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6 questions that will help you build your escort business

If you’re just starting your escort business, chances are you’ve imagined both the best and worst case scenarios of the kind of clients you’ll be meeting with. And, yes, you may have both kinds of those clients in one day. But more often than not you’ll be meeting with average, normal men who require your company for various reasons.
Your clients will have hired you specifically: they’ll have looked at several or many escorts’ ads or spoken with an agency to hire someone they feel they can connect with on a personal level. But have you prepared yourself for the kind of client you’ll be most attracted to, or the kind that just won’t work for you? Have you considered the client as a package and widened your personal parameters?
The last thing you want to do when meeting a client is shudder at the thought of getting close to them. Which seems obvious, but is something you should take into serious consideration. So before you say yes to the booking, make sure you’ve screened your clients and been honest about how you’ll handle yourself when alone together (and, yes, you should always screen your clients).
So what kind of client will give you chills? This is going to be personal to each escort, but here are some things to consider:

  1. What do you find physically attractive, average or repugnant? Unfortunately, while you may be tight and toned and tanned, chances are your client isn’t going to be the Adonis you want him to be. More often he’ll be of average size and attractiveness. But imagine the worst case scenario for you personally: is he obese, rail thin, covered in body hair, covered in facial hair, have acne, disheveled, obsessively clean and trim? Does he have a physical handicap? Does he sweat profusely when nervous? Be honest about what seriously turns you off. Then imagine why that man has sought your company? A lot of clients hire escorts because they’re lonely, or don’t feel comfortable progressing personally with women in general. Would you rather have a kind, grateful man who is less than attractive or Brad Pitt with an abusive streak? Because a man who might not get checked out on the street will most likely be incredibly appreciative of the time you spend together and respectful of you as a person. And as an escort your job is to make him feel just as appreciative and respected.
  2. How do you feel about the race issue? This is a huge discussion point in any industry when two people have to get intimately close to each other. And while in most circumstances race should be a non-issue, this is something every escort must choose for him- or herself. In certain parts of the country and between certain people, race relations play different roles. In some cities races commingle socially on a large scale; in other communities race relations are incredibly tense. We would never advise not seeing a client because they are of a different race than you. But what you should be aware of during the screening process is the level of comfort in communication between you and the client. If the differences in your races are a non-issue from the client’s point of view, then great. If you sense any racism towards you, or some sort of fantasy they want to play out with you because of differences in your race that you’re uncomfortable with, use your better judgment. And, once again, think about the client as a whole person, and why they might want to hire you.
  3. How quickly can you adapt? One of the most exhausting points of your job is going to be quickly assessing the type of client you’re spending time with, and then meeting their needs as fully as possible. In one meeting you may have dinner with someone who is young, relatively handsome, educated and intelligent. You’ll need to look presentable, conduct yourself respectfully, and carry on a conversation. The next meeting you may be with a man who is incredibly shy or nervous, who doesn’t have a clue as to what to do with your time together. How can you, as the professional, make sure both of those clients have an equally delightful time with you? Can you assess when it’s right for you to gently take the lead, and when to follow? When to talk about yourself, and when to just listen? How will you handle the subtle or huge differences in the kind of clients you’ll be meeting?
  4. Can you reserve judgment against married men? A good amount of the clients who will hire you will be married. According to Ron Weitzer of George Washington University, about 1 in 4 men have paid for sex at some point in their lives. We can only assume the same goes for the escort industry, and that the reason behind it is to mask infidelity. Many men who have hired escorts have even claimed that it has helped their marriage, and that they felt an affair with someone they did not hire would have been destructive. Can you overlook infidelity?
  5. Can you reserve any judgment? Most likely you’re not going to be talking about politics or social issues or debating religious points with a client. So hopefully you won’t find out if their beliefs lean towards those that are polar opposites to yours. But even if they do, can you reserve judgment and just look at the client for who they are? Yes, if you’re spending time with a client who is vocal about issues you highly disagree with or find offensive, there are clear reasons to not see them again (which is completely within your right). But can you use this information to get to know them better?
  6. What do you want to get out of your escorting experience? With the continued competition of online profiles, client reviews and marketing traffic to your profile, the escort industry is becoming even more competitive. So are you escorting to support going to school, because you’re looking for fun and adventure, to provide for your family etc? Keep in mind why you’ve entered this profession specifically, and occasionally reflect upon this before dating a new client.
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