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15 ways clients try to cheat escorts

The escort industry depends on being able to trust clients to do what they’ve promised: provide a safe environment for an escort, pay for time spent during an encounter and follow through on details agreed upon prior to an appointment. Escorts go out on a limb each and every time they communicate with prospective clients, because it’s nearly impossible for an escort to tell if each client is reliable, or a time waster, or worse. Here are the top 15 ways in which clients may try to cheat escorts out of their time, money or safety:

  1. Clients sometimes demand pictures with no intentions of booking appointments. Email communications are common ways that clients and escorts use to establish a rapport and schedule an encounter. Through email communications, a client may innocently ask to see more photos prior to the appointment. However, some clients utilize this opportunity to obtain free pictures, with the intention of canceling an appointment after it’s made. Be wary of sending too many free pictures to prospective clients. Additionally, if a prospective client becomes demanding or forceful when insisting that you send him pictures, avoid the situation altogether and cut off communication with him.
  2. Clients call only to talk dirty or talk about kinky sex. Some clients enjoy talking about sex as much as they enjoy the act, itself. Allowing a client to discuss kinky sex, in great detail, prior to the encounter may be all the excitement the client needs or wants. Many callers will talk about dirty sex details and how they plan to spend the time with you, only to never show up for the appointment. Essentially, these clients got free sex talk from you and wasted your time. Avoid getting into too many kinky details with your clients, until you are certain they will show up for the booking.
  3. A client may show up with only a portion of the money, with the promise that he will bring the rest “in a moment”. Many escorts tell stories about clients who claim they must run down the street to the ATM to get cash. Or, the client left his wallet in his truck and has to go back to get it. Some clients simply insist they’ve left something important in their truck (their telephone, wallet, fancy underpants, etc.) and must go get them. In most cases, once the client leaves, he never returns. It was all simply a ploy to see you in person and not have to pay.
  4. Some clients create false outcall locations. More than once (in fact, many, many times), escorts have gone in search of a location only to find out it doesn’t exist. The address may be good, down to the wrong or non-existent apartment number. Some escorts even receive texts or phone calls from their no-show clients as they are seeking out the location, where they are mocked for their stupidity or gullibility.
  5. Clients threaten escorts with negative reviews. Often, clients who are used to leaving online reviews for escorts they have seen may ask for special services or treatment from an escort. They may request additional time (an extra 30 minutes, for example), sexual contact without the use of protection or a service that is not usually provided by the escort. If the escort denies the client’s request, he may tell her that he is going to leave her negative reviews on various websites unless she changes her mind.
  6. Clients book appointments just to save your soul. Some overly zealous soul savers book appointments with escorts with the intention of getting an opportunity to preach to them about how they can repent and be saved. They book appointments, show up for the time slot, but they refuse to pay for or request services. The do-gooders attempt to educate the escort about the moral turpitude they are dispelling upon society, along with the moral downfalls and sins they commit with each and every client.
  7. Some clients book an appointment and expect a preview or audition for the real thing. Many escorts report they have shown up for encounters, ready to provide services, only to find out the client wants a quick look or preview of what he’ll be getting, while refusing to pay. He may request a hand job, a quick flash or brief grope in order to “decide” if he really wants an appointment or not. No legitimate escort should allow a client to obtain a “preview” or should subject herself to an audition for free.
  8. Some clients attempt to negotiate a pay now + pay later deal. Escorts report that clients propose that they pay half of the fee at the beginning of the encounter, and then submit payment when it’s time for the appointment to be over. Typically, if an escort agrees to this non-traditional arrangement, she never receives payment for the second installment of her fee. The client just used his payment arrangement idea as a way to cheat the escort out of her full fee.
  9. Clients pay with checks or counterfeit bills. It’s not uncommon for escorts to report they’ve gotten checks from their clients that were worth nothing. When they went to cash them, escorts say that many clients had insufficient funds in their bank accounts to cash the checks they’d been given. It’s important to only accept cash. However, more recently, many escorts have received counterfeit bills not worth the money they were printed on. Tips for spotting counterfeit bills can be found here. The U.S. Secret Service suggests looking closely at the portraits, borders and serial numbers and feeling the paper to determine if the money is real.
  10. Paying for an encounter with items through a trade is popular among clients who are not legitimate. Some clients offer drugs in exchange for time with an escort. They think that by providing some weed or other drugs an escort will be enticed to spend time with them. High-end escorts should never use drugs, especially with clients. Other clients may attempt to pay an escort with stolen merchandise such as high-end jewelry, electronics, cars/automobiles or designer clothing or accessories. If an escort accepts stolen merchandise, it may be confiscated.
  11. Criminal clients may steal from an escort or rob her. It’s not uncommon to hear of an escort who has had her purse rifled through by a client while she was in the bathroom. Clients sometimes steal money from an escort’s handbag, or even worse, rob her at gunpoint, taking everything valuable such as her cash, credit cards, mobile phone and jewelry. Some escorts have shared stories of encounters that seemingly went perfectly up until the last few moments where she was robbed as the client left. Not only did she lose money for the time she spent with the client, but she lost all other valuables she had with her, as well.
  12. Many clients try to convince an escort that two is better than one. Upon arrival, many escorts have been surprised to find two (or more) clients waiting for her instead of the agreed-upon one client. At the time of booking, only an appointment with one client is discussed. Most clients don’t understand why an escort won’t service both clients for the same price at the same encounter. Escorts should never feel obligated to follow through with an appointment with two clients, when only one was approved. Additionally, she should ask for a cancellation fee, but most times she won’t receive one for her time.
  13. Clients think they can record the moment. In this day and age of technology, it’s not surprising that some clients attempt to record the encounter with a video camera, cell phone or other device. Outcalls have an even higher risk of the encounter being recorded, as clients can hide cameras prior to an escort’s arrival. Escorts should ALWAYS look out for this. Insisting that the lights be dim during any activity during the encounter can help thwart a client’s attempts to record the appointment. Additionally, an escort should feel entitled to ask a client where his cell phone is and make sure that it is not set to record prior to the start of the appointment.
  14. A few clients lead escorts to believe they will be their sugar daddies, and they steal from them, instead. Escorts who are looking for their golden ticket may fall prey to clients who tell them they will support them. Usually with a promise of a set amount of money per month or week, a con artist will talk an escort into giving him her banking account numbers so he can automatically deposit money into her accounts. Once he’s acquired an escort’s bank account numbers, he may make withdrawals instead of the promised deposits.
  15. Clients are violent with escorts after they know they’ve reported in safely. Clients who have visited with many escorts learn the way things work. After an escort meets a client and feels things are safe, she often calls in to a colleague or driver and reports that she is safe and the encounter is going as planned. A client who is aware of how things work may wait until the escort has called in safely and then become violent with the escort. The violent client takes what he wants and leaves, always without paying.
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