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9 chatting and texting tips for escorts

Escorts use chat rooms and instant messaging as alternative or additional means of communication with clients and prospective clients. However, there are some things to watch for when utilizing these forms of communication. Escorts should consider these 9 tips when chatting or instant messaging with potential clients:

  1. Avoid spending too much time in a chat room. Usually, a participant may spend up to 2 hours or more chatting in a chat room. Keep in mind that those 2 hours could be used to update your profile, polish your marketing strategy, or respond to other clients via telephone or email.
  2. Remember that only the people in your chat room at the time see your posts. Once you type them, they will go away shortly and new entrants to the chat room won’t be able to see them.
  3. Refrain from entertaining for free. Chatting in a chat room is giving your time away to participants in chat rooms that are very unlikely to become clients.
  4. Exercise caution when instant messaging (texting). First: every word you say or type is recorded as it travels between the two of you, and these records will be available to phone networks and government agencies long after your conversation is over. Second: using instant messaging to communicate with potential clients can create security risks for your computer. Many viruses have been spread, spam sent, and accounts hacked through the use of instant messaging. Never follow links or open attachments when you instant message with someone else.
  5. Set time limits for when you use instant messaging. It can be a time burner and may accomplish nothing. Consider calling or emailing your prospective client, instead.
  6. Post in discussion groups, if this type of communication interests you. Once a thread is posted, it is indexed to be referenced and commented upon later. You and others can respond to your thread post a few minutes, days or months later. Discussion groups are not nearly as time wasting as other chatting or instant messaging techniques.
  7. Avoid posting anything online that may suggest you are willing to break the law.
  8. Refrain from posting any comments that can lead back to your real name, address, location, or other bits of private information. Escort’s anonymity and security must be of utmost importance.
  9. Reread your posts, comments or responses, then re-read them once more before hitting the Enter button. Once you post it, your comments are out there for anyone to read. Weed out all spelling errors, grammar mistakes, and fine-tune the general tone of the message. Your comments are a foundation for people’s impression of you, as they can’t see you. Be consistent and represent yourself in the best possible manner.
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