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Sex as a tool of spouses and escorts

When Cialis and Viagra commercials along with ads for over-the-counter products that promise to enhance a man’s ability to perform sexual acts are prevalent on mainstream television stations, it becomes very easy to understand that sex is a powerful component in relationships.
Just how powerful is it? Ask any couple who has been together for a year or two and (if they are honest!) they will likely be able to tell you how they sometimes trade sexual favors for things they want. A date night out may be traded for oral sex. Mowing the yard and doing some honey-do’s may be rewarded with special activities in the bedroom. Special birthday gifts or other trinkets throughout the year may cause special “thank you favors” to be awarded. Sex can be a driving force for various aspects in relationships.
Sex (in and out of relationships) can be so powerful it causes people to act in ways they would otherwise never consider. Several politicians and successful CEOs have been dethroned after their escapades with an escort were revealed to their families and the general public. Business professionals have been nearly ruined when news of sexual harassment or affairs were publicized. The same question may be asked to all of these ruined individuals: Why did you do it? The answer to this question is not clear, except that in each case, sex was a powerful pill they couldn’t resist. Sex scandals pop up every day in the news and may be found prevalently throughout the history of mankind.
Lust can cloud one’s mind and enable one’s body in ways never expected. People may agree to encounters, situations and actions that they would never enter into without the presence of sexual electricity and desire. Temptation has been present since the Biblical days of Adam and Eve, and it is unlikely to ever cease to be a motivator in people’s lives.
It is said that because sex is such a motivator or a desired experience, women hold the power in relationships as the grantor or denier of sexual encounters. “Honey, I’ve got a headache,” is a common saying in many households. Stories have been told of men begging their wives for some special loving and cowling down to ridiculous behavior in order to attain some short-lived attention from the women in their lives. The man who “wears the pants” in the family may end up answering to his wife, who wears the skirt he’d like to get into!
In modern society, heavily mutilated since mid-1970s, women are more equal then men. The legal system is loaded against men, for women. They are told that they are self-sufficient, independently wealthy, educated, successful and full of confidence. This disbalance is artificially created and maintained to control men by causing the woman in the relationship to feel superior. The tables usually turn for men involved with these women, who are often older and more experienced than their male counterparts. “Cougars” are women known for being sexual, looking for arm candy and requiring special attention from their men. Men involved with cougars – male escorts or not – often tell about feeling like they’ve been used for sex. Most report that the experience is enjoyable, until they start to analyze what their purpose is within the relationship. Many men feel demeaned if they’ve been objectified as a sexual amusement only. However, many times the promise and allure of good sex brings them back for more!
Sex causes people to cheat on their significant others with escorts; betray their friends and sneak around behind society’s back. However, sex can be so powerful it is the only glue that works to keep relationships intact. Long-term and short-term relationships can withstand conflict and trouble, when there’s the promise of that inexplicable tingle one gets from good sex.
Women and men may prostitute themselves with sex used as a powerful bartering tool. But this is certainly nothing new. From the Egyptians to the European courtesans, pioneer madams to speakeasy queens, wives and escorts, sex is a binding and powerful aspect of life that is completely natural and consistent.
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