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The top 10 items an escort should carry in her handbag

Every woman has her own preferences about the types of things she carries in her handbag. Some women can’t live without a tote that suggests she might be lugging around everything including the kitchen sink, while others exist quite happily with nothing more than a wristlet or wallet with a little cash, lip gloss and a credit card or two. However, for an escort there are some items that make life much more simple and prepare one for even the most unexpected incidents. In addition to usual items such as cash and keys, here are the top 10 items an escort should carry in her handbag:

  1. Condoms: Lots of them in all sizes. Just like women aren’t all one size, men’s penises aren’t, either. Carry several options including small, medium and large varieties. Additionally, have some ribbed ones and any other types that you enjoy using. Be sure to check your condom stash periodically, though. Any expired condoms should be discarded and replaced with new versions.
  2. Lube: Plain or flavored, it doesn’t matter as long as you have some. (Otherwise, your encounters may seem much longer than what they actually are.) Always having lube with you ensures your comfort with your clients. Additionally, by providing it yourself, you get to choose the kind and brands you like. Many escorts choose to carry both plain and flavored; cherry is a favorite flavor in case any of it ends up in your mouth.
  3. Massage oil: You can choose to carry expensive massage oil, or simply opt for baby oil. Either way, make sure you have a couple of trial-sized bottles of oil with you. Many encounters with clients start out with a massage, which turns into something much more sensual and intimate. However, trying to massage a client without oil makes the experience seem like it’s missing something. Oil is relatively inexpensive and is carried easily in your bag.
  4. Latex gloves: You never know where your hands will end up or what you’ll be asked to touch. Any kind of scat or anal play is best acted upon with a layer of latex between you and it. Latex gloves act as a protective barrier and can keep you from getting an infection. Latex gloves can be purchased at any pharmacy and may be carried very discreetly in your handbag.
  5. Tissues or wet wipes: Sex is messy. Having something you can use to help clean up is absolutely essential. Additionally, many women carry wet wipes or tissues in their purses, anyways, for quick make-up fixes or to wipe off any dirt or grease they get on them throughout the day.
  6. Bullet vibrator: Small and easy to hide in your bag, you should carry a bullet vibrator with you. Many men find it erotic to watch a woman pleasure herself with a vibrator. Additionally, many even enjoy some vibrator action on their backdoors. A bullet vibrator is discreet and doesn’t take up a lot of space, and it can add a lot of passion to your encounters.
  7. Chewing gum/disposable toothbrushes: Even if you’re not into kissing, you need to have fresh breath when getting up close and personal with your clients. Popping a piece of chewing gum in before your appointment or freshening up with disposable toothbrushes can make your pearly whites sparkle and get rid of your pizza breath before you get it on with your client.
  8. Personal safety items: Even though your clients are upscale professionals, you still run the risk of booking an appointment with a bad apple from time to time. Carrying a personal alarm, pepper spray or, even, a taser can provide you with a level of protection that can help you turn the tables on potentially dangerous situations.
  9. Mobile phone: Not only do you use your mobile phone for business, but it’s also your lifeline for safety. Use it to place a “safe” call after meeting up with your client, calling your driver after an appointment or simply setting up lunch with an old friend. You should always have your phone on you so that you can book appointments and call for help, if need be.
  10. Make-up and personal hygiene items: Many women only carry mascara and concealer, while others pack up their entire make-up bags with a full arsenal of war paint. Some women bring tampons, deodorant, body spray and a hair brush. Bring with you the items you need to feel polished and public-worthy after a good romp in bed with a client.
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