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10 dates escorts should consider refusing

Good escorts always have boundaries, which helps them to focus their efforts on the services and types of encounters they enjoy and are willing to do. However, in addition to general boundaries, many escorts have types of bookings they simply refuse to do.
It’s different for everyone, yet there are some similar thoughts among many in the escort industry. While some escorts take any kind of session they can get, others, who are in a position to chose, may be more particular. Here are the top 10 bookings escorts should consider refusing and why:

  1. Couples: Making both a man and woman happy during one encounter can be quite stressful. There’s always the threat of one or the other of them feeling uncomfortable, left out or jealous. In addition to the drama that sometimes surrounds getting it on with two committed individuals, many escorts also say that couples encounters are simply too much work. Many couples feel it’s the escort’s responsibility to please them both within the time booked; this means that the escort may have to do twice the amount of work as what she would with only one client.
  2. Overnights: Escorts who are experienced with providing overnight encounters will tell you that a full night of pleasing a client is extremely draining. Some clients ask for repetitious romps in the hay or require your full attention the entire night. They may keep you up until all hours of the morning or may wake you frequently throughout the night. Typically, escorts book 2- or 3-hour encounters with clients; after being used to a shorter time period for bookings, an entire night may seem extremely tiring. Additionally, escorts are usually too tired and drained to work the next day, so you will lose a day of work. Unless you increase your rate significantly for an overnight visit, you may lose money by missing a day of work. (Also, working on little sleep may cause you to provide less than stellar service to clients the next day, which could cost you bookings in the future.)
  3. 20-somethings: Even though it may be stereotypical to categorize all young men in their 20s, many escorts find that men under the age of 30 years old often have something to prove. They may have chips on their shoulders, feel the need to brag about their business or budding empire, attach too many strings to your relationship or feel like they must be a sexual dynamo. Many escorts say that encounters with 20-somethings leave them feeling exhausted. Others say they feel like they’ve experienced overload due to the client’s immaturity or insecurity.
  4. Physically undesirables: Although it’s impossible to determine what a client looks (or smells) like from the booking telephone call or email, repeat bookings you may choose to refuse can include men who are physically undesirable. This is not to say that you must think that each of your clients is the equivalent to a Greek god: it just means that if you find something physically detestable about them, you can refuse a repeat booking. For instance, a client with stinky breath is miserable to be intimate with; let him know he’d be better off with a different escort and refer to him to a colleague. The same goes for men with smelly feet, sweaty groins, gnarly nails, rough hands, really ugly faces or anything else that makes them physically unappealing. Many escorts lump extremely obese clients into this category, too.
  5. Outdoor trysts: The outdoor date to the park or ballgame are great; however, if your client wants to go camping in Central Park and get it on near the jogging trail, you should refuse the booking. Many escorts are simply not the outdoorsy types, so camping, nature walks or hiking in the woods is extremely unappealing. Becoming close to nature is a frightening thought to many girls who only own designer high heels and never go out without their war paint on. You can refuse outdoor trysts simply because you aren’t used to providing your services in an outdoor environment.
  6. Exhibitionism: Your date wants to get it on in the elevator? Or at an amusement park? Or at the theater? While it may sound like a lot of fun, it’s not a good idea for you to start practicing exhibitionism encounters as an escort. Getting a little dirty with your boyfriend in the back of the movie theater is one thing; however, giving a blow job to a client in an elevator is something entirely different. Remember that you are a high-end escort with class and sophistication. Require that your clients give you the respect you deserve and not request that you put on a show for them and (possibly) others. Additionally, exhibitionism can get you arrested for public indecency or obscenity. That’s not something you want to fight in court, especially when you work as an escort.
  7. Drunk/high clients: Protect yourself by refusing any booking with a drunk or high client. Even though he or she may be the sweetest person alive when completely sober, people under the influence can change drastically. They don’t think rationally or act coherently. You can’t outguess them or naturally assume what they will do. Look out for your personal safety and decline the booking. Additionally, if something were to happen and the law became involved, you could be in trouble for possession of a controlled substance, too, simply by association.
  8. Quickies: High-end escorts don’t do quickies. (Unless they are with a client who pays for a full minimum session.) Usually, clients who ask for quickies are cheap and don’t want to pay for the full encounter. If they are so crude as to expect an escort to provide a quickie, they should be informed they are barking up the wrong tree. Prostitutes provide quickies; high-end escorts do not.
  9. Scat fetish: A fetish encounter, scat play involves playing with, quite simply, poop. In addition to being gross and dirty, it can be dangerous to your health. You must, must, must wear gloves while involved in the encounter if you are touching human excrement. If you have any cuts or open sores on your hands, any germs or bacteria in the poop can infect you and make you very ill and transmit STDs to you. Unless it’s something that turns you on, avoid it.
  10. Anything uncomfortable: Sometimes you can’t put your finger on why, but a client may make you feel uncomfortable. It may be the way he looks at you, the way she talks or the way the booking was made. Whatever it is, trust your gut. If a client makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, walk away from the encounter. Your safety, freedom and welfare are at stake. You have the right to say no and to choose your own clients. You don’t have to only let them choose you.
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