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Escort dilemma: In-call vs Out-call

When escorting, it’s important to develop a system that works for you. Some escorts conduct their business with both in-calls and out-calls, while some stick strictly to one method only of seeing clients. There are advantages to both forms of sessions; your preference should lead you to the way you choose to conduct business.
In-call sessions have many advantages, with safety being the most significant one. Escorts who invite their clients to a place of their choosing, such as their own apartment or hotel room, have the advantage of knowing the lay of the land, so to speak. They can place (or hide) a weapon (gun, pepper spray, ball bat) or other form of protection within reach for emergencies, should the need arise. This is a benefit that isn’t often available from out-call situations. When you have a location for in-calls, you always know where all the exits are. Additionally, you can screen your clients on arrival, before you let them in the door.
Another benefit to in-call sessions is that you can guarantee your personal comfort. You have your things around you, a comfortable bed, clean bathroom and the items you need are handy for your appointments. You know that the bed you are using has clean sheets, and you can have any toys/props/costumes easily accessible for your clients, instead of having to pack them up and haul them to an appointment in an out-call situation.
However, there are some concerns about in-call appointments that escorts should be aware of. An escort should never invite clients into her own home for in-call appointments. This opens up too much familiarity and can provide a stalker-type client with knowledge of where an escort lives. Additionally, an escort should find a location for in-calls that endures a lot of foot traffic on a daily basis. If people are constantly coming and going from the area, clients who come in and out are less noticeable by neighbors or law enforcement authorities. (The traffic should be from adults, though, and not children.)
Escorts who conduct their business through out-calls also enjoy several benefits. The main benefit is that he or she does not have to pay for the costs of maintaining a location, such as a home, apartment or hotel room. In addition to the costs for rent or a mortgage, an escort has to pay for furnishings or “extras” that make the out-call location homey for the client. When doing out-calls, this is never a concern! Also, should there ever be a dangerous situation with a client, an out-call at a hotel may be overheard by neighbors if there is a struggle.
However, out-calls can be dangerous to the point of choosing not to conduct business through their use; escorts don’t have control over the environment during an out-call. Some clients may have other people in the house when the escort is scheduled to arrive; they may have weapons in the house; and they may try to keep you longer than the scheduled time.
When going on out-calls to high-end hotels, door men often recognize and remember escorts who come in and out frequently. Recognition is not always a good thing, especially if the hotel ever gets on the police radar.
Lastly, out-calls have one other disadvantage. They leave an escort with lots of time to kill between appointments. Escorts who are dressed up and ready for their work may have to wait in their car in parking lots or side streets, waiting for the next appointment. This can be both boring and dangerous, depending on the neighborhood.
There are advantages to both out-calls and in-calls for escorts. The benefits can be weighed for each, and most escorts must make their own choices about what works better for them.
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