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8 fetishes escorts are asked about

From scat play to foot worship, escorts get requests that clients are afraid to mention with their regular partners. Most people are embarrassed to admit to their wives or husbands that they would like to be dominated or try out a golden shower.
With an escort, any request is valid and many are acceptable. Not every escort wishes to engage in requests that vary from their standard services, but some do consider every request earnestly. Some of the requests you receive may be completely innocuous, while others can be dangerous, either to one’s health or general well-being. Use caution when considering any and all fantasies. Here are some examples:

  1. Foot worship. Men who love feet are much more common than one might think. They love to look at them, touch them and kiss them. High heels, flip flops and stockings are all turn-ons for foot worshipers. Engaging in foot worship with a client is relatively safe, unless you have broken skin on your feet. (Saliva could transmit through your open skin.) Otherwise, this is a safe, non-threatening activity that will make a client extremely happy, and likely coming back for more in the future.
  2. Lingerie. All high-end escorts must have an extensive collection of lingerie. While some clients don’t expect lingerie at all and want to admire their escorts’ beauty in the nude, others are just as excited about the lingerie as they are the sexual act that may (or may not) follow. Don’t be afraid to engage in fulfilling a client’s fantasy about lingerie.
  3. Role playing. Unless the role playing involves any kind of violence, this is a safe practice to play out with a client. Doctor/nurse, teacher/student and boss/employee are all common role playing requests. However, if a client requests something such as a burglar/victim or jealous boyfriend/girlfriend scenario use caution when accepting the request: such scenario could escalate into violence if allowed to go too far. Don’t invite that kind of trouble to an appointment with a client.
  4. Domination. Unless you’re experienced in domination, steer clear of this type of play. If your client is truly wanting to be dominated, he or she may be disappointed if you can’t deliver the type of domination expected. Suggest he or she find someone who specializes in this type of sexual play.
  5. Genital beating/torture. Some clients, for whatever reasons, love to have pain inflicted upon their genitals. If you can tolerate putting someone else in pain (which, in turn, gives your client immense pleasure), this could be a good appointment with a client. Refrain from this type of appointment, however, if the client wants damage done to his or her private parts. Pain is one thing, injury is another.
  6. Scat play. Watching someone else poop on the toilet may not be your idea of a good time, however you may have a client who dreams of seeing this. Determine the extent to which your client wants to engage in scat play before conceding to this type of engagement. If actual contact with the excrement is expected, always take precautions similar to those you would with anal activities.
  7. Golden showers. Find out whether your client wishes to have the golden shower on him or if he wants to do it to you. If he wants it on him, it’s messy, but not going to be risky behavior for you. However, if your client wishes to shower you, the same risks apply to scat play. Take precautions to protect yourself. Additionally, this may be a messy activity, so plan to do it in the bathtub or shower.
  8. Photos/videos. Never allow a client to fulfill his fantasy by taking photos or videos of you. If you allow photos or videos, you may later find images or videos of yourself online. Furthermore, always be aware of where your client’s cell phone is during your appointment with him or her. Don’t give anyone a chance to secretly video or photograph you while you’re being intimate with a client.

Overall, most requests made by clients (or potential clients) are harmless. They help to fulfill some fantasy that your client is unable to fulfill on his own or too embarrassed to ask help fulfilling from his mate or partner. It’s important to consider all health or personal risks associated with each request and each client. Most times, it won’t hurt to engage in something a little off the wall with your client. But, at all times, keep your personal boundaries in check and decline anything that just doesn’t feel “right.” Be nice and polite when you decline, but be sure to let your potential client know that you can help them in other ways.

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