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Should escorts mix alcohol with work?

Part of being an escort is engaging in social activities and events, which often include the consumption of alcohol. Consuming alcohol at events as part of your job is common in many careers, such as public relations, event planners, advertising, marketing and sales. In the escort business, it’s extremely common because clients hire escorts in order to relax. Often, relaxing also means imbibing an alcoholic beverage or two. Since alcohol will be a prevalent part of some appointments with clients, it’s important to know how to handle situations where alcohol will be present.
First and foremost, set boundaries concerning alcohol, just like you have with other parts of your escort business (services you provide, acts you will engage in and rates you charge). If you are a non-drinker, do not let a client convince you to drink when you do not wish to. Furthermore, if you’re an alcoholic, do not allow a client to persuade you that “just one” will do no harm. If you’re okay with drinking, set limits for yourself at one or two drinks. Avoid going beyond your limits.

Life science: If you want to stay sober through a party with heavy alcohol consumption, here’s a simple solution. 2 or 3 hours ahead of the party have a good meal and down a shot or two (not more!) of liquor with food. Then go to sleep for the remainder of time. When the party starts, you will be able to drink A LOT without losing your mind and face.

A good rule of thumb to remember when consuming alcohol when on a date with a client is to never drink on an empty stomach. When you have nothing in your stomach to help soak up and counteract the alcohol, it enters your bloodstream much more quickly and can have increased negative effects that you wouldn’t otherwise expect. Eat something before or along with your drinks.
It’s important to always stay in control when drinking alcohol, because becoming impaired as a result of being “buzzed” or flat-out drunk can cause real trouble for you, especially if you’re with a client you cannot trust. Rape, burglary and assault have all occurred as a result of an escort having a couple too many drinks.
When drinking with your client, take extra caution when consuming hard liquor. Because its alcohol content is higher than wine or beer, liquor can affect you more quickly than other forms of alcohol. Having a pre-dinner cocktail is alright, but limit it to one. Many clients perceive escorts who drink liquor as having less class, too, especially if he or she consumes shots or orders several mixed drinks.
Wine is a good choice when imbibing with a client. Many of your clients may be more experienced with wine and know more about it, so it’s a great way to learn more about quality wine and how to determine what’s quality and what’s not. After learning more about it, figure out what you like and have a list of preferred wines handy when clients call to set appointments. Some clients will offer to bring over a bottle of wine, and it’s always good to be able to let him know what you like. Choose some middle-of-the-road bottles that cost approximately $20 per bottle. When your client brings over a bottle, don’t feel pressured that the two of you must drink the entire bottle at the time of your appointment. You can always keep it for later. (A glass of wine is always good while soaking at night in the bathtub or surfing the Internet later!)
Some escorts say they prefer wine coolers or champagne. However, watch out for these as choices to drink with clients. They are both carbonated and may cause gassiness. (That could be fairly embarrassing to have a bout of gas with a client!) Additionally, carbonated alcoholic beverages can cause you to need to urinate much more frequently, which can cause complications during an appointment with a client.
It’s important to consume more water when drinking alcohol. Alcohol has a dehydrating effect. Drinking more water before, during and after your time socializing with a bottle of wine or a few cocktails is necessary to keep your system in check.
Exercise safety and caution when drinking with an unfamiliar client. It’s not uncommon for a predator to drug an escort’s drink in order to take advantage of him or her. Never drink from a bottle that is already open, unless you see him drink from it first. Furthermore, if you have to leave and use the restroom (or for any other reason), take your drink with you so you know it hasn’t been tampered with when you return.
If you wake up with a hangover after an appointment with a client, it’s time to reevaluate your drinking policy. Partying hard with a client may be fun, but it’s not the wisest thing to do. It’s especially unwise if you’ve got appointments the next day. Working with a hangover is not only miserable, but it takes away from your performance with clients. You could lose a client by working with a hangover, because you’re not able to do your “job” as well.
Monitor your client’s drinking level during your appointment, too. Some clients become violent, aggressive or terribly obnoxious after drinking too much alcohol. Never stay with a client who has become visibly drunk and exhibits signs that he will become violent or abusive. Also, refuse to ride with a drunk client who insists on driving. You may lose a client, but it’s better than being in an accident.

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