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5 tips for working with another escort

Whether you’re just starting out or have been working as an escort for a while, there may come a point when you’re requested to bring along a second escort to meet a client. Or you may feel more comfortable beginning with someone who has a bit more experience than you who might help ?show you the ropes’. Or you may want to book clients in couples, who require the company of more than one escort for a social evening out.

The reasons for working with a partner vary, but both the advantages and possible conflicts of working with another escort are smart to contemplate before making any arrangements.

1. Who are you thinking of working with?

Is it a trusted friend that you enjoy spending time with? If so, can you see yourself deepening your friendship with this person or might it add pressure on your friendship?
If with someone you’ve met through a friend or agency, can you trust them? With your clients, with yourself physically and financially? Are you prepared to communicate professionally and honestly in all business transactions to make your working relationship as clear as possible?

Tip: Visualize working together and then go with your gut reaction to the idea.

2. Are you going to be working as partners or will one of you take the lead?

If your talents don’t particularly lie with booking clients and keeping things organized, partnering up with an escort who is already established or who naturally has a business mind may be a good idea for you. Adversely, if you feel that you’re completely competent in running your business but know another escort who may benefit from your help, you may find working together advantageous. If one of you is primarily doing the booking and maintenance work, though, that person should be taking a larger cut of your fees. Are you comfortable negotiating a split with your partner? Will you be confident in communicating concerns if either of you aren’t living up to the agreement?

Tip: Think of the last time you worked on a project with someone. Did you feel the constant pull to lead the project, or were you more comfortable being a team player? Go with whatever your conclusion is.

3. Are you partnering with someone who is your “type”, or someone who compliments it?

Clients may be looking for a bit of variety when creating a double date or social situation. Unless you’re the spitting image of your partner (which falls into its own special category of types), you’ll probably want someone who is personally and physically a bit different than yourself. Combinations of shy / outgoing, flirty / deep, intelligent / funny and the like may work well in increasing your bookings. Similarly, balancing physical features will give you a greater variety for your clients. You want to make sure you’re both admirable in different ways and both memorable specifically for who you are and what you brought to your time together.

Tip: Each of you write down what they think their best features are. Compare lists, and see whether your differences compliment each other’s.

4. Will you be able to truly work as a team?

Escorting is an extremely personal job. Unlike a job in retail or finance or the like, you’re not working side-by-side along someone with the goal to sell or achieve one specific mark in your work. You’re working together to make your client feel extremely special, even if just for a little while, in a very intimate way. Will you be able to read signals from your partner as to which of you should progress at certain points with the client? Will you become competitive for attention or respect each other’s boundaries and skills? Will you do your best to make sure your partner’s contributions are equal to your own?
Are you in a comfortable place with yourself to not feel in competition with your partner? Will you truly be able to work as a team? And, even more so, will you enjoy it more than working solo?
What will you do if a client decides to book only one of you afterwards? Will this put a riff between you? Will you still split the fee if only one of you goes? Is this something you will refuse?

Tip: Try doing something together that’s not particularly complicated, like navigating yourselves to somewhere new or working on a puzzle. Do you get easily annoyed by each other? Do you both try to contribute to the common goal?

5. Will working with someone increase your bookings and elevate your business?

There are so many reasons a client will hire an escort. Sometimes your time together will be purely social and in public. Others will be incredibly intimate in a personal environment.
If your business is already established, have you gotten requests for a second escort? Is this something you could mention to repeat clients that you trust, asking if this is something they’d be interested in?
What will you charge as a partnership, and will it be monetarily advantageous for you?
Will working with someone make your job easier or harder? Will it require more of your time for the same amount of money or will you be investing more but making the same?

Tip: If you’re established, calculate how much you made in the last month and about how much time you invested into your business, both literally with clients and with setting up bookings. Do you see this time decreasing or staying the same? Increasing? Will you be making more or less in relation to this time by working with a partner?

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