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How to deliver your sexiest webcam performance

Looking like a web zombie is pretty easy to accomplish when you haven’t tweaked the details as you perform for audiences on webcam. Adult service providers who work as webcam models can prevent many common mishaps by utilizing a few simple tips and applying common sense. Audiences don’t just tune into your performance for the kinky things you may do on camera. They join your show because of the way you present yourself… and, that’s what keeps them coming back for more. Ensure loyal viewers and new fans by exceeding expectations and looking sexy during your performances. Utilize these tips for sure-fire success:

  1. Place your webcam at eye level: Many webcam models make the mistake of placing their laptop directly on the bed, much lower than their face is. As they look down at the camera, double chins appear, along with shadows and other weird angles that are unflattering not only to the face, but the body, too. Find a few books or make a platform to set your laptop on so that the camera is more at eye level. If you’ve got a small table you can set beside the bed (or wherever you are performing), that is ideal because it provides a sturdy spot to elevate your laptop and won’t be subject to movement as you perform. If it’s feasible, raise your laptop even a little more so that you’re looking up at it slightly. It will help you lose 10 pounds and create a much more complimentary angle. Experiment with the angle and height to get just the right combination to suit your performance.
  2. Get the right lighting: Aim for the methods the professionals use. They never, ever backlight their subjects, and you shouldn’t either. If you’ve got a light behind you, shining toward your webcam, turn it off, NOW! It will put you in the shadows and not in a good way. Your viewers won’t be able to see your facial expressions, which are part of the good part of your show. Instead, put the light behind the camera. Set up a lamp or other form of light on the other side of the camera than you. Natural lighting is terrific if you’ve got a window nearby, but don’t sweat it if you don’t. Utilize a lamp (any kind of cheapie from the dollar store). If you feel it’s too harsh, change the light bulb for a softer, dimmer glow. Or, put a sheer scarf over it to diffuse the light. Light that is too harsh will wash you out and cause your skin to look oily. An overhead light, like one centered in the middle of your room, will cast its light directly down on you, creating under eye circles and bags. Not a good idea, either. And, avoid fluorescent lights at all costs. They create an overall yellow cast on your image, which is completely unnatural and unsexy.
  3. Look in the mirror before you go live: If you don’t feel like you look presentable to be seen by others, you probably aren’t up to par for your webcam performance. Make sure your hair is clean and fixed. It doesn’t have to be perfect; after all, you’re going to be messing it up during your show. But, it should look nice in the very beginning. Apply make up a little more heavily than normal. The camera is usually kinder to faces with a little more color and drama, as you tend to fade away if you don’t create some faux definition. Don’t go overboard, but your application can be a little stronger than it is for going out for coffee with friends. And, make sure that your attire is appropriate for your performance. Baggy sweats and a tank top may be fine for hanging out at home, but not when you’re working. (Unless you have a private show where a viewer requests that!) Pay attention to what you look like before logging in. It may sound overly simple, but it can get pretty easy to slack off after you’re experienced.
  4. Check your background: Quickly surveil your surroundings and scrutinize what your webcam is picking up around you. Record yourself doing a fake performance (for just moments) and go back and watch it. If you can see into another room, view your baby’s pacifier laying on the shelf beside the bed or notice anything else unappealing (the television is on in the background or there’s a liquor bottle sitting on the bedside table) do a clean sweep of the area. Your background should be free of distractions that may take the emphasis off your performance and place it on the clutter around you. Many webcam models go the extra mile and set up a spare room for their performances. They have specific linens, pillows and wall art that are attractive, but won’t pull attention from their connection with the audience. You want your background to look natural, but not personal. And, don’t allow aspects of your home tell viewers things about you that they could use to find you later. Avoid all personal details showing through during a performance.
  5. Use an external webcam: While your laptop webcam may be fully sufficient to Skype or web chat with friends, it’s not the grade that you should be using for your professional performances. For a relatively inexpensive investment (usually less than $50), you can pick up a new camera that will provide excellent video. Choose one that produces content at 30 frames per second. Most are compatible with all PCs and come with software or downloadable drivers that make them extremely easy to use. It can mean the difference between fuzzy, dim video and well focused bright images for your viewers. If you’re serious about your webcam career, make the leap beyond your laptop. Your viewers not only tune in for your beauty and skills, but they like to see a show that is well delivered and maximized by a HD camera.
  6. Utilize an Ethernet connection: While your Wi-Fi may actually be wonderful in your apartment, it’s not nearly as dependable as a direction connection to your Internet. Even though it may be a pain to have a cord connecting your laptop to your modem or router, it will produce much better video. The problem with even the best Wi-Fi is that it may produce glitches or video that seems to lat by a second or two. Latency issues can really fowl up your show, which will turn viewers off. Make the effort to reduce this issue. Additionally, when you’re working on Wi-Fi, if it goes out at any point for any reason, your show stops. Your Ethernet connection is much more stable and reliable. Also, make sure you have signed on with an Internet company that supplies reliable service. If your Internet connection is constantly going out on you, there is no way you’re going to be able to make any money as a webcam performer.
  7. Keep your props handy: Your viewers tune in to see you, not to wait for you to return with a fun toy. Set your toys and supplies nearby, within your reach, while you are performing. You should never have to go off camera to retrieve them. They should always be easily available for you during your performance. However, do not put them within the camera’s range. They can be a HUGE distraction for your audience and cause numerous requests for their use prior to the time you plan to incorporate them into your act. If necessary, keep them in a box on your bedside table or, even, a sack on the bed. Don’t put too many out at once, because it may make them difficult to pick up hurriedly and without looking. When you take your glance away from your viewers and somewhere else in the room (even to look for your toys), you break the connection you have with your audience. They wonder what you’re looking at, and the moment is lost.
  8. Look directly at the camera: One of the most challenging things to do when webcamming is to look at the camera and NOT the screen. Checking yourself out on screen is natural. You want to make sure that the angle doesn’t make your booty look big…or, you’re trying to be sure that your hair is still in place. But, it really makes the audience feel disconnected to you, since you are looking at them. It looks like you’re not paying attention. One way to alleviate this problem is to put your external camera in front of your laptop screen. Even if (when) you do glance at yourself in the screen, it still looks like you’re making direct eye contact. Some laptops allow you to turn off the option to view yourself during your webcam session. This is a great option, once you know you’re situated and posed correctly. Also, you can do something extremely simple to fix this problem. Just tape up a piece of paper over your laptop screen so your view of yourself is blocked.
  9. Consider the black and white filter: While some professionals would never consider this filter for their performances, it might be a great option for you. Photographers use it all of the time to create a dramatic, simple flair for their images. Many audiences feel that a black and white webcam performance is infinitely sexier than full color ones, as it brings a bit of nostalgia to the images being viewed. Additionally, this instantly sexy filter will help you diminish your wrinkles, reduce blotchiness and camouflage cellulite. It’s kind to all complexions and hair colors. Unless you’re making your fame as a redhead (which requires color), try it out and see what the audience response it. It may be just the effect you need to boost your image with your viewers.
  10. Smile: Audience members want an adult services provider to make them feel like she’s enjoying her job. Smiling and laughing throughout your performance creates an air of happiness, release and freedom. Viewers are much more likely to come away from your show in a good mood when you display a pleasant attitude. Additionally, you’re much more attractive when you smile. It’s a great way to connect with your audience and allow them insight into your upbeat personality. Viewers are much more likely to seek you back out if they had a good time with you and thought you enjoyed their presence, too. It’s essential to act like you’re in a good mood and create an appearance that reflects that, too.
  11. Wear flattering lingerie: Audiences love hot lingerie. But, because lingerie comes in a million different styles and forms, make sure you’re picking up versions that look good on YOUR body type. Just because a top performer may get by with white cotton briefs and a plain white bra doesn’t mean that look will work for you. Try on several shapes and colors of lingerie to find what is most flattering to your build and weight. Women who are a little more concerned about their midsections being too “fluffy” should consider a sheer baby doll negligee that will disguise any tummy troubles. Women with a flabby booty may want to think about wearing boy shorts, instead of a thong. There are all kinds of lingerie out there that will fit every type of body and attitude. Go out and find the perfect combination for you. Otherwise, how are you putting your best foot forward during a webcam session?
  12. Experiment with angles: While most webcammers choose a straight-on, front and center view of the action as they do their thing, it’s possible that a less direct angle might be more flattering. Do some trial and error as you figure out what is most flattering for you. Some angles may make your legs look longer, while others will amplify your bust. Some webcam models prefer a 3/4 profile shot, as it highlights their jawbones and collarbones more prominently. Some off to the side angles may be much more flattering. But, there really isn’t a direct formula to finding out what works best other than trying several to see what works.
  13. Practice: No star webcam performer reaches success without first practicing several times prior to allowing her audience to see her do her thing. Record yourself doing what you plan to do for viewers and clients. Play it back and see what works and what doesn’t. Don’t try new moves on camera until you’ve tested them out alone, first. Sometimes, an action or activity seems like a great idea, until you actually see it on the big screen. And — don’t forget to blow your recorded versions up on full screen. If it looks awkward or out of focus (or just plain awful) all enlarged, don’t do it. Once you’ve practiced sufficiently, you will be able to strut your stuff on camera for an audience and appear sure of yourself, comfortable and confident. That, alone, is extremely sexy to your clients.
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