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What kind of escort are you?

Much of the time, escorts separate their lives into private and public personalities. They do this sometimes to keep a balance in order to retain healthy mental and emotional states regarding their careers.
Successful escorts put a lot of thought and consideration into creating images, designating their niches and selecting their names. An escort can use these tips to determine who he or she is as an escort.
Firstly, an escort must determine what his or her image should reflect. An escort’s image is how he or she will be perceived by the rest of the world and clients. For many escorts, it’s the most ideal and sensual version of themselves. Others select an entirely different approach. The image is the public personality that an escort allows clients and profile viewers to see. It is who the escort becomes in order to please clients. While it’s often easier to create an image that is not too far removed from who an escort really is (personality, education, upbringing), some choose an image that is completely different than who they really are. A fantasy image allows them to become someone entirely different that they aren’t able to be in their private lives with friends and family who know them well. The hardest part of fulfilling a fantasy image is remembering one’s story that goes along with it.
Basic images for escorts include:

  • Older woman/cougar
  • Teacher/nurse/librarian
  • Girl next door
  • Frisky college co-ed/sorority girl
  • Business woman
  • Dominatrix
  • Party girl

The second thing an escort must do in order to create an image is to settle on a niche. A niche is the combination of one’s image and the target client. In order to settle on a niche, an escort must determine the expectations of a particular type of client. If an escort is not attracting the desired type of client, he or she may rework his or her image in order to attract the desired clientele. Changes are easy to make, unless they involve one’s physical appearance (body type, race, height, etc.) or physical location. Some escorts can overcome the location aspect by moving or expanding the area he or she is willing to service. A niche might include servicing wealthy, cultured clients; academic types; adventurists; kinky clients; business professionals; or many other possible categories of clients.
The third task an escort must perform in order complete her or his escort persona is to select a name. Very few escorts choose to use their real, given names. They choose to use something different in order to separate themselves from their career, in addition to avoiding letting friends and family members know what they do for a living. Escorts can do many things to select a name:

  • Escorts can consider the names of people they like and analyze the impact those names have on them. Are they strong names? Sexual names? Attractive names? Boring names? From the names, escorts can choose one that seems right to them.
  • Escorts may surf existing escort profiles, ads and websites. Make a list of names that seem appealing and choose one from the list.
  • Escorts may look through a baby name book or website for strong, engaging names. The meanings of the names aren’t as important as how they roll or the tongue and how easy they are to use.
  • Escorts can choose a last name by looking through the names in a residential phone book or in the news. Names that easily jump out are good ones to consider.
  • Many escorts select a last name by using the letter of the alphabet that immediately follow the first initial of his or her first name.

Escorts should avoid using names that are hard to spell or pronounce. Names should be ethnically consistent with the escort’s appearance. (For instance, an obviously Caucasian escort should not use an Asian or Hispanic name.) Stripper names should be avoided at all costs.
An escort’s image will ensure a successful career. An image that is inconsistent, not fully thought out or ill conceived will cause difficulties for an escort.

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