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How to be an escort: 7 tips to get started

After deciding that you truly want to become an escort, the hardest part of it may be figuring out what your first steps are in order to get started. Because this is a business, it’s important that you establish yourself in such a way that you can move forward successfully as your client list grows. There are several steps you can take in order to successfully accomplish the work necessary to set yourself up as an escort. Follow these basic tips to get a good footing from which to grow your business:

  1. Get high-quality, professional digital photographs of yourself. It’s no rocket science and can be done at home, yet you may want to budget for a professional photographer. Model photographers are accustomed to nude and semi-nude photos, as are many other photographers. If you choose the paid route, make sure you contract with a professional, as your pictures tell your story long before a client reads your ad or meets you in person. Your escort photographs should be sexy, clear and in focus and reveal personality. Some photographs are more versatile if they do not include your face. Get a variety of photos to use to regularly update your ad, website or other marketing information.
  2. Create a persona along with a professional name. Consider the type of clients you hope to attract and develop a persona based on what would attract your clients of choice. Decide on a name to use (instead of your real one). Use caution when choosing your name; you don’t want it to be overly stripper-ish if you’re trying to become a high-end escort. Bambi, Kitten, Barbie, Candy, Star or Destiny are common stripper and prostitute names, so it’s a wise choice to steer clear of them. Use common, mainstream names that fit your persona. If you’re posing as a girl-next-door-type, use an everyday name that is used commonly. If you’re a biker chick, consider a rougher-sounding name. If you’re working to become a high-society escort, research names of the rich and famous.
  3. Establish how clients should contact you. Get a designated cell phone for your business, along with an email address that is strictly for escorting. These contact methods should only be used for work and never cross over into your personal life.
  4. Determine your service area. Many escorts work in large, metropolitan areas. Decide which parts of the city you plan to work in. If a client is outside of the general service area, charge an additional cost for traveling to an appointment with him or her. If you’re working in a smaller, rural area, designate the number of miles you’re willing to travel to meet a client. If he or she is out of that range, charge extra for your time and travel costs or recommend another escort who is closer to his or her location.
  5. Create high quality copy for your marketing ad and your Skipthegam e s. co m profile. Copy could include your measurements and information about your physical appearance, as well as your rates, services, areas you work in and anything you are not willing to do. Good terms to use include: “fit”, “average” and “athletic.” If you’re a little plump, you may want to use “curvy” or “voluptuous.” Very thin escorts can market themselves as models or “slim”. Although your photos should reveal your hair color, eye color, etc., it’s always nice to give those stats, too, in your ad or on your escort profile page. Your ad copy should also include your height. Your ad copy should be engaging and interesting—stay away from cliches and tastelessness, even if everyone else has their ads stuffed with those. Never indicate that you are new to the business; announcing you are new to the escort world brings out a freak magnet that will attract many undesirable and unreliable clients.
  6. Set your personal physical and emotional boundaries. By setting these boundaries ahead of time you are never pressed to make an important decision on the spot. Determine what you are willing to do physically with a client and what you are NOT willing to do. Most escorts have a small list of services they will not provide such as anal play, golden showers or kissing on the mouth. Also, very clearly establish to yourself that each client is a paying individual who is partaking of the services you are providing and not a potential love connection.
  7. Create a method to keep track of clients and appointments. You will need to create an email distribution list in order to continue to communicate with clients and a contact list that you will use to schedule future appointments. Additionally, as it’s essential to never miss an appointment, you should determine how you will track appointments. Many escorts use a smart phone with its access to Calendar and Spreadsheets, while others keep track of appointments the old-fashioned way with pen and paper in a date book or calendar. You should also keep some notes about appointments and clients so you can refer back to them later when determining if you should see a client, again, and know what to expect from him or her.
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