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How to keep escorting while pregnant

Getting wild and crazy with clients while you’ve got a bun in the oven may not be exactly what you pictured for yourself when you decided to start a family, but it’s entirely possible that you may be busier than ever as a pregnant escort. Men find your growing baby bump, burgeoning breasts and pregnancy glow irresistible and are willing to pay premium rates in order to spend time with you. However, there are some things you should remember as you consider escorting while you’re pregnant. Here are some tips:

  • Embrace your sexuality: Your growing baby bump, changing breasts and nipples, glowing complexion and thickening, full-bodied hair make you an incredibly sexy vision of natural beauty. Many women have body confidence issues when they are pregnant, but you should rest assured that you are sexy as a pregnant woman. Sexy lingerie, evening gowns and club wear are available to growing moms, and you’ll be able to try out new styles and looks with your new body. Men who are turned on by pregnancy will seek you out, if you market yourself as an expecting escort.
  • Realize that pregnancy is not every man’s desire: While many men are attracted to a beautiful pregnant woman, not every man is. Some men find it difficult to become aroused by the concept of becoming intimate with a woman who is growing a baby inside of her. Additionally, be prepared for clients who will accuse you of terrible immorality. While they may have thought there was nothing wrong with escorting before you were pregnant, they may assign you a whole new set of rules when they discover you are expecting. Just remember: to each his own. Everyone has a right to their own opinions; but, don’t allow anyone’s harsh judgment to wear you down.
  • Be willing to pick up new clients: Some clients are exclusively interested in pregnant escorts. Market yourself in order to pick up these maternally-minded clients during your nine months of pregnancy. Additionally, you’ll need to pick up some new clients to take the place of your regulars who just can’t seem to bring themselves to embrace your pregnancy and continue to set up encounters with you and your growing bump.
  • Pay close attention to your body as you work: Your body is going through many changes during pregnancy, and it’s imperative to pick up its cues in order to take proper care of yourself.
    • At the beginning of pregnancy, most women are exhausted. During this time, don’t push yourself too hard. Scale back the number of encounters you set up on a regular basis and take it easy. Rest is especially important while you’re pregnant.
    • Nausea is common during the first trimester. Ask your clients to go easy on the aftershave and to avoid any other strong smells during your encounters. (Don’t order foods with strong aromas or go places where odors are especially powerful.) Cigars might also be out of the question while they spend time with you.
    • Rule out uncomfortable sexual positions. Many women have trouble lying flat on their backs while they are in the latter stages of pregnancy. Missionary position and variations of it may need to be avoided; but, other positions may be fair game, such as doggie style, spooning and girl on top. Avoid deep and rough penetration, as well, because this may be uncomfortable.
    • Breast tenderness is apt to be a problem for your clients. Because your breasts are tender and sensitive, you may need to request your clients avoid touching your breasts altogether or take a much more gentle approach to them than usual.
  • Avoid a heavy schedule during the last month: With pregnancy, you’re never certain when the baby is actually going to decide to come. Going into labor during an encounter with a client may not be how you prefer to start your new son or daughter’s life. Additionally, an old wives’ tale suggests that sexual activity can start labor early, so it’s especially important to go easier on your schedule during your last two weeks of pregnancy.
  • Get regular prenatal care: Just because you’re busy as an escort, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go to the doctor regularly for prenatal care. Regular check-ups to ensure your baby is growing adequately and that all systems are a “go” are essential to your health. Don’t miss appointments or fail to set them up.
  • Always have safe sex with your clients: Don’t think that since you can’t become pregnant that condoms are unnecessary. Always use a condom in order to prevent sexually transmitted diseases or infections. Not only is it important to your health, but it is also imperative that you protect your unborn baby from any infections you might contract as a result of having unprotected sex with clients. Do not allow a client to convince you that it’s okay “just this once.” Adhere to the same policies you do at all other times and require the practice of safe sex during your encounters with ALL clients.
  • Screen your clients extra carefully: Because you’re less able to protect yourself or run to safety than ever before, it’s especially important to screen your clients with more scrutiny. Additionally, because you may be seeing new clients, check them out with special care before meeting up with them. Ask for references. If they are fond of pregnant escorts, odds are pretty fair that they should be able to provide good references. Additionally, meet up with your clients in public ahead of time for coffee or a snack in order to size them up before going behind closed doors with them.
  • Keep in touch with former clients: Some clients won’t be up for encounters while you are pregnant. However, keep in touch with them in order to draw them back in as clients after you’ve had your baby. Once you’ve recovered and cleared to work by your doctor, you will need to build your client list back up.
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