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Escorts and relationships: 10 things to remember to keep your significant other

We all know that relationships can be difficult, sometimes plain impossible. But, add the intimacy you share with your clients into the mix, and you may have a recipe for disaster when it comes to obtaining and maintaining a meaningful relationship with your significant other. And yet, with respect, honesty and basic courtesy (along with following the recommended tips below), any escort can maintain a loving relationship with her significant other.

  1. Don’t attempt to turn a client into a spouse. Even though your friend may have a friend who knows someone who turned a client into a reliable spouse of many years, it just doesn’t happen very often. Clients adore the illusion you give them as an escort. Whether you’re the boy-next-door type or the smart librarian, your client is attracted to your assumed persona. When you attempt to establish a “real” relationship with them, the illusion you created for him disappears, and they see you as the plain-Jane you. It may be fun to fantasize about turning your favorite client into the spouse of your dreams, but the reality of it happening is slim.
  2. Choose a partner who is open-minded – sexually and every other way. Your significant other must be open-minded in order to accept the fact that your job as an escort is to spend time with other people and make them feel good, whether that’s by massaging their egos or their packages. And, remember that even the most sexually open-minded person may still have their bouts of jealousy when he thinks of you in bed with others.
  3. Be honest and open with your S. O. Telling the truth about what you do is of the utmost importance. From the very beginning, you should let them know that you work as an escort and what that entails. Becoming involved with a person only to drop the bombshell that you are an escort after they’ve fallen in love with you is not the foundation to build a lasting relationship upon.
  4. Avoid boasting about client gifts or luxury treatment. If a client flies you off to Paris for dinner or takes you to his yacht for your appointment, don’t share the lavish details with your spouse or significant other. Don’t flaunt a new diamond bracelet or designer lingerie. Rubbing your significant other’s nose in the fancy gifts or expensive treats your clients give you will hurt your relationship. For many people, it’s a matter of pride; they want to be the ones to give you special and expensive items or treats. Sell or pawn the gifts; or subtly introduce them in such a way that they aren’t as likely to notice them.
  5. Split the bills with your significant other, just as though you were not a high-end escort. Your partner shouldn’t want to be a “kept” person, and it’s important to let them contribute to your lifestyle. Although this may sound stereotypical, many individuals feel the need to be providers for their households. By allowing them to split the bills, you will save them from feeling like parasites.
  6. Don’t compare sexual strengths or techniques, even in your mind. Keep your client list and your partner very separated. Never share with your S.O. how good a client is at oral sex or massages (unless they are aroused by this). Don’t think in terms of whose better at one act than another, even if your significant other really IS better than any of your clients. Comparison is what makes life miserable.
  7. Make your significant other and family the most important priority. Even though your job as an escort is important, it’s not nearly as important as your personal life. Cancel appointments (or avoid scheduling them) so you can celebrate special occasions, deal with difficult situations, or spend free time together. When on vacation, turn off your phone, log out of your email and don’t respond to chat messages. Dress to kill when you’re with your significant other; let them know that they are #1 to you.
  8. Avoid providing services to clients that you aren’t willing to perform with your significant other. For instance, if anal sex (called “Greek” in escort parlance) is off the table with your partner, it shouldn’t be a service you provide to clients. Anything you are willing to do with clients should be something you willingly participate in with your S.O.
  9. Don’t mix family and work. Do not, under any circumstances, allow your significant other and your clients to mingle and meet one another. Even though you think everything should be “cool,” it won’t be. One of your clients will get to flapping his gums about something you do or how you act, and your significant other is apt to get jealous. Additionally, keep your partner away from other escorts. They may not understand your committed relationship and feel that coming on to your guy is perfectly allowable when it isn’t. Avoid conflicts by refusing to mix your personal and work lives.
  10. Don’t share personal details about your significant other with your clients. Even if you think you’re only sharing positive details, your significant other may not appreciate you sharing information about your private, special experiences with your clients. Don’t betray their trust. Keep your work outside, private life inside your home.
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