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10 ways escorting ruins dating the average guy

Working girls date regular guys, too, – especially if they still have hopes of finding Mr. Right – which may seem boring and unfulfilling after being someone’s fantasy girl. Some escorts are treated to a lifestyle that most average Joes just simply cannot afford or have no idea about. As a result, escorting may ruin a woman for dating a regular guy. Here are 10 ways escorting dampens conventional dating experiences:

  1. They don’t always call. Unlike the men on your client list who always call to book their weekly (or monthly) appointments, a “regular” guy may not call when he says he will. Or, he may not call at all. Welcome to the world of dating! While a good guy who is genuinely interested in you should call when he says he will, a lot of men out there are not good, genuine guys. Some are rascals who don’t always live up to what they promise.
  2. They are not always wealthy. Most of the clients encountered by an escort have some degree of wealth. Whether or not they wear a Rolex may be debatable, but they typically have some investments, deposited significant cash in the bank and are embarking upon successful careers. However, the cute guy at the coffee shop you’ve had your eye on may be barely scraping by, living paycheck to paycheck and still be struggling with his insurance sales career. (Or, his art career, music profession or job at the local market.) He doesn’t have discretionary income to blow on fancy dates with you, even though he might like to. The days of 5-star restaurants don’t exist with him; it’s hot dog stands and free concerts in the park. (These free or more affordable options can be extremely fun, but be prepared for more of these than fancy dinners out.) And, there’s also the possibility of going “Dutch” with a date who is struggling.
  3. Your designer clothing is out of place with a regular dude. He doesn’t know Louis Vuitton from K-Mart. He prefers a girl in a t-shirt and jeans. Your platform heels are out of place at the local taco stand. Be prepared to dress down for many of your dates with Average Joe. Your little black dress and Prada bag have a place in your work wardrobe. However, you probably will be able to mix very little of your work wardrobe into your wardrobe that you wear in the real world with a new beau. Invest in some basic staples that are less dramatic or expensive. Otherwise, accept the fact that you will likely be overdressed for most of your outings with your new guy.
  4. Rushing things can result in failure. You’re accustomed to making decisions very quickly as an escort. You know body language, can identify when a man is attracted to and are a master at communication skills. But, he isn’t. Coming on too strongly before he’s ready for your advances or affection can be a recipe for disaster. Also, allowing sex into the picture too early may be a turn-off for him if he’s looking for a “nice” girl. Even if you think that the allotted three dates have expired, he may be turned off if you rush into anything too physical with him.
  5. Competing with his buddies sucks! Escort are sought by men. When you are somebody’s date, it’s very different. Regular dudes go out with their friends, play sports, hit the gym and enjoy guy time. Even though your guy may be enamored with your beauty, he’s still going to spend Friday night with the guys at the local pub. If you’re lucky, he’ll invite you along. Even if you get an invitation, you’re still tagging along and won’t be getting his full attention when you’re with his friends.
  6. Dealing with his family can be stressful! His mother, sister and brother may be obnoxious….or just impossible to get along with. They may pass judgment on you and disapprove heartily. Even if they think you’re the best thing since sliced bread, you’re still likely to find his family to be an obstacle to alone time for you and your guy. (Not all family members are stressful. Many people come to love their mate’s family dearly. After escorting, though, developing a relationship with his family may be stressful, especially if they find out what you do for a living.)
  7. Many men don’t care that you’re beautiful. Being beautiful may be an added bonus, but many men don’t expect that they will end up with a super model for a girlfriend or wife. So, they don’t really care that you’re beautiful. Your clients find this to be a requirement for spending time with you. It’s a dichotomy that is difficult to transition to in the real world. Your average dude cares more that you are a caring, nice, sensitive individual who can hold a conversation and loves his cat. He doesn’t care that you can wear a garter belt like no woman he has ever seen before.
  8. Average men may be intimidated by you. Getting a date may be difficult. Regular Joes often avoid women who are extremely confident, beautiful and successful. They shy away from women who are more powerful or wealthier than they are. They may admire you from afar, but when it comes time to approach you, they chicken out. Men know who is in their league and who is not. They’ve already identified their level on the datable scale and know that a woman they identify as a “10″ isn’t going to be interested in them. As a result, many men you would consider dating simply won’t ask you out.
  9. Men play games. Dating games are simply ridiculous. Yet sometimes you end up involved in them without intending to be. Whether it’s related to jealousy, insecurity or inexperience, some men play games in order to feel in control and powerful in relationships. Dating regular men means that sometimes you end up with a guy who uses such silly methods to make himself feel better. You don’t have to engage in his games.
  10. You must deal with baggage. Unlike how you engage in encounters with clients, baggage is a part of everyone’s life. You will encounter other people’s baggage, which may influence how they react to being in a relationship with you (or anyone else, for that matter). Additionally, unlike how you check your baggage at the door with clients, your baggage may be a factor how you relate to others in the dating world. Don’t let it overwhelm you, but be sure to properly deal with your emotions and feelings, too.
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