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Condom 101 for escorts

One of the necessary tools of the trade for escorts is a condom. With each and every client, an escort should use a condom if any kind of physical, sexual intercourse is going to be a part of the meeting. A condom can keep an escort safe(r) from disease and infection, prevent pregnancy and ensure extra peace of mind along the way. However, in order to use condoms properly, some background information is necessary.
Lube is an essential partner to condom use – you may want to read our Guide to sexual lubrication. There are many reasons to use lubrication when using condoms during sexual encounters with clients, along with tips to consider:

  • Extra lubrication can help deter condom breakage. It’s common sense that the more friction a condom meets with during intercourse, the likelihood that it will break is increased. By adding lubrication to the mix, the condom is not subjected to dryness, which can cause it to split or break, leaving an escort vulnerable to disease, infection or threat of pregnancy.
  • Lubrication is crucial for comfort during intercourse. Dryness can inhibit the ability to endure long sexual encounters. Lubrication can increase the time that an escort can comfortably engage in sexual activity.
  • Water-based lubes wash off more easily than other types. In order to feel clean afterward, it’s important to use a water-based lube that washes clean.
  • Silicone-based lubes do not wash off as easily as water-based lubes and may leave a film afterward. However, they are very useful if an escort is exceptionally dry or if a client prefers an excessively lubricated experience. Silicone-based lubes do not mix well with other types of lubes; refrain from mixing them or using more than one type during an encounter.
  • Spermicidal lubes are not as useful for escort use. They may work in killing sperm, but they typically dry out a vagina. Dryness can cause cracks or tears to occur, which leaves a woman open to germs or bacteria.
  • When applying lubrication internally to oneself, it’s important to do it yourself. Never let another person apply it. (Your client’s fingers/hands may be dirty. You know your hands are clean and germ-free.)
  • Avoid putting lube into a condom that you will be using for sexual intercourse. Lube inside a condom can cause it to slip off easily, leaving both you and your partner unprotected.
  • Skip the flavored condoms for sexual intercourse. Many people experience allergies as a result of using flavored novelties.
  • Always use a water- or silicone-based lube with condoms. Other types of lubes may cause condoms to break down or disintegrate.

The type of condom material you choose is important. Escorts may choose between several types, but latex and polyurethane are the most popular choices. Latex condoms are the most affordable and, typically, more available. However, more people are allergic to latex than polyurethane condoms. Polyurethane condoms are hypoallergenic, but they usually cost more than other alternatives. They are thinner than latex, so they transmit heat better, producing a more realistic sensation. However, polyurethane condoms don’t fit all men as well; men must be girthier in order to wear them.
In addition to the type of condom material, it’s important to have at least three sizes available for clients. Small-, medium- and large-sized condoms are good varieties to have around. It’s important to find the right size condom for your client; a condom that is too small may break, while a condom that is too large may slide off. You can either let your client choose the condom he wants, or you can guess his size. (More experienced escorts can usually guess the size of condom a client will need.)
Always, always, always put on the condom before any sexual activity begins. Neither you nor your client can be protected from the threat of STDs or infections if you haven’t put the condom on. Don’t allow any type of sexual intercourse to occur until the condom is on and in place.
In addition to picking out the right type and size of condom, it’s important to consider disposal of the condom when you’re finished with your appointment. It’s never wise to flush condoms, because they may clog up your plumbing. You can advise your client to wrap up the condom in toilet paper and place it in the trash. Additionally, if you’re at in outcall, you may place the used condom in a plastic bag and take it with you, in order to dispose of the evidence, in case discretion is a concern.
There are several other miscellaneous things to consider when using condoms as an escort. Here are a few:

  • Never, ever use expired condoms.
  • Keep condoms in a cool, dry spot. (Dresser drawers are great places to keep them.)
  • Unwrap the condom when you’re ready to use it; not before you intend to put it on. Opening a condom package too early can leave it to dry out.
  • Practice putting condoms on prior to setting appointments with clients. Find a male friend or trusted partner to practice with.
  • Inspect condoms provided by clients. Occasionally, clients will bring condoms with them to use. (They may say they like them better, are more comfortable, etc.) Always inspect the package to make sure they are not damages and ensure the condoms are not expired.
  • Change condoms if switching from vaginal intercourse to a blow job. Additionally, a different condom should be used when changing positions from anal intercourse to vaginal intercourse.
  • Avoid tearing the condom package to shreds when opening it. Open it as much as necessary to remove the condom, leaving the package in one piece. Don’t fling it when getting the condom out; drop it carefully by the edge of the bed where it is easy to find and dispose of.
  • Carry extra condoms with you. You never know when you may need extras during an appointment.
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