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Top 7 reasons escorts should accept credit cards

Although common advice for escorts discourage the act of accepting credit cards for payment, there are several reasons you should consider taking them as your ONLY form of payment from your clients. Escorts who have “arrived” and run an upscale business earning several hundred to thousands of dollars per date are expected to require more of their clients than simply leaving an envelope of cash on the table by the door or in the restroom. In this high-tech day of online banking, it only makes sense that escorts would take advantage of an opportunity to never even have to touch cold, hard cash, again; the ease of direct deposit is more the speed of an upscale escort.

  1. Accepting credit cards is an excellent screening method. The information necessary to process credit cards helps to verify that your client is who he says he is. If your client gives you a completely different name than is on his credit card, steer clear of the encounter. Additionally, scammers, deadbeats, thieves and law enforcement officials rarely use credit cards for time spent with escorts, so you’re essentially screening those undesirables out by accepting only credit cards.
  2. Credit card payments eliminate the exchange of money during your encounter. Discretion is always a concern, and clients are often told to “leave your donation by the door.” However, more than one escort has had clients who don’t know how it works and they ended up handing her cash on the spot. Some clients simply feel really awkward about when to give the fee to the escort. A credit card payment at the time the appointment is scheduled helps to eliminate this awkwardness or indiscreet way of being paid. Credit card transactions can smooth out an encounter and remove all pressures of payment.
  3. Security deposits rule out time wasters and deadbeats. Clients who schedule appointments with no intentions of showing up for the encounter are eliminated with the policy that payment must be made by credit card. Clients refuse to put down a deposit or provide a credit card number that will be charged, even if they don’t show up. This ensures that you won’t be out for the time and effort you set aside for the appointment. You get some payment for no-shows or those who show up late.
  4. Credit card payments can ensure a successful tour. When touring, escorts typically schedule the majority of their appointments ahead of time so they know when they should arrive and how long they should stay in a city. However, because touring can be expensive, having funds available from up-front credit card payments can help to offset expenses such as airfare, hotel fees, etc. Additionally, it ensures that your time will be well spent and your trip is funded through the appointments you’ve already established.
  5. Credit cards eliminate the need for carrying cash, eliminating a safety risk. Because of the nature of the escort industry, escorts often carry around large sums of cash as they leave appointments with clients. This leaves them open, potentially, to being robbed or mugged. However, by accepting credit card payments, there is no need to carry envelopes of cash away from encounters with clients. Cash is directly deposited into accounts, and money never needs to trade hands physically during an encounter. Additionally, many escorts have been robbed by clients when they show up for an appointment. Because escorts who accept credit cards don’t have large sums of money on them, the risk of being robbed for cash is decreased.
  6. Accepting credit cards is convenient. Escorts are busy. Making regular deposits daily into the bank can be a pain. When an escort accepts credit card payments exclusively, her entire income from escorting is deposited into her bank account every 24 hours based on credit card transactions. The need for multiple weekly deposits is done away with, and an escort doesn’t need to worry about having stashes of cash lying around due to not being able to make it to the bank regularly.
  7. Record keeping is enhanced through the use of credit card payments. Although many indicate that privacy is one feature enjoyed by clients by NOT using credit cards, keeping track of payments can help an escort keep her finances and records in order. She can keep track of client visits and what she usually charges her clients through credit card and deposit records. Escorts can track her own finances through deposits and transfers. It’s much easier to reconcile her accounts when all income is deposited uniformly from credit card transactions.
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