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How escorts can contest false hobbyist reviews

When you’re in the escort business long enough, one day you will receive a negative or false review from a hobbyist. You don’t have to take false reviews lying down. The proper thing to do when a hobbyist posts a false review about an encounter with you is to post a rebuttal and to report the hobbyist to the forum moderator.
Note that your rebuttal must be tastefulconcise and factual in order to do you and your position justice. Here are some tips about how to contest a false hobbyist review:

  • Calm down before doing anything. Seeing a false review about yourself can be enough to turn even the most serene person into a raging bull. Take a few (as many as necessary) moments to collect your thoughts, control your emotions and assess the situation instead of firing off an instant, angry reply. Don’t do or say anything until you are calm, or you will regret it.
  • Keep your rebuttal concise. Short and to the point is what you’re looking for in your post. The longer your post, the less chances that it will be read in full and the more at risk you put yourself at sounding whiny. Your post should quickly get to the point and establish your position and why the hobbyist is incorrect.
  • Stick to the facts. Write your rebuttal based on what is false or incorrect about the hobbyist’s review. Don’t use personal judgments like “wrong”, “good”, “bad”, “normal”, “average”. Present the facts and let the reader decide. If the author of the review lies, don’t say “The author of the review lies“. Instead, tell your side of story and try to come across as a more decent person than your reviewer, as someone who deserves more trust.
  • Include specific information in your rebuttal post. Some very specific things belong in your rebuttal post. They are:
    • The hobbyist’s username
    • The link to the hobbyist’s false review
    • Your name
    • Information that is being contested
    • Your side of the story with date, time and other specific details of context.
    • Statement indicating you have reported the hobbyist to the moderator
  • Refrain from editorializing. Do not post your personal opinions about the hobbyist. Avoid saying that men suck. Avoid crass or dirty language. Don’t whine about your personal situation: you’re a single mother just trying to support your kids; you are trying to just make a living; you work too hard for this kind of treatment; etc. Post only relevant information in your rebuttal post. After rereading your post, you notice there is information in it that does not specifically pertain to why the post is incorrect or false, remove the information.
  • Avoid personal attacks on your reviewer. While it’s most tempting to call a spade a spade, do not insult the reviewer and begin a flame war. Calling him names or insulting his intelligence, manhood or anything else will not get you the positive attention you desire. Remember: you want to look like are a better, more reliable person than your reviewer.
  • Contest the post tactfully. You have an impeccable reputation to maintain. Now is not the time to blow it by posting foul language, personal attacks, petty comments or anything else that is only in the interest of revenge. It will make you look like a bad person. Remain professional at all costs during this process. Your reputation is at stake, and your professionalism may save it. It takes one wrong word to ruin years of hard work.
  • Proofread your rebuttal. Your intention with the rebuttal is to prove that you are credible, reputable and reliable, thus showing that a negative review of you is simply impossible. If your post is laden with mistakes, your credibility will be doubted. Check for proper grammar, punctuation and spelling. Use paragraphs as you write (no text message acronyms or ways of writing) and proper capitalization. If your English and grammar skills are not great, ask a friend or colleague to proofread your post for you before you post it. A post in poor English is a vote against you.
  • Report the hobbyist to the forum moderator. Contact the moderator as soon as you learn of the false review. Ask the moderator to flag the review as “Under investigation”. Provide to the moderator all information, proof and evidence possible to prove that the hobbyist’s review is false. Some forum moderators will warn the reviewer or ban them from posting if he’s found of posting false reviews.

Don’t think about the person who wrote a false review — think about the review as you would about a burst pipe or similar misfortune. It happened, all right — now fix it.
Stay calm and stick to the facts.

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