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How to keep your incall under wraps

While you may be proud of your career and the living you make, you must know that keeping your profession a secret is sometimes necessary, especially if you have nosey neighbors who might be interested in turning you over to the authorities.
Seeing a steady stream of clients coming and going at your incall at all hours of the day and night may tip off your neighbors that something questionable may be going on inside. Don’t give them any reasons to be suspicious of you. Use these tips to keep your incall under wraps and your neighbors at bay:

  • Only see clients during typical working hours. If you have clients over to your incall during typical work hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.), most of your neighbors will either be at work, themselves, or sleeping from working the night shift. Many of your clients will be available to book encounters with you during these hours as they are executives who can slip away from their offices or they run their own businesses. Other clients who cannot come to your incall during the day may be seen at an outcall at other hours.
  • Avoid clients coming and going at busy times. Many people leave for work between 7 and 7:30 a.m. and arrive home between 5:30 and 6 p.m. School buses drop off children between 3 and 4 p.m. Refrain from scheduling clients in your day where they will be arriving or leaving your incall during any of these hours. During these times, your clients might run into or be seen by your neighbors. You can avoid this with some simple scheduling.
  • Assign a separate entrance for your clients. Ask them to use the back or side door, instead of the front entrance. Establish an appealing entry area for them, but avoid the local busybodies who can see the front door. If your neighbors can’t see your clients going in and out of your incall, they can’t suspect anything about what’s going on inside.
  • Request your clients park in the garage, behind a fence or in a less visible location. An attached garage, back driveway, side street or other location may be the perfect place for your clients to park in order to avoid the prying eyes of your neighbors. Parking in a less-noticeable location may also make your clients feel better and less compromised. (They may be a bit paranoid, too!)
  • Consider picking up your clients at a separate location. A convenience store or other business not too far from your incall location may be a perfect place to meet a client. Meet him and drive him to your incall in your vehicle so you can avoid the curious onlookers nearby. They may be used to seeing your vehicle in and out throughout the day, so this will attract less attention than several visitors to your home throughout the day.
  • Set a maximum number of clients per day. Three clients per day is plenty to an individual incall location in order to avoid attracting extra attention. Be sure to space your clients out throughout your work day to ensure they won’t run into one another as they arrive to and leave your incall location.
  • Ask your clients to arrive at your incall location looking like they are there for business. For instance, clients could arrive with a briefcase, folder, paperwork or other items that would make neighborhood gawkers think they were there to sell insurance or conduct some other type of business. Your client should be willing to go along with this small request, as it helps to protect his privacy, as well.
  • Inform your neighbors that you run a home business. At a block party or other community event, you can casually tell a neighbor or two that you run a home-based business. The business could be accounting, marketing or anything else that comes to mind and can be done from home. However, be ready to tell your neighbor that you’re not accepting new clients if/when they consult you about doing business with you. (Be ready to refer him or her to a real professional in your pseudo-industry.)
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