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Top 9 tips escorts should use for booking couples encounters

Many times, when an escort gets a call for a couples booking, it fails to pan out: often it’s a jokester getting his kicks by making a fake booking or the female member of the couple isn’t aware of the booking until the last minute and then cancels the appointment. Yet sometimes couples do book an escort date in order to fulfill a fantasy or explore a curiosity. Here are the top nine tips an escort should use when booking couples encounters:

  1. Set your rate from the beginning. Many couples may attempt to bargain with an escort to get a better rate. It’s wise to simply state your rate confidently, without wavering. If you waver as you inform your clients your rate, they may think there is some room to haggle. Typical rates for couples are one and on-half times your usual rates for a single client. For instance, if your typical rate is $350 for a client for an hour, your rate for a couple is $525 for one hour. Of course, you are entitled to charge any rate that you feel is appropriate for your couples encounter. Some escorts find out more about the appointment prior to setting a rate; if the appointment is going to be more labor-intensive for the escort, she may choose to set a higher rate.
  2. Accept a deposit. Because couples bookings are more uncommon, escorts are smart to request the clients to pay a deposit ahead of time. Couples encounters sometimes fail to occur because one of the members of the couple decides he or she has cold feet at the last minute. Sometimes, one member of the couple simply doesn’t know about the booking. Couples bookings are sometimes bogus, and when you show up for the appointment, the couple isn’t even there. Getting a deposit ahead of time ensures that you get something for your time.
  3. Verify the date with the other half of the couple. Making sure that both members of the couple are up for the experience can save you a lot of hassle in the long run. When booking the encounter with the client, ask to speak to the other member of the couple. If you never hear from the other member, it’s probable that your encounter is not an experience that both are into. Booking a couples encounter with clients who are not in agreement is a recipe for disaster.
  4. Define the ground rules. Get a solid list of do’s and don’ts from the clients. For instance, many clients will say that penetrative sex between you and the male member of the couple is forbidden. However, contact between you and the female may be unlimited. The level of sex play may depend on the experience of the couple, their sexuality and trust. Some couples are into anything and everything. Others just want the man to watch you with the woman. Some couples may want you to simply watch them in order to fulfill a voyeuristic fantasy. Some escorts establish these ground rules on the phone prior to the encounter; others meet ahead of time for a drink and discuss things immediately prior to the appointment.
  5. Let clients take the lead. It’s their appointment, don’t take charge. In order to keep the peace between everyone, never be the one to make the first move with your clients. Keep them comfortable and happy with you by not showing either of them more attention than the other. Jealousy and other emotions can arise unexpectedly during an encounter, especially for inexperienced couples, so it’s best to never be the one initiating anything.
  6. Practice safe sex principles. It becomes more challenging to keep condoms, dental dams and other barriers fresh when you add a third person into the mix, but it’s essential that safe sex principles be adhered to carefully. Additionally, avoid cross contamination between people. For instance, if a man penetrates his female partner, be sure he changes his condom before he penetrates you or you perform oral sex on him. If a woman performs oral sex on her man, use a dental dam before she goes down on you.
  7. Check both of the members of the couple for STDs. Examine both members of the couple for any visible signs of infection, just as you would if you were servicing a single client. A non-invasive, non-obvious look-over is good to do for both the male and female client. This can be done as you stimulate both of them with your hands.
  8. Bring toys. Encounters with women are often enhanced by the use of vibrators, strap-ons and other toys that stimulate and pleasure her. Most men enjoy watching women pleasure themselves with toys; these same men will enjoy watching you and the other woman pleasure each other with the toys. Additionally, it’s a surefire way to enhance the woman’s experience during the encounter.
  9. Consider role playing. Couples scenarios can be tricky and awkward. If you introduce a role-playing atmosphere into the encounter, it can take away some of the questions about what to do next. Many couples enjoy the scenario of the naughty boyfriend caught cheating. Others like playing dirty cheerleaders and horny quarterback. Many clients become excited with the fantasy of horny doctor, sexy nurse and naughty patient. Regardless of the role-playing scenario you choose to play out, it gives the couple something to think about rather than obsessing over how they should act during the encounter.
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