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Tips for escort companionship offers

It sounds wonderful: a first-class four-day cruise to the Caribbean. Fun in the sun, fine dining and great company, hopefully. As an escort, you may have an opportunity to accompany one of your clients on a vacation of a lifetime. But, remember, it’s their vacation: you are simply a paid companion. You are working during the trip, so you must stay true to your image and perform as your client expects.
Escort companionship can be difficult, to say the least. Anyone who has traveled with a significant other for the first time knows that spending a lot of time together can either make or break a relationship, and that’s with someone you have feelings for! There are a number of issues that can arise between two people as they spend extended amounts of time with one another, unless certain preparations are taken.
You must be cautious about accepting escort companionship offers, in order to retain clients, keep yourself safe and ensure that work is still enjoyable. Here are some tips to consider when accepting companion encounters:

  • Set your rates: Many escorts have difficulties setting rates for companion encounters that last 24 hours or more. Spending time with a client is usually simple: you set an hourly rate with a minimum and charge him or her accordingly. If a client wants three hours, you charge three times the hourly rate. However, it’s usually a different story when you’re talking about a lengthy companion encounter. Lasting 24 hours or more, some escorts use a calculation based on their overnight fees plus half of the overnight fee, again, for a 24-hour rate. For instance, if an escort’s overnight fee is $1,000 — her 24-hour fee would be $1,500. Once in awhile, your client may invite you to a conference or away with him while he is on a business trip. Even though your client may be in meetings or other activities throughout the day, you should still charge him the full 24-hour rate. Because you are away from your regular schedule of business, you will be losing income from regular appointments. In order to fully compensate you, you must ask for the entire 24-hour rate.
  • Ask for a deposit: Even if the client is one of your most respected repeat clients, you should ask them for a deposit ahead of time. The amount of the deposit is entirely up to you. Escorts generally ask for 50% prior to the trip, especially if the trip is for an extended time (three days or more). In addition to ensuring that you won’t be out any money by blocking the time with your client out on your calendar, you will have some available cash to use for any purchases you must make or bills that need paying prior to your trip.
  • Screen your clients with extreme caution: Most escorts refuse to book an extended encounter with a new client, plain and simple. The risk is too high since you do not know the client or anything about him. Even if you’ve met a client once before, make sure you do some extra checking on him to make sure he’s who he says he is and isn’t a risk to you. Meet the client ahead of time for coffee or drinks. Consider refusing the appointment if you and the client have nothing in common; if you’re struggling to make conversation over a latte, then it’s going to be even more difficult to entertain him when it’s just the two of you in Tahiti. Additionally, keep in mind that it pays to be extra cautious with a new client: once you’re away from home, you’re at an even higher risk of danger if something were to go wrong, especially in a foreign country. Being away from home, your “people” are much more than just a phone call away.
  • Inform friends of your whereabouts: Never leave home for an extended time with a client without letting someone know where you are. Call a friend, family member or colleague and let them know where you are going, with whom and for how long.
  • Check out the itinerary: Always approve the itinerary ahead of time. If your client is planning on a trip to Paris and all he wants to see are art museums when your idea of fun is shopping, then you may need to ask for some adjustments. If you fear heights, and your client wants to parasail while you’re in Hawaii, you should ask him to let you be a bystander. If anything in the itinerary makes you uncomfortable or is extremely out of your comfort zone, you shouldn’t agree to it. Some clients allow an escort to make up the itinerary. If so, feel lucky! But, remember to focus the activities on your client and not you. Make sure to balance sightseeing and physical activities with fine dining and down time.
  • Know what to pack: By seeing the itinerary, you should have some ideas about what to pack. For instance, it’s helpful to know that while you’re in Hawaii, you may need a cocktail dress for a fundraising gala you’ll be attending — without that knowledge, you might only pack a bikini and a sarong! Without completely over packing, be prepared for a variety of activities and take clothes that can double for daytime and evening activities with a few changes of accessories. Make sure to pack clothing that doesn’t wrinkle excessively or stain easily.
  • Be back soon: Let your clients know that you’re temporarily unavailable, but you will return in a few days. Within your profile or on your website, give your return date so clients and potential clients know when to expect communication from you, again. Leave your work phone at home while you’re on your long booking, but leave an outgoing voicemail that informs callers that you are temporarily away but will return on a particular date. Also, set your email account up to send an auto reply message to clients letting them know when to expect you back. Without notifying clients you are away, they may just think you are ignoring them and move on to another escort.
  • Prepare yourself: An extended booking with even your favorite client may be stressful. You must be “on” all the time when you’re with your client. You must stay true to your image the entire time. You have to remember all aspects of your “story.” Prepare yourself mentally by concentrating on the good things about your client and picturing yourself as the person you are as an escort. Remember that you won’t be able to call friends or family members when you’re away to vent or talk about life, so you will need to prepare yourself to handle your emotions and any issues that come up while you’re away. Think up ways to entertain your client during less eventful parts of your trip and consider how to act during downtimes.
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