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10 questions to ask oneself before becoming an escort

Not everyone is cut out to be an escort. Just like not everyone is suited to become an astronaut, dentist or hair stylist, there are certain personality traits, experiences and situations that make it easier or more suitable for someone to enter into the escort industry as a high-end escort.
Sometimes lifestyles, emotional issues or other aspects of a person’s life make it a bad idea to consider escorting. Amanda Brooks, author of The Internet Escort’s Handbook, suggests,

Working as an escort requires a lot from the escort mentally and emotionally. The unfounded stigmas society attaches to this job make it that much harder on the girl doing the job.

Read on for the 10 most important questions you should ask yourself before becoming an escort:

  1. Are you of age?

    In all states in the U.S., an individual must be at least 18 years of age to be considered a consenting adult. Anyone who engages in intimate or sexual behavior with a minor under the age of 18 years old can be convicted of child molestation. It is essential that you are at least 18 years old if you’re going to be working as an escort. Not only do you not want to subject yourself to such work until you are of age, but it’s unfair to put your clients into danger with the law by engaging in sexual activities with a minor.

  2. How experienced are you?

    While the idea of being with a virgin is a nice one, most men who are clients of escorts seek out experienced women who know what they are doing in the sex department. Expertise, special skills and general knowledge of the human body are necessary in order to be an effective escort who is good at her job. Men expect for an escort to automatically know what to do to make them feel good. A sexually-inexperienced escort may be unable to please a client as well as one who has more expertise. If you are inexperienced, gain some real world horizontal time before starting up as an escort.

  3. Are you emotionally healthy?

    If you’ve got emotional issues you are attempting to work through, escort work isn’t going to help you with that process. Many women experience emotional concerns as a result of being an escort without starting with emotional baggage to begin with. See a counselor, attend therapy or work through your emotional trauma before starting your career as a high-end escort.

  4. Are you physically healthy?

    Escorting takes a lot of time and energy. If you have a health issue, it’s wise to delay starting your career as an escort until your health condition is resolved. Because escorting takes a lot of personal energy in addition to many long hours, your body is taxed and stressed in order to perform to all clients’ satisfaction levels. It’s a demanding job that can cause even the healthiest of people to feel drained or run down at some point. Make sure your physical health is in good shape prior to beginning your escorting career. (Additionally, if you have any sexually transmitted diseases or infections, refrain from working as an escort until they are cured and cleared up. If your STD is incurable, do not start work as an escort.)

  5. Do you like sexual activities?

    This is not just a question of whether or not you like sex. It’s do you like all sexual activities? Clients expect their escorts to be open-minded in the bedroom and be ready, willing and able to provide a good romp when requested. If sex is something you only tolerate, you should seek out a different career choice.

  6. Are you a people person?

    Escorts must be people persons. From the very first seconds of an encounter, an escort must be able to read her client and begin making him comfortable through conversation, body language or a simple smile. People who generally like others are naturally outgoing and good at this. If you struggle maintaining small talk with your best friend, odds are against your success as an escort. You must be able to discuss anything at the drop of a hat, draw out even the shyest client and put the nervous client at ease.

  7. Are you a high energy person?

    Working as an escort requires you to deliver 110 percent of yourself to your clients during each and every appointment. If you have more than one appointment each day, that means that you’re giving everything you’ve got at least twice throughout the day. In addition to always having to be “on” for your clients, escorting requires a lot of work in the background. Successful escorts manage marketing efforts, keep accounting records and stay in communication with clients and prospective clients, in addition to meeting and spending time with clients. A lot of work goes into making a successful escorting business.

  8. Do you have relationships that would interfere with your success as an escort?

    Women who have husbands, boyfriends or brothers often find it difficult to enter into the escort industry, especially if the men in their lives find out about their careers. Men often feel the need to protect their women and don’t like their women being used by others. Additionally, being in a relationship with a boyfriend, husband or significant others can cause engaging in sexual activity with other men difficult. It can also cause strife within your relationships, causing turmoil in your everyday life.

  9. Are you prepared to work hard?

    Sometimes working long hours, escorts must also work on keeping client records and accounting information, maintaining a clean, modern incall location and managing marketing ads, websites, blogs and other elements. Work days may easily exceed 15 to 20 hours per day, depending on the activities.

  10. Where do you stand morally concerning the escort industry?

    If you have a problem with the idea of sharing your body with strange men, it’s best to not even consider entering into the escort industry. Additionally, if you have issues with engaging in intimate acts with married or committed men, avoid the escort industry altogether. Infidelity is simply a part of the escort industry; many clients are engaged, married or in committed relationships. If being involved with men who are committed to other women is an issue for you, find another career.

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