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Ridiculous dating games escorts save you from

Some say they find the dating world exciting and interesting, while others simply say they think it’s exhausting. Trying to decipher hidden cues, body language, silly games and hidden pitfalls makes dating frustrating and a lot of work. Smarter individuals quickly realize that seeing escorts is a cheap and easy way out of the social gaming club. Here are some of the ridiculous dating games escorts save you from:

  • Who makes the first move? Today, the question of who makes the first move is often a significant one. Should the man make the first move? Or, will he be seen as a chauvinistic pig for pursuing a woman and making the first move? Should a woman make the first move? Is she a feminazi? Will she be seen as too forward or aggressive in pursuing someone she wants to seize, drain and dump? Booking an appointment with an escort lets you completely avoid this entire mess.
  • Playing hard to get is common. Seeming interested one day and appearing to barely know your name the next day is another common dating game. The pursuee hopes that by appearing disinterested, you will up your game and chase him or her even more vigorously. Whether it gives the other person confidence or a self-esteem boost for you to chase them or if it’s a power play, it really doesn’t matter. It’s another game you can do without. Either someone is interested in your or not. It’s as simple as that. Date an escort to ignore this game.
  • She’s just a tease. One minute she’s hot and heavy for you, and the next she’s putting the stops on things. When physical encounters get heated up, it’s often a control issue that makes your date put the brakes on. You don’t have to endure someone who is never going to give it up to you. Escorts only tease you if you ask to be teased.
  • Jealousy is a green-eyed giant. Many individuals attempt to see how much their dates like them by flirting with others when they’re out and about on a date. Thinking that flirting with someone else will force their date to compete for them or tell them how much they like them, making you jealous is another popular game. When you are genuinely interested in someone, this can be one of the most frustrating and infuriating games to contend with. But if you don’t want to play this game, don’t: call an escort.
  • Jumping through hoops to make your date happy doesn’t have to happen. Sometimes, your date may have quirky, ridiculous requests. They may be innocent ones that only reveal their personality, such as “Can I have all of the red M&M’s?” or “I’m suddenly very thirsty. Would you mind getting me a drink, even though it’s at the bottom of the ninth and the score is tied?”) However, if your date’s requests get to be common and even more ridiculous, refuse them. If refusing them creates more drama than you signed up for, why bother at all? If all you want is a hot looking person every once in a while, save your nerves and find an escort.
  • You aren’t a mind reader?” After going out with someone for a brief bit, many people expect their significant others to become mind readers. When their needs or wants are not automatically met without being mentioned, they get angry and accuse partners of not caring enough. Nobody is capable of anticipating someone’s needs all the time or of being psychic. Escorts don’t expect you to be a mind reader.
  • I don’t know how… can you do it for me?” This is a classic game for people to play when they’re dating. By pretending to be stupid or unskilled, your date can get you to do all kinds of things for them. From fixing their faucet to cleaning their house, these vampires extract personal favors from everyone around. They take advantage of you. If you find that being a doormat might be a bit too high of a price for a relationship on your terms, look up escorts in your area. Your time, energy and money will be better spent with them.
  • I’ll sleep with you if you buy me that bracelet.” The game that has you buying expensive and extravagant gifts to simply get a little physical release is outright pathetic. Women use sex as a bargaining leverage to get new shoes, jewelry, cars, fine dining or other luxuries. For all intents and purposes, they are prostitutes who exchange sex for valuables. By getting out of such relationship you will not only save your money, but, since prostitution is illegal in most states, you will also stay away from legal trouble. Whenever you need a nice person to spend time with, call an escort.
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