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7 ways to attract and keep the clients you want for your escort business

We all have dreams of being rich, and many of us crave fame on top of that. And while there is a good amount of luck, timing, and natural talent that goes into most professions that bring you both, what all success requires is hard work and thinking outside the box. The same is true in the professional escort industry. While stories like Pretty Woman may romanticize the job, not all of us are going to have a Richard Gere climbing up our fire escapes.
But there are a lot of handsome, educated, successful and kind clients out there who want to share their time with someone who is beautiful, intelligent, caring and equally kind. While getting physical is often a result of being hired as an escort (though, of course, it is never required), it is only a fraction of what you’re being hired for. And escort is different than a prostitute: you’re being hired for company, not for sex. And the kind of client you most likely want to attract is the one who will understand this readily, and most likely want to enjoy your company along with admire your body.
So how do you attract such clients, and keep them coming back regularly?
As with any job, continuing to improve upon yourself will only get you further and further along, both in your skill set and in increasing the amount of money you can request from clients. Here are a few ways to do just that:

  1. Think of the kind of client you are naturally physically attracted to, and embody that in your own form. Do you want to be intimate with someone who seems disheveled? Who doesn’t pay attention to basic bodily grooming? Chances are, no, you don’t. So take your own hygiene into account, and go a step further than you think is passable. Don’t just polish your nails; manicure them. Make sure your hair is clean and well cut, and smells good. Pay attention to the little things like the texture of the clothes you wear, the cut of them on your body, and how you feel when in them. You want to come off as confident, put together, and in control, and that starts with what the client sees when you walk in the door.
  2. Be honest from the beginning so the client knows what to expect. Make sure your photos are current, of high quality, and show what you look like (what you look like on a good day, of course). Don’t lie on your profile: if you’ve put something specific out there, such as a skill you have or place you’ve traveled, chances are the client will have been attracted to it, contacted you in part because of it, and be annoyed if they discover you’ve lied about it. Once you’ve arranged your price and time increment, stick to it. While haggling and negotiating once you’ve met in person might work to a certain extent with a certain kind of client, you want your regulars to have done their homework and trust that you’re giving them an incredible deal, both in the time you spend together and how much they’re paying. Also, if there’s anything you’re uncomfortable with (a part of town you avoid for whatever reason, an event you’d rather not go to, a kind of restaurant you can’t enjoy), let them know that as well. Chances are, while it is your job to make sure they’re having a great time, they’ll want you to be enjoying yourself too.
  3. Educate yourself. Constantly be taking in the world around you through books, local sports, current events etc. This is true of networking in any field. You want to know what people are talking about, that way you have a chance to connect with your client. This doesn’t mean you have to be an expert on, say, the debt crisis or know the entire roster of your state’s football team. But if a client is a huge sports fan, you’ll be more attractive to him if you have something to contribute to a conversation, or just if you need a starter for one. Keep an open ear for the kind of movies your clients are seeing, or television shows they watch, and grab a few minutes now and then. If you’ve only seen five minutes of a show like The Prisoner or something, have an opinion such as “I thought it was so interesting when…” that you can bring up, and then admit that you’ve only seen little of it, which opens the door for the client to teach you something about it. The client may initially be nervous as to what you’ll talk about, so having a wide range of general interests will help bridge the space between you.
  4. Take up hobbies. Depending on where you live in the world, observe what activities the kind of client you’re trying to attract is interested in, and then pick it up casually. If you want to attract clients who own boats, learn how to snorkel. If you are attracted to men who hunt, know the basics of camping or go to a range. If you like athletic men, learn how to golf or play tennis. For the most part your time with clients will be spent intimately, but with regular clients in certain circumstances you’ll be more likely to be invited to social events (and therefore be able to charge more) if you have a personal attraction to something they enjoy, and they see it.
  5. Be ready to travel. There is such a huge range of the kind of escorts and clients in the profession, and in some cases you’ll never leave a wide radius from where you live. But if you want to charge more and enjoy some of the perks being an escort can provide, know how to be a good traveler. Study the basics of communication in a few languages, read a fun memoir or novel set in a country you’d love to travel to, have a current passport and a decent suitcase. This way, if you’re ever in the position to be invited to travel, you’ll be ready (this is, of course, only to be done with a client you know well and under certain, safe circumstances. But those are other issues).
  6. Know what you have to offer. If you advertise online, chances are you’re not the only face your clients are seeing. And chances are also that they’ve read similar descriptions of other escorts. Give other escorts the benefit of the doubt and assume that they’re beautiful, caring, and up for a bit of fun. What makes you unique? What personal story can you share a glimpse of so that a prospective client may relate to it and want to hire you? Again, think of the kind of client you most want to work with, and target your profile with (honest) things that might attract them.
  7. Do your job. If a client says something you disagree with, don’t start arguing with them (unless, of course, they’ve crossed a line of something you feel is completely inappropriate and/or dangerous). Remember, you are there to make the client feel like they are cared for, appreciated, and that you take them and their desires seriously. If a client says something that makes you cock an eyebrow, instead of shooting something fiery back, ask yourself why they might feel that way and try to get to know them better so to understand them. The more you show vested interest in who they are, the more likely they are to want to see you again.
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