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10 steps to a safer outcall for escorts

Any escort that provides out-call services has a checklist of do’s and don’ts that he or she goes through when booking an appointment. Some of the items on the checklist are to ensure personal safety of an escort, others guard against arrest and some simply save an escort’s time. While the checklist may contain many items, here are a few basic ones to remember when booking out-call appointments:

  1. Verify the address of the home or hotel that is the place of the appointment. Some people think it’s humorous to play a practical joke on an escort by creating a fictitious address when booking an appointment. There are many ways to check out an address before heading out to your appointment. By just searching on “reverse address lookup,” an escort may find many websites that he or she can use to verify an address is a legitimate location.
  2. Provide your own transportation when going on an out-call appointment. Firstly, the safest thing you can do is to arrange for a driver to take you to your appointment and wait for it to conclude in order to take you back home. However, if you do not have a driver, do not let your client talk you into picking you up and providing your transportation. It’s important to keep your home address private. Also, if something about the appointment doesn’t work out, you don’t want to depend on your client for getting back home. If you drive yourself to an out-call appointment, be sure to notify someone else of your plans, intended destination, and expected time of return.
  3. Obtain the name of your client and his room number if you’re meeting him at a hotel. Prior to your appointment, call your client at the hotel to verify the information he gave to you. If he is not checked in or listed, this may be a red flag. The reason for a red flag is less important: it could be a law enforcement trap, or somebody’s practical joke. What matters is the red flag itself.
  4. Determine if the location you will be meeting your client is at an upscale hotel or somewhere else. Out-calls at cheap motels or a client’s home are riskier. Be cautious when booking these types of appointments.
  5. Refrain from booking any appointment with a client who insists that you not use your driver or take a taxi. If your client is overly zealous to get you into his or her vehicle, take heed.
  6. Look around for all possible exits when you first arrive to an out-call appointment. Backdoors, windows and side entrances can all provide a fast getaway for you if the appointment goes bad. Be aware of the lay of the land on all levels: know where you are in the city, in the neighborhood, and in the building.
  7. Drive by the location of your out-call appointment prior to stopping to get out, and park around the corner. If there are men in cars parked nearby, people surrounding the home or a party at the location, proceed carefully, if at all. Trust yourself.
  8. Bring only what you need to the appointment with you. Having identification with your home address or phone number on it in your purse or on your person may provide your client with more information than she needs. Keep as much of your private life private as possible.
  9. Avoid bringing more cash with you than what it would take in cab fare to get home.
  10. Notify someone (a friend, relative, coworker) when you arrive at your out-call appointment. Give them a timeframe of when you expect your appointment to conclude. Instruct your contact person to call the police if you do not call them or they cannot reach you when your appointment is over.
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