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14 tips for the plus-sized escort

According to the Center for Disease Control, 34% of American adults are overweight. Accounting for one-third of the population, people who exceed their “ideal” weights by a few (or more) pounds are a very prevalent part of society. They fill all kinds of roles in the world: doctors, lawyers, police officers, chefs, mail carriers and more. Women who have a little “extra to love” are also very successful escorts. There are significant numbers of clients who are loyal fans of the plus-sized escort niche and prefer their escorts to offer more than “skin and bones”.
If you’re a full-figured escort, rest assured that you can acquire prosperity in the industry. However, there are some special tips and concerns that you should consider along the way to success. Here are important aspects to keep in mind:

  1. Never be apologetic for your weight. When you’re marketing yourself as a plus-sized escort, your clients aren’t expecting you to be model thin. They desire a curvaceous woman with meat on her bones. To them, your soft silhouette is sexy. Escorts who start out an encounter with an apology or excuse for their weight take the emphasis off of their sex appeal and make weight an issue. For your clients, the fact that you tip the scale a little heavier than other escorts is not a problem. They don’t want to hear your apology. They want you to embrace your size and beauty, so they can, too. In fact, if you are thinner than your clients expect you to be, you may experience problems due to their expectations being unfulfilled. Clients who schedule bookings with plus-sized escorts are looking for a romp with a voluptuous woman. Apologizing to them for your weight may make them feel that their desires are not socially acceptable. (Or, it may remind them that much of society pokes fun at “chubby chasers.” They don’t need a jolt of reality; they just want to enjoy their fantasy.)
  2. Have confidence in your appearance. All escorts, regardless of size, need to have a sense of satisfaction about the way they look. However, when you’re a BBW (Big, Beautiful Woman), it can be challenging, due to society’s perception of what beauty is. When the media constantly touts that thin or skinny women are the epitome of beauty standards, it can seem like you’re unattractive because you don’t mirror those images. Don’t let the media dictate to you what makes a woman gorgeous. Look closely at yourself in the mirror, choosing the features and aspects of your body that you like. Maybe you have ample bosoms or great eyes. Your long legs are an asset, in themselves. Discover various things about yourself that you like, and allow them to give you confidence. Accept the fact that you may not be perfect. (What person is?) Your clients want to meet up with an escort who is self-assured and confident. Don’t allow your insecurities to dampen the sex appeal you give off to your clients.
  3. Compare yourself to positive role models. While many sex symbols in history are quite thin, there are equal numbers of other sexy seductresses who were structurally larger. Big, beautiful women have been the traditional vision of beauty since the renaissance period, when chubby nudes were painted by artists as a way to display the sensual human form. These artisans didn’t choose skinnier models to paint; they selected women with ample bosoms and bottoms, demonstrating that curves on women were attractive. By today’s standards, many sex symbols in history would be considered plus-sized. For centuries, the woman whose portrait is called the Mona Lisa has been celebrated as a beautiful subject. But, if she were to be compared with standard images of beauty today, she might be called a “fatty.” Other examples of curvy, beautiful women include: Mae West, Anna Nicole Smith, Tara Lynn and Marilyn Monroe. Tara Lynn is a plus-sized model (size 14/16) and has graced the cover of Elle Magazine. Marilyn Monroe transitioned between a size 8 and 14 during her career, but her blossoming size never hindered her career or status as a sex symbol, even today.
  4. Post accurate photos of yourself. While this is a standard tip that should be followed by every escort, it is even more essential for a plus-sized escort to follow. When a client checks out your photo gallery, you want to make sure that he knows what to expect when he meets you. Posting a photo that has been edited to make you appear slimmer (or more curvaceous) could be deceiving and mislead your client into thinking you look differently than you actually do. Additionally, it’s essential to make sure that photos represent your current appearance. If you’ve recently lost or gained weight, you will need to post up-to-date pictures. (A few pounds gained or lost can make a huge difference in the way that your face looks or body appears.) Using pictures that are inaccurate may result in clients walking away and canceling an encounter. Clients who seek out plus-sized escorts are often very particular about size and weight distribution. Posting un-doctored, recent images increases your chance for success as an escort.
  5. Use positive terms as you describe yourself for clients. Firstly, don’t make your profile all about weight. So what if you’re a plus-sized escort? You still find the same things sexy or fun as you would if you were thinner. You are still smart, fun to be around and engaging. Secondly, as you describe your appearance, select verbiage that compliments your appearance, instead of degrading it. Many plus-sized escorts invite insults and ridicule by doing it to themselves first. Choose terms that allude to attractive qualities, instead of negative ones. Common descriptions might include:
    • Fluffy
    • Full-figured
    • Plus-sized
    • Voluptuous
    • Curvy
    • Rubenesque
    • More to love
    • Built for comfort, not for speed
    • More cushion for the pushin’
    • Something to hold onto
    • Chubby
    • Plump
    • Ample
    • Buxom
    • Healthy
    • Stacked
    • Round
    • BBW
  6. Learn to accept rejection. Escorts of all sizes and types get rejected. You can’t be the perfect escort to every client. Realize that your hair color, nose shape, voice or other attributes may not be what a client is looking for, without regard to your weight. Some clients who seek out plus-sized escorts have a particular body type in mind, and you may not exactly fit his expectations by being too thin, too chubby or whatever else. Just like in business or the sales industry, you may get turned down more times that you get hired for a booking. But, you can’t allow that to get you down. Taking rejection personally is not going to build your confidence or help you maintain a positive image for your escort persona. As a client rejects you, chalk it to simply not being meant to be and focus on the other clients you are communicating with. You might be surprised how few rejections you get as you become an experienced escort and perfect your marketing methods. However, if you’re new to the industry, hearing “no” is part of the way in which you create a client list.
  7. Dress for success. As a plus-sized woman, you shouldn’t feel relegated to “fat girl” clothes, just because your body doesn’t fit into the juniors’ sizes. (No upscale escort should be shopping in the juniors’ section, anyways.) Focus on always looking polished and put together. Choose complementing accessories, including your handbag and jewelry. Check out designer plus-sized boutiques for the most current styles. It’s true that many plus-sized clothing lines are dull and boring through major retailers, so you may have to do some research online or in your community to find a line that identifies with your individual style. Play around with clothing, being unafraid of all of those “rules” chubby girls are supposed to abide by. Pick what looks good on you and stick with it. Also, get some sexy lingerie. No escort should be without seductive bras, panties and other accessories. Don’t settle for the unsexy options you find in the plus-sized sections of general retailers. Go online, if you have to, in search of garments that will bring out the lust in your clients. Find items that accentuate your curves and emphasize your assets.
  8. Don’t allow your clients to pull out fetish requests unless you like them. Some clients fantasize about feeding a BBW or smooshing her fat rolls. Others get off on the cellulite and watching the skin ripple as it’s spanked, often including fat shaming. If you’re into “fat worshipping” fetishes, by all means, dive in with a willing client. However, you should never feel obligated to fulfill these fantasies simply because you are a plus-sized escort. Clients need to understand that these desires are fetish requests, not standard services delivered by a larger escort. If you have a client who is interested in pursuing these activities, it’s perfectly acceptable to send him along to another escort who enjoys these adventures.
  9. Avoid being the butt of practical jokes. Unfortunately, some “clients” think it’s amusing to schedule an encounter with an escort and fail to show up, maybe even watching her arrive at an inaccurate address or someone’s house as a prank. In addition to these antics, some would-be clients take their actions even further by booking plus-sized escorts with only the intention of making fun of them when they arrive. They enjoy ridiculing a woman of size, pointing out her physical flaws and attempting to make her feel insecure and negative about herself. Use caution as you book new clients, always verifying their identity and details. It’s never fun to be on the receiving end of a mean joke, but it’s always a waste of time and money for you. If you feel uncertain about a client or have a gut feeling that something isn’t right, you don’t have to follow through with a booking. Your insight could be saving you from embarrassment or worse.
  10. Deter insults by expecting respect. Escorts who act shameful about themselves and their appearances are actually inviting negative comments and criticism from their clients. As you meet up with a client, demonstrate that you are self-assured and value yourself, while still exhibiting appropriate humility. When you show your clients that you respect yourself, they are more apt to, as well. Escorts should never allow their clients to criticize or insult them; an escort-client relationship is about trust, respect and admiration. Realization of this may help you encourage this reciprocation from clients. Otherwise, if a client is verbally mean to you, don’t see him, again. Don’t open the door for acceptance of this kind of behavior, even with your most loyal client. And, if a client teasingly says something that you find insulting, share your feelings with him and ask him to cease his behavior. While some clients are just mean and rude, others don’t understand that their words can hurt.
  11. Maintain no standard expectations of the types of clients who will call you. Just like in the mainstream escort industry, clients of all types, sizes, races, ethnicities, etc. call on escorts for companionship. Just as varied of clientele will contact you, too. Some plus-sized escorts assume when they enter the industry that they will only be “dating” other plus-sized clients. But, that is rarely true. Clients who like voluptuous women come from all walks of life and income levels. Some may enjoy the presence of larger ladies openly, while others choose to hide their desires from their colleagues, family or friends. Attempting to categorize the kinds of clients who will call you is impossible. However, as you establish yourself within the industry, you may be able to target certain demographics that you prefer.
  12. Charge rates equal to other escorts with similar experience and talents. Some plus-sized ladies feel that they can’t collect as lucrative of a rate as escorts who fit the “standard” image of beauty. That is a complete myth! You are just as valuable as anyone else. You deliver companionship that is as enjoyable as any other escort. Your clients leave as satisfied as they would from any other booking. To that, you should charge competitive rates similar to or exceeding those requested in your region. In fact, some plus-sized escorts find that their services are less available in their area, so they can charge premium rates, using the theory of supply and demand.
  13. Do not wait until you’ve lost weight to start escorting. Due to the fact that clients have varying preferences and ideals of beauty, you should capitalize on the time and dive right in. Whether you weigh 110 or 310 pounds, there are clients who are going to find you attractive and desire your company. If you’re currently dieting, that’s okay, too. Continue on your fitness plan. If you lose so much weight that you are no longer a plus-sized escort, you can transition into the mainstream listings. (Of course, you may lose some clients along the way due to getting too skinny.) Killing time until you’ve hit a weight loss goal is just wasting time. If you want to escort, do it.
  14. Buy sturdy furniture. If you’re very plus-sized, you probably already know that your furniture needs are different. You require larger, stronger pieces of living room items, dining room chairs and beds. To avoid injury and destruction of your furniture, select quality pieces that will sustain your weight, especially with rigorous physical activity associated with its use.
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