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10 things to consider before your first date as an escort

You’ve made the decision to work as an escort, and booked your first client. Smooth sailing so far? Great. But before you see the client there are some practical things to consider and choices to make. While you could blindly go into your first meeting and hope for the best, being as prepared as possible gives you the best shot at having an enjoyable first experience and the beginning of a successful career.

1. Will you use your real name / identity?

This may be something you think you can figure out as you go along on a client-to-client basis. And yes, there’s always room for some sort of reinvention as you gain experience and figure out what kind of escort you want to be. But consistency from the beginning will help you grow your regular clientele. Will you use your real name? A nickname? Do you want to take on one new nickname that you use across the board with all advertising and personally with your clients? Is it something unique to you, and a name that you’ll enjoy being called? Tip: using this name when ordering takeout or at a coffee shop is a good way to test it out.

2. How do you want to present yourself to your client?

Similarly to the name you choose, you’ll want to share the aspect of your personality that will most draw the kind of client you want. So picture that client: what part of your personality will best attract them? Can you feature that part of your personality prominently? Do you want to be fun and sassy? Demure and sweet? Playful and naughty? Can you comfortably embody and transition between these? How will you dress so that the first impression you make is the one you want to be most noticed? Tip: try going out in different outfits and “acting” a bit while doing errands. Be as honest as possible, and really embody the person you want to be.

3. Where will you be seeing your clients?

If at home, is your home clean and presentable? Are any personal items from others you live with safely tucked away? Is your bathroom, particularly, stocked and presentable? Do you have beverages on hand that you might want to offer? Tip: if working from home, have a friend walk in and tell you exactly what they see that would make them feel out of place if they were a stranger in your space.
If at a hotel you’ve booked, are you familiar with the space? Is your room in a safe vicinity or in a remote corner with little traffic?
If meeting a client at their hotel, go a bit early and familiarize yourself with the surroundings. Know where exits are and what the parking situation is like in all directions. Learn more about safer out-calls for escorts.

4. How will you get to and from your appointments?

If you are driving, where will you safely park? Will you use a driver? If using public transportation, have you considered routes and schedules so that you can safely make it home afterwards? Can you start building a trusted relationship with someone who may become a paid partner in this area to help ensure your safety and punctuality?

5. What forms of payment will you accept?

If you haven’t set up your business as a legal entity in your state, you’re going to want to keep proper records of your income so that you can declare them with your taxes at the end of the year. Will you only be working in cash? Will you accept personal checks? Do you have / have you confirmed the identity of your clients and their financial situation? Tip: If working solely in cash, try to set up a system for you to keep your money organized, separating it by what you’ll need for rent, utilities, groceries, transportation, children, business expenses etc. When getting handed a lot of cash it’s easy to lose track, and being organized will help you assess your successes as you grow your business.

6. How many clients will you be seeing in one day?

If booking several clients in one time period, make sure to give yourself time in between. Take into account public transportation schedules, possible traffic delays and extra time for finding exactly where you need to go. Also, if accepting cash for payment, know where your nearest bank branch is and make a deposit in between bookings if possible—don’t keep large amounts of cash on you if you can help it. Tip: Give yourself about 20 minutes more than you think you’ll need at all times. Better to be a tad early than extremely late.

7. What personal items will you bring, and what will you leave behind?

Always make sure you have identification on you: some might argue with this, but if something goes wrong and you need to make an escape or require help, you’ll need I.D.
What else from your wallet will you bring or leave behind? Do you want pictures of your kids or friends on you? Credit cards? Jewelry? Condoms?

8. Who will you call to check in with once you’ve met the client?

Once you meet with your client, it’s important to make a phone call and check in with a friend who knows where you are. This could be your driver, in which case you should let the client know that your driver is awaiting you outside. If you’re flying solo, make sure a trusted friend knows to expect a call at the beginning and again at the end of your meeting. Who will this be? Tip: If you can’t get through to someone directly, leave a message stating the time and location you’re at. That way if anything goes questionably, there will be record of where you were and when.

9. How far are you willing to go physically on a first meeting?

Setting physically boundaries is something you and you alone can choose when setting up your escort business, and it may take a bit of time before you figure out what your boundaries are. This can always change, and on a client-to-client basis. But, after having thought through the points above, how do you expect to conduct yourself, and how far may you want to go? How will you articulate this to different kinds of clients without hurting feelings or causing conflict?
Remember, your job as an escort never means that you are required to become intimate with a client. And you have the right moment-to-moment to choose how intimate you become.

10. How will you handle yourself if things get physical beyond your boundaries?

While the majority of your clients will be perfect gentlemen who simply want to spend time with a kind, attractive escort, you should always be prepared to protect yourself. You should make sure to set clear lines with your client as to what you do and do not do before meeting, specifying that they are compensating you for your time and not for sexual intimacy. But if things get out of hand, what will you say to try to dissuade a difficult situation? Have a few key phrases you think might break up tension or appease your client without hurting their pride or feelings. If things get beyond this point, what will your physical line of defense be? Learn more about escort safety.

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