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Escorts must keep appearances

High-end escorts are expected to keep up their appearances in order to appeal to clients and maintain a successful client list. While one can argue that it’s not one’s personal beauty that makes a woman special, it is imperative for an escort to maintain her appearance in order to continue to attract clients for a successful business. Men hire escorts many times based only on their attractiveness. Here are some tips of what to pay attention to when considering how to make the most of one’s appearance:

  1. Body size. An average man prefers average-sized women. However, “average-sized”, as anything average, does not exist: every person is different. It is safe to say, though, that most men consider “average-sized” to refer to a woman who is weight-height proportionate, has a definable waist, does not have a flabby belly, possesses shapely legs and sports a firm derriere. She has very little jiggle and no fat rolls. In other words, she is in shape. Other categories of escorts exist, including those who are model-thin types and the Big, Beautiful Women (BBW). To be considered BBW, a woman is usually a size 12 (or bigger). The other categories do not get as much mainstream business, generally. Most escorts advertise their measurements (chest, waist and hips) along with their breast size (cup size). Many escorts adjust their measurements slightly (even numbers look better in print), but the listed measurements should always be within a couple inches of the real measurements. Escorts almost always list their height information, too.
  2. Age. Most men are curious as to the age of the escort they are considering hiring. Never fake your age by many years; it just doesn’t pay off. The most popular escorts are between the ages of mid-20s to mid-30s. Men like a woman who has some experience, so being 20 years old is not a prerequisite for success in the high-end escort business.
  3. Hair. Men like to touch women’s hair. A woman’s hair should be colored well. No roots or crazy, off-the-wall colors. Your hair color should complement your complexion. Additionally, men prefer hairstyles they can touch without you objecting. A natural hairstyle with volume is recommended. Your hair should be shiny and soft to the touch. Also, most men who hire escorts are turned off by wigs or extensions. Wigs or hair extensions don’t indicate class; they may make a classy woman seem like a street prostitute or regular hooker.
  4. Breasts. Keep them real. Men like the feel and look of real breasts. Men usually accept if they sag a little or have stretch marks. Implants just don’t have the same feel for men; they usually prefer the real thing and can tell it from the implant right away. While some men do prefer largere breasts, it’s naturally large breasts that they admire, not a lump of foreign matter that distorts natural shapes and reduces dating from a real life experience to a cartoon. However, if you are still inclined to go the implant route, carefully research the topic and providers. Get a good surgeon, and never go above a C cup unless you’re planning to be a stripper or porn actress. Keep your breast augmentation proportionate to your body’s frame, in order to make them look realistic.
  5. Skin. Soft, silky skin is a natural APHRODISIAC. It’s important to keep your skin in top shape, so the secret to that is exfoliating and moisturizing. Pay attention to rough spots, like knees and elbows. Use lotions that make your skin feel silky, not oily. Always keep your hands soft and supple, too.
  6. Hands and feet. Keep your nails natural and unpolished. Nail polish chips and needs replacing often. Chipped nails look trashy. Keeping your nails buffed and natural will save you lots of time. Avoid applying artificial nails as they may make you look cheap and be confused with a stripper or street hooker. Don’t chew your nails and keep them looking nice at all times. You may choose to polish your toenails, but keep in mind that when they get chipped, they look bad, too.
  7. Hair removal. Keep your legs shaved and free of hair. One may choose to wax them, however the regrowth period often requires your legs to become prickly feeling, which no client is going to enjoy. Keep your bikini area groomed and maintained. This may mean getting a Brazilian wax (which is VERY popular currently). Other ways to maintain your bikini area is to shave or wax it, or to get laser treatments. Some women very successfully keep it neatly trimmed, as well. Wax or shave your underarms regularly. Most escorts have their upper lips waxed or threaded, even if they only have blonde hair on their faces. Eyebrows need to be neatly groomed, which may mean threading or waxing them regularly. However, be wary of any professional who grooms your eyebrows to the point of making them disappear. Healthy, full eyebrows are in style and frame your eyes. If you have extremely light eyebrows, you may want to color them to make them show up better.
  8. Teeth/breath. It’s important to maintain your dental health, not only for your career but also for your general health. If your teeth are not straight, you may benefit by investing in invisible braces. Bleach your teeth to get them as white as possible. You may opt to use over-the-counter bleach strips or pursue professional bleaching from your dentist. Always drink lots of water to help maintain good breath. Bad breath could cause an end to your escorting career. Nobody wants to spend time with an escort whose breath is intolerable.
  9. Perfume. Do not use it if you’re seeing married men. It may rub off on them, which can be detected by a wife or girlfriend. Instead of using perfume, layer your scents so you have a subtle suggestion of perfume without the strong effect of it. Use shower gel, lotion and a body spritz. Light florals or vanilla are good choices. Avoid using shampoos or deodorants with strong scents, too.
  10. Tattoo/piercings. If you’re attempting to work as a high-end escort, steer clear of getting inked. Escorts with no tattoos or piercings (other than a single piercing in their ears) often fare better in a highly competitive market of high-end escorts. Men tend to think women with not tattoos or piercings appear classier and more appropriate to take out in public for events and dates. If you have a tattoo, don’t panic. Just be sure to let your clients know you are inked. If it’s in a place that can be hidden with clothing, it may be a plus. Some clients find tattoos extremely sexy—as long as they are not obvious out in public.
  11. General. The most important thing is to keep yourself in shape, in style and dressed well. Take care of yourself, get enough sleep, drink plenty of water and stay healthy. Looking healthy takes the place of all of the other tips and suggestions listed here.
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