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4 motivation challenges of independent escorts and 5 ways to face them

Just like for anyone who is self-employed, it’s easy for escorts to become distracted, unmotivated or simply discouraged from putting in the time and effort. Escorts who work with agencies may have some of the same problems, but they have the agency to answer to, which gives them motivation even when they are discouraged, tired or distracted. Motivation challenges are more common for independent escorts – here are some of them:

  1. Lack of desire to go through the whole escort beauty regime. Escorts all have different beauty routines. Some may wax and tweeze themselves to perfection, while others exfoliate and moisturize daily. (Others may do it all!) Either way, the entire beauty routine, make-up application and hair styling takes considerable time each day that an escort works. Even when an escort attempts to simplify, her routine is likely still much more elaborate than the routine she goes through to just go grocery shopping or make a run to the mall. It takes motivation to go through all of the effort. Some days, many escorts feel that the extra work is entirely unjustified and not worth it. However, clients appreciate the extra trouble you take to beautify yourself, even if they don’t say it.
  2. No motivation to work out in order to retain her physique. Keeping your figure is essential to your image and brand. Clients want to know that when you show up at their doors (or they show up at yours) that the person arriving will be the same person they saw in the pictures on your profile. There are days that any person wants to pig out on ice cream and be a slug all day, but an escort can only afford a very few of these days. It is essential that escorts get back on the fitness bandwagon if they want to retain their health, appearance and clientele.
  3. Dressing is sometimes a downer. Nobody wants to wear a garter belt every day, especially when your slouchy sweatshirt and boxers are so much more comfortable. Even your favorite jeans and t-shirt are more comfortable than your 5-inch heels and little black dress. It’s a pain to have to dress up every day for your clients. But it’s part of your job, just like wearing scrubs if you were to work at a hospital or donning a uniform if you were employed at a fast food joint. Sometimes the pressure to always be dressed to the nines is terribly oppressing, which causes a huge motivational challenge for independent escorts.
  4. Other distractions can cause an escort to become unmotivated. Parenting, shopping, spending time at the pool or any other number of things can distract you from wanting to work. Going to the movies with a friend, laughing over a long lunch with your sister or going to the amusement park with your teenager would be much more fun than seeing that overly boring client you have booked this afternoon. It’s easy to become distracted when you’re an independent escort, especially when everything around you seems much more exciting.

Many other obstacles that discourage motivation may lurk for the independent escort, however there are a few ways that escorts can battle things that cause them to become unfocused. Here are a few tips:

  1. Stay focused by setting goals and tracking your progress. Some escorts take a very organized approach to this. They establish the number of clients they hope to see in a week (or month — whichever works better for you). By tracking the number of clients, where they see them and how much money they earn on a spreadsheet, organized escorts can track their progress each week down to the detail. Some escorts reward themselves for meeting (or exceeding!) goals — which helps keep them motivated throughout the week. When focused on a goal, versus the difficulties of the day-to-day operations, it’s easier to get past distractions and routines that have become dissatisfying.
  2. Schedule dates regardless of your motivation levels. Most escorts find that the closer they come to the time of a booking, the more pumped they become. They say adrenaline kicks in, which helps give them more desire to get ready and go through their routines of preparing for clients. Even if you’re feeling unmotivated, book clients with the knowledge that you will gain more “oomph” when it comes time for the client to arrive.
  3. Take time off to recharge. Sometimes you simply need a few days to bum around in your comfy sweats sans make-up in order to get a break. Take some time to yourself in order to appreciate the routine you normally go through to look client-ready.
  4. Change up your routines. Adjust your make-up routine or how you do your hair. Instead of waxing, shave for the day. Depending on the clients you have booked, you may be able to relax your routines slightly for the day. But, be prepared to get back to normal within a couple of days. Feeling like you’ve had a break from the norm may give you a fresh outlook when you go back to your usual ways of doing things.
  5. Make yourself accountable to someone. Ask someone you trust (who knows about your career) to check up on you and encourage you to live up to your obligations. Request that they hound you to book sessions with clients (which also means answering their phone calls, even if you don’t feel like it). Make them promise you that they will see to it that you go through your beauty routine every day. Having someone check up on you may help you become more motivated to continue going through the motions in order to succeed.
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