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How to join forces with other escorts

Even though you are directly competing with other escorts for clients and appointments, it can still be a good idea to join up with others in the business for several reasons. Many benefits can be received by networking with others in your field. From protection from law enforcement to comparing notes on undesirable clients, joining up with the competition can yield many positive results.

  • Forming an alliance with others can provide support for your way of life. Living life as an escort isn’t always easy. And, mom and dad are not likely to understand the pressures and stresses associated with your profession, so they’re probably not going to be good listeners. However, other escorts know exactly what you’re going through. Much like with fellow coworkers, you can share notes about bad appointments, funny occurrences and things you learn about your work. Others who share your way of life are much more likely to commensurate and empathize with you.
  • Having open communication with others in the industry gives you resources with whom to compare notes on clients. It’s wise to ask new clients for references, especially if your gut senses that something’s not right. By opening up the lines of communication with other escorts in your area you may be able to find out something about a potential client. You may find that a prospective client is a total peach to be around; however, you may learn that someone is an absolute time waster or dangerous.
  • Joining with others to work together in the industry is a plus for all involved. It’s common knowledge that escort pricing depends on what level the rest of the providers are offering their services at. Getting together to set similar rates only makes sense in order to capitalize together on the market. Working together ensures that other escorts aren’t undercutting you or offering the same services at extremely lower rates. When all escorts (or nearly all escorts) in a particular area offer services at or near the same level, clients are less likely to go somewhere else seeking a lower rate.
  • Becoming associated with others in the market may help increase the safety and security of each escort involved. When others know about your way of life and who some of your clients are, there is a way that authorities can track down information about your life if something were to ever happen to you. Many escorts keep their lives secret; when something bad happens to them, it’s difficult for family and law enforcement officials to learn about their secret life to find out what danger they encountered.
  • Communicating with others in the industry may help protect you from law enforcement stings. Escorts hear things and get information about law enforcement frequently. If you’re in the loop, you may be saved from being at the wrong place at the wrong time because someone told you about a potential arrest sting.
  • Networking with other escorts could earn you more business. Sometimes wealthy clients like to change things up or invite several escorts to a party or event. When you’re better connected to other escorts, you may end up on the invitation list more often or be offered more opportunities.
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