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How do escorts deal with tattoos and piercings

According to the National Tattoo Association, over 10 million Americans sport at least one tattoo somewhere on their bodies. Getting a tattoo is an easily achievable task with over 4,000 tattoo studios operating in the U.S. However, for an escort getting a tattoo isn’t always the right thing to do just because a tattoo is easy to get and “everyone is doing it”. Over 50% of tattooed Americans regret at least one of their tattoos.

How do one’s tattoos or piercings affect one’s business if he or she is an escort (or is aspiring to be a high-end escort)? Negatively.

Clients want an escort who represents class and sophistication, not trailer park trash or trend seekers. High-end escorts should appear to be mainstream and be able to fit into a client’s world. Having multiple tattoos or piercings prohibits an escort from blending in to a world of sophistication. With this in mind, it’s important to consider these top 5 ways to deal with tattoos or piercings when you’re an escort.

  1. Cover your tattoos with clothing

    Clients may accept an escort who has a couple of tattoos, if they can be covered with clothing during dates and social outings. Despite the fact that tattoos are trendy and popular with today’s culture, many clients prefer their escorts to be ink-free. However, if the tattoos can be covered, many clients find that revealing a tattoo in private may be sexy and quite alluring—it goes with the saying, “Men want a woman who can be a lady in public and a whore in the bedroom.” Tattoos may give an escort a sultry edge with some clients, if (and only if) they can be hidden from view most of the time.

  2. Single piercings are best

    High-end escorts are traditionally able to blend into the mainstream culture, and multiple ear piercings don’t help an escort fit in. Additionally, nose, lip or eyebrow piercings are not acceptable for a high-end escort. However, if you feel that you must have a unique piercing, use a small stud that may be mistaken for a bit of sparkle or a piece of glitter. Never insert a ring or large stud in a facial piercing. Many escorts feel that a navel piercing is sexy: while some clients may appreciate it, many do not. Additionally, any other more “private” piercings usually do not indicate class or elegance to a client and are best avoided.

  3. Piercings and/or tattoos may help a hiche escort

    Goth, alternative, punk or rocker categories are popular types of escorts. However, most of these types of escorts fail to make the kind of incomes that high-end escorts can bring in. While there is most certainly a market for an escort with multiple piercings or many tattoos, the number of clients seeking this type of an escort is much more limited than those seeking the girl-next-door-type or an escort they can take to a business event.

  4. Don’t photoshop your body art

    If you have tattoos or piercings, never retouche them in pictures in your ads—that would make your pictures fake and lower your overall rating. Your clients have a right to know if you have a full sleeve or a huge dragon tattoo that spans your back (or any other large-type tattoos). Clients who are surprised when you reveal your tattoos at your first appointment may feel that they are not getting what they had been promised or what they had expected based on your pictures. Tattoos and piercings are issues for many clients, and you should always be open about any ink or modifications you may have. Either don’t hide it, or get rid of it.

  5. Remove your tattoos or piercings to upgrade your escort class

    • Remove studs and jewelry from your piercings and let them grow closed. Some piercings may never grow closed, but they may be less obvious if you remove your jewelry from them.
    • Get laser treatment to remove your tattoos. Much less painful than previous methods of tattoo removal, laser treatments target the ink in your tattoos in order to make them disappear. Full removal depends on the location, size and application method of your tattoo. Other factors relating to full removal include how long you’ve had your tattoo and your ability to heal. Most tattoos take more than one treatment to be fully removed. Side effects of laser treatment removal can include scarring or infection, but serious side effects are rare. The cost of removal can range from several hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on size.

The bottom line concerning tattoos and piercings for high-end escorts: if you don’t already have tattoos, don’t get any until you’re ready to retire. If you only have your ears pierced once in each ear, refrain from any extra piercings ANYWHERE on your body.

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