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How Internet changed the escort industry

The Internet has revolutionized many different aspects of our world. First-person reporting is now a common occurrence with YouTube and other video sites. Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn made networking no longer a face-to-face phenomenon. The Internet has put information at our fingertips about virtually all subjects imaginable. No doubt, the escort world has been impacted similarly, and it has gained from it by allowing escorts to broaden their client bases and expand their opportunities.
The first commonly known escort website was posted by Diana of Dallas in December 1996*. The Internet was still relatively new, however people had begun to use it as a go-to source for information. Diana’s webmaster manipulated the marketing copy on the site in order to give it maximum exposure on search engines. Her ads in phone books and adult magazines directed people to her website for more information about her. Her strategy drove at least 700,000 hits to her website during the first year she had it up online. Several other sites followed, along with sites that specialized in marketing escorts.
Just as with all topics, public discussion boards soon sprang up, and free speech allowed lively debate, locker-room exchanges and name-calling to occur, in addition to good-spirited debate and discussion about the escort industry and particular escorts. Both sides (pro and con) were represented.
The Internet now allows escorts to advertise and market their services in any way that they please. Instead of relying on an agency to promote them, independent escorts can put forth the information about themselves that they want to in a format that is favorable to them. Escorts are only reliant on their websites, web hosts and email accounts. (A good cell phone comes in handy, too!)
For a long time, PayPal served as “the” way to get paid as an escort who worked the online method. However, in 2003, PayPal banned all adult-related sites from using their service as a way to provide and receive payment for any sexually-charged transactions. Other secure ways to pay for services became possible, including paying online with a credit card.
The Internet paved the way for high-end escorts due to being able to market in a way otherwise impossible. Anne-Marie (an escort in the late 1990s) was able to pay for her graduate degree as marketing herself as a high-end escort who charged $4,500 per day with a two-day minimum*. She determined that men were willing to pay for quality, which led other women to value themselves as highly and enter the high-end escort world.
The Internet has opened up the escort world to virtually everyone: there’s something online for everyone. High-end courtesans, affordable escorts, budget providers, and many levels of others who provide only certain services and skills. Whatever you are looking for in an escort, you will undoubtedly find her, him, them, or it online with the help of Skipthegam es .com.
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