gets you closer to the end result you want, by all means, swallow your pride and do what she asks. If she’s not providing you with detailed preferences, she is guiding you through her other verbal cues. They may not be actual words, but moans and groans of pleasure, heavy breathing and outbursts of excitement.
  6. Place a pillow underneath her hips: Sometimes, it’s difficult to get your partner in just “the right” position to pleasure her fully. And, when you do get in a position to hit her pleasure spot, it’s incredibly uncomfortable for you. Don’t despair; it’s as easy as placing a pillow underneath her hips to tilt her nether regions upward for your comfort and easy access. Because her vagina is situated upward, it’s much easier to reach her g-spot. As you perfect your technique in this position, remember that you don’t have to only use your mouth to please her. Insert your finger inside her vagina, and press it against her g-spot. This increases the stimulation and will quicken her arousal. If you don’t like the pillow idea, keep in mind that there are several other positions you can experiment with to create pleasure for her. Side by side, sixty-nine and other positions may create a fun experience.
  7. Use some good vibrations: You don’t have to only rely on your hands and mouth to give your adult entertainment provider some oral pleasure. Amp up the experience by using a vibrator. It can be any size or style, but should be used by inserting it into her vagina, to excite her from the inside. As the vibrator is arousing her from within, give her clitoris some attention with your mouth. The dual pleasure technique is sure to get her motor running and expedite her climax. If you don’t see that the vibrator is having much of an effect from inside, use it directly against her clitoris as you caress her in other ways. You may also want to incorporate other toys and fun elements to your oral sex experience, such as warming lubes.
  8. Use the power of touch: When you’re delivering oral pleasure, you don’t have to only focus on her vagina and parts “down there.” Prior to going down on her, discover how electrifying your touch may be for her. Caress her breasts, lightly brush your fingertips on her neck and touch her inner thighs. Remember that teasing touches can lead up to some stellar sex, along with tight grabs of the buttocks and legs. After you’ve commenced the oral sex part, don’t forget the other parts of her body, either. While you’re focusing on her vagina and g-spot, reach up and touch her stomach, hips and other regions. Make her feel like all of her body is the object of your desire, not just her vagina.
  9. Make her tops: Switch things up to provide a fuller experience by putting her on top, instead of bottom. The most common position for oral sex delivered to a woman is much like the missionary position, the woman on bottom and the guy on top, between her legs. But, when you change it up and put her on top, she can help control the pressure and other elements about the experience. She can increase the pressure by lowering herself down on you. Or, she can even grind her clitoris into your tongue more firmly, by squatting down more. It also halts any neck strain that you may feel from being on top, as you lay on your back. Other variations may include laying on the edge of a bed, with here standing next to it. Try it out and see if you both enjoy it.
  10. Talk to her: Just assuming that you know how your partner is going to like oral sex delivered is pretty presumptuous. One of the keys to success in any kind of relationship is communication. Before you try to forge ahead unknowing, ask your partner what she likes during sessions that include intimate pleasure “down there.” She may tell you aspects she likes about oral sex and others that totally turn her off. While you’re in the middle of the session, ask her if she wants you to change up your technique, lick harder, touch her differently or anything else. She may simply tell you, “Don’t stop.” (That’s a great clue that you’re doing something right!) Pay attention to what she tells you, too. If you ask her what she wants, but refuse to deliver on it, you might as well to have not asked in the first place.
  11. Don’t suck at it: While all the oral sex guides in the world suggest to suck on your partner’s clitoris, don’t treat it like a lollipop. Some gentle teasing, licking and sucking can be pretty arousing to a woman’s clitoris, but in moderation. No woman wants her clitoris to be sucked on non-stop during an “enjoyable” session of oral sex. And, just like licking can be arousing, don’t treat your partner’s nether regions like an ice cream cone. Indulging in her juiciness may be a turn on for you, but sloppily licking her up and down may not create a pleasurable sensation for her. It may, in fact, make her feel anything other than sexy.
  12. Enjoy every moment of it: Moan, groan and vocalize how much you like what you’re doing to her. Nobody wants to engage in oral sex with someone who seems to be only going through the motions. Use your body language to express your pleasure. Allow her to reach down and feel your arousal, too, by placing her hand on your erect penis. Get in the moment and ignore distractions. Make sure that she knows how enjoyable engaging in the act is for you. Many men find that giving oral sex is just as arousing as receiving it. Even if it isn’t THAT good for you, do your best to show your excitement about it, anyways.
  13. Realize it can be messy: With lube, her own fluids and your saliva, the potential for oral sex being messy is inevitable. If you have a fetish for sloppiness, you’re all set. But, if you have some apprehensions about indulging in her own fluids, oral sex may be a struggle for you. However, you should be using a dental dam, which is a barrier between your tongue/mouth and her private parts. Regardless, oral sex is not for the faint of heart. Know going in that it’s not the neatest of sex acts.
  14. Use temperatures to increase the heat: Cold and hot variations can really be a turn on. Ice cubes used to tease your partner’s vagina or clitoris can be incredibly stimulating. Additionally, eating ice cream or drinking cold water directly before touching her with your tongue can create excitement, too. Also, experiment with mints (think Mentos), as they create “heat” when touched to sensitive tissues.
  15. Flavor the subject: Flavored lubes can add some fun to your side of the excitement and make it more pleasant for you, overall. And, if you don’t have any flavored lubes on hand, utilize what you have handy. Food items can be pretty messy, but lots of fun. Use syrup, whipped cream, peanut butter or chocolate syrup for some extra tantalization.
  16. Vary the motion of your tongue: Instead of just licking your partner’s vaginal area with an up and down motion, change it up. It can get boring (for both of you) if you try to achieve results with just on technique the entire time. Trace circles on your partner’s vagina, lick from side to side and go up and down. Flick your tongue in and out. Increase the pressure of your tongue, then decrease it. BUT – once you find something that is really causing her to come close to climax, don’t switch it up. Keep doing what you’re doing until she tells you different.
  17. Don’t be insulted if she fakes it: Face it, she’s there for your pleasure. Even though she may allow you to go through the motions, she may not be fully on-board with trying to climax from your efforts. She may have policies about orgasming with clients. Your technique may lack as far as her expectations or preferences. Whatever the reason, she may fake an orgasm with you during oral sex. If she does, just be thankful that she was willing to allow you to indulge in the intimacy with her. Appreciate getting to be close to her. And, move on to other things that will provide you with pleasure and excitement.
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