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Top 5 things to do to take a break from escorting

Even the best and brightest professionals burn out and need to recharge their batteries. That’s why corporate professionals, business executives and, even, middle managers, (among many others with “real” jobs) take vacation leave. They take advantage of time away from their jobs to enjoy life and to do other things.
Escorting is no different than these other careers. Escorts need some time off to do things that interest them. Taking a break can help an escort come back to her clients refreshed, recharged and more enthusiastic than ever. Here are the top 5 things to do to take a break from escorting:

  1. Announce your break in your profile and on your website. Always list the date you plan to be back to business. You don’t need to feel obligated to give any information about where you will be going or what you’ll be doing on your break. You can simply state that you’re taking some time off and will be available for bookings on your return date. Additionally, you should pull all ads you have running on various sites on the Internet, too, if you’re going to be taking a significantly lengthy break. (If you’re just taking a few weeks to a month off, don’t worry about your ads. They will still generate traffic to your profile, which may result in bookings when you return to work.)
  2. Don’t communicate with clients. Turn your work phone off, so you won’t be tempted to answer calls. Leave an outgoing voicemail greeting that informs clients you are taking a break and give the date you will return. Advise them to email you or call you at a later date. Also, don’t answer your work emails. Don’t even look at them! If you’re taking a break, take a break.
  3. Personally inform your clients ahead of time about your vacation. Your regular clients will find it odd if you just drop off the face of the earth when you’re on your break, and it may damage your relationship with them if they feel you left them out of the loop. Inform them you will be taking some time off from escorting and let them know you’ll be happy to take care of them, again, when you return. If you are close to a colleague in the business, offer to refer them to her in your absence.
  4. Analyze your budget. Make sure you are financially ready to take a break and can keep up with your expenses without the extra income. It’s not like working in the corporate world where you still get paid when you take vacation time. You won’t have any income being generated at all while you are off. Calculate your regular expenses and examine if you’ve got enough in the bank (or under your mattress) to cover costs. Additionally, it’s smart to pay your bills ahead of time, especially if you’re taking a month-long or longer break. That way if something happens where your money falls short, at least your bills are covered. Finally, remember that you need to keep a portion of your savings for a cushion for a rainy day or disaster. Don’t spend all of your savings just to take some time off.
  5. Keep yourself busy. Staying busy keeps you from being tempted to return early so you don’t miss out on all that money that clients might be spending on you during escort encounters. Additionally, keeping yourself occupied ensures you won’t worry about losing clients during the time you are off. Unless you’re going on an extremely long break, your clients will come back when you return to work. Plan activities that will allow you to accomplish your goals for your time off. If relaxation is on the menu, schedule spa dates and time at the pool or at some other hobby you enjoy. Book a vacation. If you need to get some things done, don’t procrastinate during your time off. Get on that renovation project, organize your cupboards, get your paperwork in order or whatever else you want to do with your break.
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