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How to make time for being an escort (or another type of ASP)?

If you’re new to the adult service industry, you are probably trying to figure out the best way to fit the new occupation into your lifestyle. This might be hard. Unless you’re accustomed to shift work already, society pretty much trains most of us to wake in the morning, work during the day and sleep at night. But, when you are trying to become an adult services provider, that schedule may not quite coincide with the times you will need to work in order to acquire clients and meet their availability. Consider these tips as you attempt to make time to be an adult services provider:

  1. Consider your current schedule and make necessary adjustments. If your current full-time job requires you to work during the hours that you’re planning to work as an adult services provider, you are going to have to work an alternative schedule, if you’re planning on keeping your “day” job. If you have children or a family that you typically spend time with in the evening, you’re going to have to make other arrangements or build in more time for them at other parts of the day. If you have little free time for anything else in your life, something will have to give. You may have to give up your evening college classes, evening aerobics or daily happy hour with friends. Try to find holes in your schedule where you could easily slide your new career into, without having to transition the rest of your standard routine significantly.
  2. Determine when you plan to work. Talk to other providers to find out the most lucrative hours for the type of services you plan to provide to clients. Escorts may work at various times throughout the day or night. Exotic dancers, though, usually get the biggest tips in the evening hours. Webcam actresses can work throughout the day, but some sites recommend specific peak hours during the evening or overnight. Establishing the hours you intend to work as a provider is essential as you attempt to work the career into your already busy schedule. Without a specific plan ahead of time, you are left inconsistently trying to plug your gigs into your day. Once you’ve determined the general hours you’re going to need to open up in your schedule, it’s a lot easier to make it happen. Additionally, your investigation will provide you with insider info about which types of schedules may earn you the most income, straight out of the gate, instead of working on a trial and error basis.
  3. Develop a good cover story for your new schedule. As you start being unavailable to friends and family members during your new schedule, you’re going to have to create a reason for your absence. Let them know you have a new job with “other” hours. Tell them you’re taking night classes. Or, invent some other tale about why you’re gone during odd times. If you’ve got children, you’ll probably need to invent a night-shift job for your babysitter to accept you, if evening hours are part of your new routine. People will ask a lot of questions, so attempt to create a fairly uninteresting cover. The more you embellish your story, the harder it is to recall all the details. Stick to something simple. However, if you’re open with your friends and family members, lying to them may not be necessary. But, be aware they may not be as open minded and judgment free as you’re hoping they will be, once the truth comes out. Use caution when sharing your new career choices.
  4. Acquire child care for your odd hours. Many adult services providers rely on neighbors or family members to take care of their children when they start occasionally working odd hours associated with their new careers. But, as your schedule becomes more consistent, they may not be able to fully commit to regular babysitting. A good alternative is to look for child care providers who specialize in second and third shift parents. Many people work evenings or nights and need care for their children. If you’re located in a small town, it may be more challenging to find this type of care, but it’s not impossible. Ask around, run an ad or talk to other people who spend their nights working. (Consider talking to nurses or emergency personnel who work evenings, as potentially good sources.) It’s important to acquire quality care, because that’s one less thing you have to worry about as you meet up with clients in the adult industry.
  5. Retain elements of your previous schedule. Once you’re becoming successful in the adult industry as an adult services provider, it’s easy to transition your entire routine to fit your new career. But, trying to swap your full schedule completely around may leave you feeling disoriented and unconnected to friends and family members. Don’t bump fun and fulfilling things from your schedule. Attempt to incorporate them into your new hours. Continue to do the things you love. For instance, if your 6 a.m. aerobics class leaves you feeling complete and happy, make sure that you don’t work so late you can’t make the class. (Or, find another class at a later time, so that you still include the activity in your life.) Becoming an adult services provider is going to change your world considerably; it’s wise to keep important aspects of it for your own sanity.
  6. Build in “off time” to relax. When you’re burning the candle at both ends, trying to start a second career in the midst of the rest of your life, it’s difficult to maintain the momentum. But, it’s much easier to keep at the steady pace if you schedule in some down time. You need space in your routine to breathe, be “you” and take a break. You have to fill your soul with your loved ones and friends, so that you will be capable of giving your clients the type of performance and services they expect. If you’re so burned out with trying to maintain two careers, take care of your family and make everything work, it’s going to affect how well things go with your customers. Make sure to create time in your schedule to relax and recharge your batteries. It doesn’t have to be daily; just doing something fun for yourself once per week may be enough to provide you with something enjoyable to look forward to as a way to help get through the other six days.
  7. Avoid scheduling yourself too tightly. It’s natural to try to incorporate as much into each 24 hours as possible. But, if you’re not allowing yourself enough time between bookings, it’s going to make you look bad and keep you continually stressed. Being late to see clients is not a way to build a good reputation. Make sure that you’re spacing your gigs far enough part that you have ample time to get there and adequately prep for them. Also, between client bookings, you need time to decompress and build yourself back up for the next client. Allow extra time to breathe. And, you need to build in enough time between other aspects of your life and customer time so that you can transition your persona and moods for your services provider attitude. For instance, don’t drop your toddler off and head to a client meeting 5 minutes later. Give yourself a little space so that you can talk yourself up for your client and get your mind in the right place. Not only is this essential advice for the beginning of your career, but it’s also a good standard for you when you go full-time as an adult services provider.
  8. Set your working hours and stick to them. Most providers determine their availability long before discussing scheduling with clients. If clients want to see you badly enough, they will work their schedules to meet up with yours. (Or, at least, get pretty close with some easy compromise.) For your own sanity, you need to establish a working schedule that will allow you to plan your life around it. Otherwise, you’re apt to be coming and going with no rhyme or reason to your routine, at all. It’s confusing, will cause you to miss appointments and detrimental to your own state of mind. Plus, nobody will ever be able to make plans with you. Your clients will respect you more if you have a “set” schedule and will adhere to your booking policies more readily if you enforce your availability guidelines.
  9. Being too flexible is going to hurt your career. In the beginning, many providers think they should create a flexible schedule to meet client availability more easily. Once you do this, it sets the stage for your hours never being “set.” Clients discover that you’re willing to drop plans, change your schedule and accommodate their every whim. They will take advantage of you. Plus, you lose out on family time, fun activities and other plans that you’ve made. You can never rely on your schedule, and your friends and family members will stop relying on you, too. When you’re willing to bail on your own schedule to pick up a client gig, you become a slave to your career. That freedom you anticipated with the new career is gone. Being too flexible will create a new “grind” that will never allow you to establish the kind of empowering career with free time that you crave. You have to be firm and stand by your established schedule.
  10. You’re still responsible for your day-to-day responsibilities. Everybody has some sort of obligations. Whether yours are simply to pay your bills and clean house or you have children who depend on you for their every need, you have to find time in your new routines to fulfill these duties. If you’re so tired or burned out to tend to these normal tasks, you’re going to have to find an alternative method. In the beginning, especially, it’s challenging to find the balance. Working at night AND during the day will take a big toll on you, but after a few weeks of this routine, you should see the light at the end of the tunnel. You may be able to reduce your day-job hours and replace them with income earned from your adult entertainment services career. If you’re not earning income that is worth the extra effort, it may be time to throw in the towel. The bottom line is that whatever your choices are about your career, you still have to be able to function at a minimal level for those who depend on you.
  11. Change your schedule when you notice you’re not feeling well. Working too much can cause a lot of physical symptoms that make you not able to do your job well or perform at life fully. Fatigue, emotional distress, stress, anxiety or being generally worn out are symptoms that your schedule is having physical impacts on you. Digestion issues, high blood pressure and headaches may be indicators that your schedule is causing you stress. Don’t ignore these things, just because you think they will get better. Odds are that they may get worse. If you’re noticing that you never have time to do anything fun or have any time to relax, stop in your tracks and examine how you can change things. Consider setting limits on your daily work. Change the hours you are working at your adult industry profession. Analyze your performance as a provider and determine if you can quit your “normal” job.
  12. Attempt to be healthy. Your new schedule is going to be rough on your body. You will experience burn out and extreme fatigue. To help offset some of these normal reactions, eat a nutritionally balanced diet full of whole foods, including lots of fruits and vegetables. Build time to exercise into your schedule. Get regular health examinations. Build your immune system with vitamins and supplements. Get rid of the cigarettes and reduce your alcohol consumption. Going the extra mile to stay healthy will help keep you that way when your body feels like it’s running on empty.
  13. Be ready for a challenge. It’s difficult to build a new career from scratch, especially on top of your other one. It’s hard to find time in your already busy schedule. And, it’s personally daunting to plunge into an industry that is socially questionable and tough to grasp. Don’t attempt to do it half-heartedly. Know what obstacles you’re facing up front with your time availabilities and expectations. Realize it’s going to take dedication and sacrifice. But, when times get tough, hold onto the belief that it’s going to be worth it. Finding financial empowerment and freedom for you and your family may be on the horizon.
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